600 kcal menu

Order your favorite pizza delivered to your home

Welcome to the official website of Milano pizzeria in Syktyvkar!

Anyone who has ever visited Milano becomes our regular guest. Pizza delivery at home is one of the most popular services, because now our dish can be enjoyed without leaving the apartment.

The best pizza in Syktyvkar with a real Italian flavor – from the Milano pizzeria.

Pizzeria "Milano"

The institution is famous for its consistency of quality, high level of service and an extensive range of dishes, which is regularly updated and updated with new original flavor combinations. Guests of our institution can safely count on:

  • professionalism of all staff;
  • affordable pricing policy;
  • fast, high-quality service;
  • attentive and good-natured attitude to customers.

The signature dish has become fragrant italian pizza. Experienced chefs prepare it in different versions, following Italian recipes. We are offering to you order pizza or any of the other dishes presented by placing an online order right now. All additional information you are interested in can be obtained by phone from the manager.

600 kcal menu

Menu pizzeria "Milano"

The institution presents a wide range of various dishes of different cuisines. All products undergo strict quality control. Our cooks do not use semi-finished and frozen foods, purified water and only fresh ingredients are selected for cooking.

600 kcal menu

The menu of the network of pizzerias and sushi bars Milano presents:

  • hot dishes from different varieties of meat, poultry and fish;
  • vegetable and meat soups;
  • Italian pasta and pizza;
  • large selection of various salads;
  • Sushi and rolls in stock.

Italian tasty pizza – The main dish of the pizzeria, and it is in great demand among the population. But traditional dishes from other countries are also no less popular and loved. Delivery of sushi and rolls to order brighten up a cozy family evening or corporate celebration. Especially if the order exceeds the minimum amount indicated on the website, the delivery around the city will be free for you.

Would you like to order pizza at home?

You can now arrange online pizza order on our website, leaving your coordinates. In the convenient menu of the site you can view the names and the expected appearance of the ordered dish. Pizza delivery at home saves you time and energy. You can make an order for yourself and pay in cash or order a treat for a loved one by bank transfer. Pizza delivery will always help you out if there is no desire or opportunity to cook yourself.

Pizza delivery in Syktyvkar

Pizza delivery is carried out to any corner of the city by express courier service. Efficient couriers with a smile deliver your orders to the address in the shortest possible time.

If you decide to have lunch at the workplace, then specify in the pre-order the desired delivery time, and your pizza to the office will arrive right on time. And having made one order together with colleagues, you will save on delivery. Free pizza delivery will be a nice gift from the institution.

We are ready to feed everyone quickly, tasty and inexpensively.

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