3 days juice recipe recipes

Smoothies – a delicious, nutritious blend. For cooking using a blender. The drink is often used to partially replace food intake. Using it, throw off extra pounds is not difficult.

Effective slimming with smoothies

The UK is considered to be the birthplace of a smoothie; right there, it will be massively used by office staff as a snack or lunch. Drink systematizes digestion, cleanses the intestinal tract. The metabolism is normalized due to the huge number of dietary fibers, which are distinguished by a large number of useful elements.

The cocktail has a cleansing effect, recommended for people with digestive problems. Well absorbed by the intestinal tract and does not leave a feeling of heaviness after consumption.

The drink is recommended to take with excess weight for cleansing the body, temporarily replacing meals. When preparing a cocktail for the purpose of losing weight, it is recommended to include vegetables, fruits, and juices. Do not add high-calorie foods to a cocktail – bananas, grapes. If you do everything correctly, the result will be felt quickly, without any special effort.

Smoothies when cleansing the body is used to normalize the water-salt balance, instantly quenches the appetite, brings vitamins to the body. By consuming the drink, you can avoid unnecessary snacks, meals. As soon as the number of meals decreases, the number of calories will fall, and the body will start losing those extra pounds.

Cocktail is a great option for replacing rolls, harmful chocolate, attracting a person with excess weight. For weight loss will need:

  • Use it with a spoon, do not drink.
  • With an unhurried reception, the body manages to get enough of food, it will no longer require food.

For weight loss cocktail is used as an alternative to eating at lunchtime, dinner. Observing a diet, you can consistently lose 3-4 kg in 7 days.

The diet lasts for 7 days. This cocktail is not a substitute for food, it does not have enough BJU for prolonged consumption.

Known diet in which the drink is consumed throughout the week. Under the regime it is completely forbidden to eat food, except cocktail and water. This option applies, but not any person can hold out for a week in this rhythm.

Slimming Slimming

To prepare the body for the regime, it is necessary to reduce the size of servings, the caloric intake per day to 1200 calories. It is recommended to keep the diet for a week. To reduce the number of calories to eat these foods:

  • Porridge.
  • More fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat cooked in a double boiler, boiled fish.

It is recommended to eat food every two to three hours a day, so that the amount of meals equals four or five. To do portions small, that the feeling of hunger after the use of food was kept.

It is recommended to remove salted, smoked, fatty, fried and spicy foods from the diet. Alcohol and caffeine are prohibited.

After the end of the weekly diet for a smoothie, you should gradually increase the caloric content within 2 weeks, you should add food carefully. If after the regime immediately eat everything, it is easy to spoil the stomach. Substance receives only positive feedback.

Preparation of drink

To make a drink, you need to wash and prepare fruits and vegetables. Peel, cut and remove excess.

You can not add sugar, sweetener in the drink. It is supposed to use skimmed milk, yoghurt, kefir as a base for cocktails, it is recommended to add honey from sweets.

  • For a thick drink, take a larger amount of fresh fruit.
  • To increase the taste is allowed to add a variety of natural juices.
  • Allowed the addition of nuts.
  • Do not use high-calorie, fatty additives – sour cream, cream, ice cream.

Diet for three days

An interesting diet is offered, used for three days. On this day, it is necessary to replace the use of food with a mixture, sometimes it is allowed to eat cereals and vegetables.

  • For breakfast, eat oatmeal boiled in water and drink a glass of juice.
  • For a second breakfast, drink a cocktail.
  • At lunch, eat boiled rice and steamed meat.
  • In the afternoon to drink a glass of cocktail.
  • For dinner, eat boiled vegetables and drink a cocktail.

Weight loss recipes

Smoothies for weight loss and cleansing the body has many recipes, each of which is easy to choose individually. Preparing a drink is simple, you must use the recipes:

3 days juice recipe recipes

  1. Apple Shake Take an apple, milk (skim 200 ml), 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Apple must be baked in the oven, boil the milk. Add all the ingredients and whisk in a blender, add milk.
  2. Cocktail "citrus". You will need two grapefruit, a banana, three mandarins, small yogurt and honey one teaspoon. Put everything in a blender and beat, at the end add a teaspoon of honey.
  3. Banana paradise. Orange juice 100 grams, banana, apple, small yogurt and milk are required. Grind banana, apple, yogurt, orange juice in a blender, pour milk at the end.
  4. Strawberry Smoothies It takes 100 grams of strawberries, milk, 100 grams of fat-free, 1 small yogurt, 2 teaspoons of honey. Beat berries, milk and yoghurt in a blender, then add honey.
  1. Spinach Smoothie You will need green spinach 100 grams, skimmed milk 200 ml and banana pulp. Put the vegetable in a blender, whisk to a uniform consistency.
  2. Chocolate almonds. Almonds need 30 grams, berries to taste 100 grams, cocoa 1 tablespoon and water 100 ml. Soak almonds overnight in water. Put everything in a blender and beat.

Cleansing the body

When cleansing the body with a smoothie, it is important to follow the recommendations. Cocktails to clean the body drink slowly, in small sips. During the first month it is supposed to use one glass of cocktail each. The second is recommended to increase the rate to two glasses.

When cooking it is permissible to combine the desired vegetables and fruits. Not recommended:

  • Add sugar, salt.
  • Take the prepared drink with other products.
  • Leave the prepared drink for several days.
  • Skip cocktail reception.
  • Use any alcoholic beverages. In this case, the cleansing of the body will come to naught.


Smoothies have contraindications, before a diet should consult your doctor.

  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver and other disorders of the work of these organs.
  • Allergic reaction to the drink.
  • Disruption of the digestive tract, various ulcers and erosion.

Purification Recipes

When preparing a cocktail for cleansing the body and intestines in fruit and vegetable peels, there are a lot of pesticides harmful to the body. If you limit the consumption of vegetable and fruit peels, slags in the body will not quickly accumulate.

Smoothies from vegetables. For the recipe, you need an apple, cabbage leaves, parsley, banana. Preparation: peel the banana and apple. Finely chop the cabbage. Put everything in a blender and grind to the state of porridge, then add 100 ml of water.

Multi-smoothie. For the preparation you will need mint 10 grams, parsley 10 grams, orange juice 200 ml, celery, strawberries 100 grams and cabbage leaves. Preparation: you must put all the herbs in a blender and chop to the state of porridge and add strawberries. Topping up juice during grinding.

Detox diet rules

Following the 6 rules of the detox diet, a person will be able to avoid difficulties. Rules:

  1. Healthy sleep. The body during detoxification should be given more rest for recovery.
  2. Before bed, you need to drink a couple glasses of warm water to improve digestion.
  3. It is necessary to add useful vitamins and trace elements to the detox diet.
  4. Add fiber to the diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  5. After the diet should gradually return to normal nutrition.
  6. Make a plan for meals with a diet.

Detox duration

Detox should be continued for at least 1 day, up to 3 weeks. On average, a week is recommended. As with a different type of diet, everything strictly depends on health, if there are no medical contraindications, allergic reactions, we can safely continue longer.

If a poor condition while taking detox has been going on for several days, it is worth stopping, since the toxin is not removed from the blood.

Diet programs

Before using these types of diets should consult a doctor. These are the most effective programs that last up to three weeks. With prolonged fasting, it is easy to spoil the intestinal tract, if you do something wrong.

What gives a smoothie detox:

  • Reset excess weight.
  • Normalization of digestion.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Increase energy and mood.

Vegetable decoction

Vegetable broths are made from various types of vegetables – celery, beets, carrots. They are recommended to take no more than 200 g per day instead of every meal.

Detox on juices

When taking this course to use certain amounts of juice. Slimming takes place on the juices of vegetables, fruits and joint reception. It is recommended to start weight loss with vegetable juice. Fruit detox is not always tolerated by the body.

Color Smoothie

This program is similar to the previous view, but loyal to the body due to the use of more fiber. The drink is usually prepared in a blender, where the vegetables are whipped to a uniform consistency.

It is recommended to use all smoothie-colors at the reception per day. When you receive smoothies-colors for the day, your body will be replenished with useful microelements and substances.


At the reception, the question arises why the smoothies of different colors, how to prepare them. Smoothies-colors are recommended to alternate and use in 1 day, because any of the colors – a lot of useful elements at the reception.

There are 4 types of colors:

  • In green includes: avocado, cabbage, cucumber, kiwi, apple.
  • In orange includes any orange fruit: tangerines, peaches.
  • In yellow: lemons, bananas.
  • In red: strawberries, raspberries, peppers, tomatoes.

A delicious and healthy smoothie will help you lose weight and keep it at an acceptable level. Drink will be your best way to lose weight.

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