Adjika Tomato Recipe

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Adjika is known from ancient times. It is considered an Abkhazian spicy red pepper seasoning. Currently, the adjika recipe from tomatoes is widely used in Russian and Ukrainian cuisines. Hostess it is served with a variety of meat dishes. There are many different recipes.

Adjika Tomato Recipe

The classic recipe adjika from tomatoes

In today’s modern adjika, tomatoes are the main component, but many probably don’t know that in Abkhazia they cook adjika without them. “Adjika”, if translated from the Abkhaz language, it means “salt”.

Adjika Tomato Recipe

The Abkhazian Shepherds in order for their sheep to gain weight faster, give them salt in their food, but then it was a huge deficit and it was very difficult to get it and the shepherds stole it from their owners. And those in turn added hot pepper to the salt.

Sheep, of course, did not eat it, but people added spicy weed, garlic … and that was the first adjika.

The classic adjika recipe includes salt, bitter red pepper and garlic. The cooking process is grinding salt on a stone of bitter pepper and garlic. Everything is mixed, and a very sharp mixture is obtained.

The following components are necessary for the preparation of the classical adzhika variant:

  • 1 kg of bitter red pepper;
  • 150 gr. coarse salt;

Adjika Tomato Recipe

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