Why do the nails turn white?

Numbness of the fingers or toes is a fairly common symptom. Why are my fingers numb? Diseases that cause numbness may be different.

Faced with a numbness of one or more fingers, most people are not in a hurry to see a doctor, but wait until “it goes away by itself”. But if the attack is not a one-time, but repeated, then it is necessary to visit neuropathologist. Especially, if the numbness of the fingers is accompanied by pain, loss of sensitivity, weakness, impaired coordination of movements.

There are a number of diseases, one of the symptoms of which is numbness in the limbs. Depending on the fingers with which it happens, and also considering the accompanying symptoms, the doctor will determine exactly why the fingers are numb. The consequences of diseases that cause numbness can be very dangerous – from loss of mobility of the fingers to gangrene.

Why do your fingers get numb?

If the fingers on both hands are numb in the cold, after the tips of the fingers turn white, then turn bluish, and then turn red. This is due to vasospasm and impaired blood circulation in the capillaries located at the finger tips. The combination of these symptoms is a sign of Raynaud’s disease.

The cunning of this disease is that gangrene can develop as a result of long-term disruption of the blood supply. Then amputation will be needed.

Raynaud’s disease is more common in women than in men. It is believed to be caused by a genetic predisposition and can be triggered by several factors:

  • Frequent hypothermia of the hands;
  • Chronic finger injuries and production factors (for example, vibration);
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Severe emotional stress;
  • Rheumatic diseases.

If you have noticed the symptoms described above, you need to consult not only a neurologist, but also a rheumatologist as soon as possible.

Why do the nails turn white?

Another cause of numbness in the fingers is tunnel syndrome. Its characteristic signs are numbness of three fingers (thumb, index and middle). This problem is often faced by people working at the computer. In the area of ​​the wrist are a powerful ligament, tendons, muscles, nerves, vessels that supply blood to the hand. But when working at a computer, the hand is in an awkward position for a long time – the brush is re-bent, and the fingers are constantly in motion. The tendon swells. As a result, tunnel neuropathy develops. Squeezing of the vessels that feed the hand and nerve trunks leads to numbness of the fingers, which may be accompanied by burning, tingling.

At risk of developing tunnel syndrome includes people who regularly have to make the same type of movement with the hand – seamstresses, carpenters, painters.

The disease itself does not go away, and usually progresses, if not to take action. Without timely treatment, the case may result in the death of the muscle, which is responsible for the mobility of the thumb. As a result, a person cannot bend this finger.

Why do the nails turn white?

Numbness of the fingertips, which is accompanied by a feeling of cold, manifests diabetic neuropathy – the most common complication of diabetes.

Because of the high level of sugar in the blood vessels are affected. As a result, the blood supply of nerve endings is disturbed, they are damaged – a person loses sensitivity in his fingers. This can occur with the fingers of both the arms and the legs.

Patients who come to the doctor with such complaints, the doctor asks if they have diabetes. Statistics show that many people do not know that they already have diabetes. Measuring and controlling the level of sugar today is not difficult – all you need is to purchase a household blood glucose meter.

Why do the toes go numb

Numbness of the toes is often associated with an uncomfortable posture, which is accompanied by a brief pressing of the nerve. When changing posture, the symptom disappears.

Why do the nails turn white?

Another reason is the lack of vitamin B12 in the body, which is involved in the metabolic processes of nerve fibers. Its deficiency is also accompanied by such symptoms as general weakness, fatigue, irritability, sensitivity disorder, and heart rhythm disturbance.

As mentioned above, one of the causes of numbness in the toes can be diabetes.

Diseases that cause numbness in the toes include metabolic disorders, vascular diseases of the legs, osteochondrosis of the spine, tuberculosis of the spine, and cancer.

The cause of numbness can also be

  • Pinched nerve caused by spinal problems (eg, osteochondrosis);
  • Ischemic stroke of the inferior cerebellar or vertebral arteries;
  • Neuropathy caused by intoxication. This disease affects the nerves and is also accompanied by itching, burning, tingling, feeling of tightness of the fingers, pain;
  • Obliterating endarteritis. This chronic disease of the peripheral blood vessels mainly affects the arteries of the feet and legs. In this disease, the vessels constrict significantly, the blood circulation is disturbed – hence the numbness and cooling of the extremities. The progression of the disease can lead to complete overlap of the vessels and the appearance of gangrene.
  • Cancers in which a tumor grows outside or inside the spinal cord can also lead to numbness.
  • Fingers may be numb due to feelings of fear or heightened anxiety. When this happens, hyperventilation is accompanied by shallow breathing.

The sooner a person goes to a doctor, the more chances he has to avoid serious consequences.

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