A simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in the oven

I cook these tiny, amazingly tasty butter cakes with cottage cheese stuffing, baked in sour cream for the third time, and this is something that says, considering that I usually try new things and therefore I cook it once!

Rarely there are such favorite recipes, which I repeat for an encore – among them, for example, amber apple pie, banitsa with cheese, chocolate cake … and here are these lists with curd cheese! Try, the dish will be your favorite. They are so tender – they just melt in your mouth; miniature, cute, like both adults and children! And it turns out almost fifty pieces – for a large family.

I used to cook pancakes simply: I made pancakes, wrapped cottage cheese and fried in a pan in butter. But then she found a recipe of pancakes in the oven, which are baked, sandwiched with butter and sour cream. Can you imagine how amazing the result is? The highlight of the recipe is also in the fact that the filling is wrapped not in a whole pancake, but in quarters, so the nalychnichki are small as bagels.

There are two options for their preparation: quick and long, both delicious in their own way. I will share with you two recipes, and you will try and choose which one you like more.

As you will now notice, for pancakes we will bake our favorite thin pancakes on milk: the simplest ones, which always work out not to be lumpy (even the first one!) And easily removed from the frying pan. Just remove from the recipe soda and lemon, which give holes in pancakes. Openwork pancakes are beautiful, but in pancakes there is no use for pancakes, because a curd filling will come out through them. Because we will bake pancakes thin, tasty, but not lace!


Pancake dough:

  • 3 eggs;
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 3 cups of milk;
  • 2 cups of flour;
  • ¼ tsp salt;
  • 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Curd filling:

  • 500 g tasty cottage cheese, better than homemade;
  • 2 eggs;
  • Sugar to taste and depending on the acidity of the curd, 4 tablespoons spoons;
  • Vanilla on the tip of a teaspoon or vanilla sugar in a bag;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • A handful of raisins.

Cottage cheese we take not dry, but not too wet, so that the filling is not liquid; we need a delicate, lump-free curd that is easy to knead with a fork or hands.


  • 50 g butter;
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • Half a cup of delicious sour cream.


How to bake:

Let’s cook pancakes. For the dough, beat eggs with sugar and salt – a minute with a mixer at medium speed, to light fluffy foam. Then alternately sift a part of the flour, stir it, pour in a part of slightly warm milk, mix it up, pour in the flour again – and in 3-4 steps, we introduce all the ingredients. There will be lumps in the dough, but we beat it up with a mixer, and it will be smooth.

Now pour in the sunflower oil, mix it again – and you can bake!

We take the frying pan dry and clean, lubricate its surface with a uniform, but thin layer of sunflower oil (just lubricate it before the first batch of dough), and how should be heated on a fire with more medium. Pour scoop dough, distribute and bake until light ruddy on one side; then turning it over with a thin, wide shoulder blade.

It is not necessary to fry strongly, because then the pancakes will have brittle, crispy edges, it will be difficult to turn them; it is better to let the pancakes be slightly pale – all the same, when baking, the dough will reach the condition. We remove the finished pancakes in a dish and put them in a pile – after lying on top of each other in the heat, they, even if roasted, will become soft. It is possible to grease a little with oil, but, I think, this is superfluous: in this recipe there will be enough oil further.

When all the pancakes are baked and cooled, you can prepare the filling. It is not necessary in advance, as the cottage cheese mixed with sugar and eggs may become too wet.

Mash curd with a fork, combine with sugar, eggs, vanillin.

Pour the raisins squeezed from water and mix well. The filling is ready!

Prepare pancakes, stuffing, sour cream and melted butter.

We proceed to the formation of the listlist. Put the pancake on a plate or on a plate (not one pancake can be, but three, four at once), and cut it into quarters. On each, stepping from the edge a couple of centimeters, put a good teaspoon of cottage cheese filling.

And we begin to turn: the right and left edges of the segment – to the middle …

Then a wide edge – to the center, and roll up the roll.

Here are some pretty honeycombs turn out! Prepare a large dish or board, so that there is where to put them for now.

And now let’s define how you want to cook: in a quick way, with a crunchy top, or meekedlenno, but very gently?

The first option: speed. Sugar Crusted Pancakes

For this recipe, we need a shallow but wide baking form, since the pancakes will be laid in one layer. Melt the butter, grams 20-25.

Lightly grease the form with butter and lay the linisters together tightly to each other. The rest of the oil on top generously grease pancakes with a cooking brush, and then just as generously sugar.

We put in a hot oven and bake at 220 ° C for about 15 minutes. We’re looking to not burn it – everyone has a different oven; who needs 20 minutes at 230, and who needs 10 at 20 ° C is enough. During baking, the sugar melts and in the company of butter forms a ruddy crisp.

We put the ready-made butter cookies on plates, pour cold sour cream and serve with honey or jam!

A simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in the oven

The second option: long. Super-tender pancakes in sour cream

And for this option you will need a deep form (and always one-piece), because the sheets are laid in several layers. They languish in the oven, as if in a stove, soften in butter and sour cream, and turn out to be deliciously tender, so that even you need to take them out of the form with a spoon.

So, the form is oiled. At its bottom one whole pancake is laid. We also lubricate it with melted butter and begin to lay the leaf jelly.

Putting next to each other the first layer, grease with oil and sprinkle with sugar.

Then lay out the second layer. You can generously pour it with delicious homemade sour cream. You can and store, fat does not matter, in general, but the thicker – the tastier.

Put the next layer on top, mash again and sugar, and so – until the height of the form is enough.

Grease the upper layer with oil and crush with sugar, and then cover the form with a lid. If there is no cover, you can take a sheet of foil.

Tommy sweets in sour cream at 150-160C for about 1 hour – as you will see that sour cream is already boiling, you can turn it off. Let them stand in the oven turned off for another 10-15 minutes, and then you can get and try the leaves!

A simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in the oven

Carefully, spoon out pancakes from the mold and spread on plates.

Pour sour cream, jam, syrup or honey.

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