White stuff on the nails

To work we need:

White stuff on the nails

  • Printer printed on any banknotes of the same size for the sails, and different in size for covering the deck of the ship.
  • Backgrounds with abstract drawings (3 identical backgrounds of A4 size and 4 more on the pasting of the box for the stand).
  • White sheets in A4 format (for a small ship) or A3 (for a big ship).
  • Silicate glue.
  • Glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Thick cotton threads.
  • Skewers 20-30 cm in length.
  • Pieces of foam for attaching the sails and rei.
  • The box is flat in size 50% wider than the bottom of the ship.

And, we also need a huge amount of patience – this is very hard work!

Take one sheet of paper and fold the boat out of it as shown in the photo.

Next, we need to turn the boat inside out, only very carefully, so as not to tear.

It should be such a construction. Still a bit torn.

Now, the boat needs to be folded and ironed all the folded parts in order to better measure off the hull.

Now, the folded boat must be cut around the contour on another sheet and draw a dividing line for subsequent cutting.

White stuff on the nails

Cut and should be like this.

Now, we will miss these 2 parts on the one hand and glue them to the inner walls of our boat, we’ll have two-sided boards. We do not regret the glue, as it gives strength.

The next step in the construction will be cutting the money backgrounds into stripes about

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