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The question of the consequences of a bond with a married man arises so often. Let’s look at the issues that concern women. How dangerous are such connections? Implications of delusions on a male account for a woman? How to break this unpromising relationship? Tips on how to survive the gap, if you love a married man?

Relations between men and women have been and will always be complex. But even more they are added when the girl begins to meet with the married. The consequences of a relationship with a married man will surely bring only problems and grief. Do not flatter yourself on their account, they only need new sensations. And pink dreams and greed for flattery, as a result, lead a woman to despair and loss.

Relationship with a married man counseling psychologist

Any psychologist will tell you that connections with married people have no future. Man by nature is not constant. New emotions of impression are important for him and if a woman can gradually put up with the routine, devoting herself to the children, then the man will not burden herself. It will look for new impressions on the side, and what the consequences will be, it will think about it later.

The problem of women in fast attachment to a partner. Not everyone can fall in love at first sight. The woman loves ears, and this is used by notorious ladies’ men. Lonely ladies fall into the special risk category. Those who have their own business, or simply so notorious, that the manifestation of attention is already becoming an event in life. Such women want to find an outlet, and sometimes they learn about the marriage union of their chosen ones, when they have already fallen in love.

Upon learning that the beloved is busy, smart and strong natures will immediately sever the relationship. But not everyone is like that; most believe in fairy tales told by married women regularly. As advice, it is better to immediately run away from such a man.

There is no guarantee that you are the first or the last. He can easily meet in parallel with others. But still there is a wife who also suffers from the adventures of her spouse. Put yourself in her place, then you will understand the illusiveness of all his promises, he, too, swore eternal love to her when he got married, right?

Why a man gets a mistress

What is guided by the married man, when she begins the search for a mistress? Here is how men themselves answer this question:

  • Search for another partner is a natural instinct, not to run away from him. That is why any of the friends will always cover the wrong spouse if his wife starts asking questions.
  • The search for new sensations, the opportunity to know the forbidden, for such things may incite and best friends, putting pressure on the most expensive, vanity of men. It seems: "You’re a man, but weakly start an intrigue on the side?" And so on.
  • I’m tired of the home routine. The wife is always tired, with a sore head, too busy.
  • Family problems and scandals. Daily sawing and pressure from the wife, do not contribute to strengthening the marriage.
  • Just because they can allow it. Sometimes well-being makes men think that everything is allowed to them, and the wife can endure everything.

This is only a small part of the excuses that men themselves convince. In fact, the main reason lies in the male attitude to life in general. It hurts them to look for difficult ways to solve family problems, it’s much easier to run away from them. And then when they get tired of wandering, they return to the family, asking for forgiveness, someone sincerely, someone afraid to remain alone in the end.

A woman should be aware that a man is a big child who does not want to have only one toy. At first, he wonders, but how to play enough, he wants another. And the fact that women are much more than men plays into their hands. Do not flatter yourself at their expense, love yourself first and foremost, then you will force yourself to respect.

Likes or dislikes where the truth is

A woman dreams of being loved. A married man, knowing this, after all the experience already exists, seduces with promises and assurances of eternal passion and love. And sometimes to understand what is said is true and what is false is difficult.

Psychologists say that a man is going through several stages of love:

  1. Attraction, passion, desire. He feels these emotions to any girl who attracts his attention. To last this feeling, which men put on a par with love, is about two years old.
  2. Attachment – such people begin to experience only with very close people, with those to whom the most intimate secrets are told, they ask for advice. This does not occur often, and happens mostly with wives. It is with them that the man spends more time; the lover is only a temporary haven.
  3. Habit, responsibility, care – these feelings awaken in a man after 5-7 years, it all depends on the individual. Of course, children make a significant contribution to the development of affection. Breaking such relationships is difficult, especially fleeting hobby.

If a man really loves a woman, he will not deceive. Make the right decision and quickly, there is no need to push, the initiative will come from his side.

Of course, feelings can fade away with time, and new ones appear for another person. Therefore, if you feel that you are falling in love with a married man, then it is better to immediately talk to him directly. True love will not be built on tricks and lies, you or your wife. True cruel and painful, but better than a waste of precious time in dealing with the wrong person.

What problems arise in connection with a married man

Relationship with a unfree man will give a little joy. After all, being a mistress means constantly being alone, and only sneaking into experiencing happiness. But the logical question is, is such a happiness worth losing the best years of your life?

Family for men will always come first. And all the tales told to you in private are just for the sake of averting their eyes. So you feel sorry for him. Therefore, men try to play on the greatest weakness of women, the maternal instinct. When a dear person’s heart is bad, you instinctively try to get closer to him, thereby driving yourself further into the abyss of sadness and suffering that will come after his departure.

Advice: Give your love only to worthy men who will appreciate you.

Sooner or later, a woman begins to think about her own family, children. A married man will not give you a similar guarantee. It is not worthwhile to encourage yourself that you are an exception and your beloved will surely fulfill their promises. According to statistics, only 2 percent of men leave families, but even in this case there are no guarantees that he will not return back as soon as he gets tired of you.

An established matrimonial relationship is a comfort zone that no man wants to get out of. At home he is always waiting for a delicious dinner, a clean house, loving children, an all-forgiving wife that her husband has known for many years. Well, what a man will throw all this and go to an unfamiliar woman, not knowing what kind of life awaits him there.

The problem of women is that there is no solidarity between them, unlike men. No lover will not put himself in his wife’s place in order to understand how deceived she feels. But the spouse is deceiving not only his wife, but also his mistress, showered her with promises that he is not going to fulfill. And at the first signs or talk about a joint future, just throw and find another.

Another important problem that may arise in a married relationship is a child. For a woman, this is happiness, but a married man will immediately see this as a huge problem. And do this:

  • Throw a lover to solve this problem on their own;
  • He will send for an abortion, because he does not need obligations, so he has his own family.
  • At best, it will contain the child, occasionally seeing him.
  • Well, quite rare, take the responsibility to tell all his wife. It is impossible to predict the consequences of such a decision, but one thing is clear, someone will suffer.

Can a relationship with a married man bring pleasure

There is a category of women who are satisfied without a bond. Basically, they are married or finished feminists.

Married do not need problems, but I want new feelings, which they are deprived of in the family. They are careful and will not call at the wrong moment, it is easy to sneak in with them, there is no need to constantly give expensive gifts, because the husband can start asking uncomfortable questions. But there are still diseases that can be infected with indiscriminate connections.

Therefore, if a married man wants to start a relationship on the side, it’s best to look for a married woman. The smart ones do just that. But not all married, beautiful and young. Therefore, a man faces a dilemma: security or pleasure, which he values ​​more.

Feminists are extremely scrupulous in matters of their own freedom. They value it more than family happiness. And the maternal instinct may wake up too late, if never at all. The destiny of such women is loneliness surrounded by only pets.

Warning: How to build your life is up to you, but do not believe that your own happiness, built on the grief of another person, can bring joy.

Useful tips as a psychological help

Women associate fate with married men for various reasons:

  • By naivety, especially for inexperienced young girls who believe that princes exist.
  • Fear of serious relationships and responsibility. This is typical of the notorious ladies, whose childhood was problematic. So it is worth contacting a psychologist.
  • Complexes associated with many things: appearance of speech, fear of men. In such cases, it is also worth consulting with a specialist and taking courses to improve self-esteem.
  • This is the easiest way to achieve success and prosperity at the expense of wealthy men.

Whatever the urge to meet a married man, stop for a minute and think about your future. What will it be in two, three, five years? What guarantees can he give you?

The youth of a woman is not eternal, she leaks through her fingers, and men always look at beauty, and only then they try to look into the soul. Do not waste time and energy on the unworthy. Not free guys can only promise, speak their teeth, put pressure on pity. Appreciate yourself, do not be satisfied with the crumbs that gives you a married man.

How to break a bond with a married man

Breaking a relationship with a married man is difficult. And it’s not just what will be bad for you, the heart will begin to grieve and mental suffering will become unbearable. The main problem in the man himself, because if you break with him, then you hurt his pride and male vanity. And it is more terrible than all your experiences.

Because social problems may be added to them. A man will begin to insult you in front of all your friends who know that trouble will begin at work. Even if the wife finds out, he will present the story in such a way that you have treacherously seduced his unfortunate.

No man will ever admit his mistakes, trying to blame others. A mistress like no one fits the role of an evil witch. If you decide to leave, get ready for the fact that he just won’t let you go. Begin to call and promise the mountains of gold again. Therefore, change the phone number, ideally of course the work and the city. Thus, you will minimize even casual meetings.

After a while, most will simply fall behind and find a new object. And you can start all over again and maybe meet your true love.

How to restore composure after a break

Gap always hurts. No matter how much time you have been together, it is harder for a woman to bear the loss. Unlike men, a woman first of all loves with her heart and soul, and then with her body. Emotionally attached, then hard to get rid of the senses. The man is experiencing much easier by switching attention to another object.

Take a break on something. Find an interesting hobby, go deep into work, it helps not to think every minute about the betrayal and meanness of a loved one. Make new friends, do not close yourself from the world, communication heals.

Instead of looking for businessmen, pay attention to single looking guys. After all, a strong and successful man is brought up by a woman, with her support, advice, love and care. So is it worth it to spend energy on someone who does not appreciate all this, already having a wife?

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