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Marzipan is a plastic, sweet mass. It is used to decorate sweets, as a filling or as an independent delicacy.

The recipe for marzipan at home is really simple. It is only necessary to prepare the necessary ingredients and become familiar with the cooking technique.

What is marzipan

Sweetness is a mixture of almond and sugar.

Almonds are ground to the state of flour and combined with ground sugar (in the form of powder or syrup).

If almonds are replaced with peach or apricot kernels, a similar mixture is obtained, which is called persipan.

Sometimes almonds are replaced with other nuts. But they do not have sufficient oiliness. The mass obtained from other nuts is not as plastic and does not hold the shape, like real marzipan.

History of

Reliably the birthplace of marzipan is unknown. According to various assumptions, it could have been first invented in: Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, or Estonia.

There are several versions of the creation of this sweet:

  1. According to legend, in a bad year, almonds remained the only product that could be preserved. So from it began to make almond bread and other dishes, also sweet marzipan.
  2. In another interpretation, marzipan originally served as a treatment for emotional distress and frustration. He is credited with the property of beneficial effects on the nervous system and calm.

In some countries, delicacy has become a traditional treat for Christmas (for example, in Norway or Holland).

In the usual version, marzipan is usually made in the form of:

  • sweets that are covered with a layer of chocolate or sugar icing;
  • biscuits or marzipan bread;
  • marzipan liqueur;
  • various figures (for example, fruit, flowers or hearts); in such cases, dyes are present in the recipe to give the desired color;
  • as a decoration for various desserts.

The classic composition of the product includes 3 main ingredients:

Over time, the recipe was modified, and other components were added to it:

  • eggs;
  • dyes (they can be of natural origin or artificial);
  • ingredients that add flavor and flavor (zest, liqueurs, rum, spices, rose water, cocoa, etc.);
  • other types of nuts or fruit.

Also, depending on the recipe, sugar can be replaced by various sweeteners: honey, fructose or others.

Instead of bitter almond oil from these nuts or essence can be used.

Different manufacturers can change the proportion of the main components in the recipe, thus achieving a special, unique taste.

According to the method of preparation, the following types of product are distinguished:

  1. Hot. The essence of the method lies in the fact that chopped nuts are poured with sugar syrup.
  2. Cold. In this case, all components are crushed and thoroughly mixed. With cold cooking, marzipan can contain eggs.

According to the composition and method of application, they distinguish:

  • a mixture of white, which serves as a decor for various sweets and pastries;
  • yellow marzipan; obtained by dyeing white and used as a fill for desserts;
  • raw; made and used for glazing.

Phased cooking of marzipan at home

The main component of any recipe is almond flour. It can be purchased in finished form or cook yourself. For a more saturated taste, it is recommended to use freshly ground almonds.

The classic recipe for self-cooking treats. For him to prepare:

  • sweet almond – 500 g;
  • bitter almonds – 15 nuts;
  • powdered sugar – 200 g;
  • water – 200 ml.

Almonds should be soaked in cold water for several hours (at least for 1 hour). This will help peel it. The longer it soaks, the faster it can be cleaned later.

Then the purified raw materials need to be dried. This can be done in an open oven at minimum temperature, dehydrator or pan. It is important to ensure that it does not fry or overheat.

When the nuts are completely dried, they must be crushed with a coffee grinder or blender.

In the same way, grind the sugar in the powder.

When all ingredients are prepared, they need to be mixed thoroughly (manually or with a mixer).

Put the resulting homogeneous mixture out of the mixer and evenly spray it with water at room temperature, which was prepared in advance. In this case, it is better to knead the mass continuously.

After that, place the mass in a container with a thick bottom and put it on the stove.

Once the mixture has a uniform consistency, it can be removed from the heat.

Put the mixture and allow it to cool. Cover with cling film. After cooling, you can give the mass the desired shape.

The finished mixture can be used in pure form or add other elements to it: crumb from any nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits. Or other favorite ingredients.

What is shellac for nails

Having mastered the classic version of cooking, you can complicate it and experiment with various additions.

Marzipan Sculpting

Due to its plasticity and consistency, the paste resembles plasticine; any decoration can be formed from it.

Children are happy to join this activity. They can sculpt their usual figures, as when playing with clay.

Marzipan can be divided into 2 parts: one to leave white, and the other to add cocoa. White marzipan roll and wrap in the second part, forming a roll. From above to glaze with chocolate.

You can form marzipan sweets with a whole nut inside (or other filling).

To color the resulting paste with separate parts in different colors using food coloring (for example, fruit juices). Next, from multi-colored flat cakes to create flat cakes, put them in the form of a cake and cut everything into squares, rhombuses or other shapes.

To give the final form, you need to show imagination. Due to the plasticity of the product there are a large variety of options.

If desired, you can use special pastry molds. It is enough to form a similarity of the pancake of the desired thickness and, using molds, squeeze the figure out of it.

Prepare thick paper or cardboard templates. Then with a knife along the contour cut the desired figure.

Easy to make animal figures. They can be voluminous or simply repeat the silhouette of an animal made of rolled marzipan. With the help of dyes to give the desired color.

Amusing animals turn out from one big ball on which ears of the necessary form, paws and tail fasten. Due to the color and shape of the ears, the animal is cognizable, and the execution is very simple.

Easy to make figures in the form of fruits or vegetables of various sizes. They can be a self-treat or serve as a supplement for another dessert.

Thematic figures: a Christmas tree for the New Year’s holidays, a baby carriage at the birth of a child, a bride and groom for a wedding, fabulous or animated characters for a children’s celebration, etc.

You can create figures from marzipan or inscriptions on the cake (for example, on the day of birth).

What is shellac for nails

Numbers or letters of the alphabet for teaching children how to play.

There are also a lot of variations for making flowers:

  1. Arrange the flower completely in the same plane. Roll marzipan, cut the petals, the center of the flower (optional, the stem and leaves). Arrange the petals around the center and form a flower. Colorize with the right colors.
  2. Roll out thin circles of small diameter. Connect them at the base and form a flower bud. The size and number of petals to determine on their own.
  3. Roll a small ball, about 1 cm in diameter. Then roll out the flat, long strips. Assemble them with an accordion and attach to the ball. A lush flower will gradually form.
  4. You can prepare a pattern with the outline of a flower, cut out the desired shape and color it.

Marzipan cake

Marzipan, cooked in a hot way, is well suited for pouring the cake.

  • crushed almond nuts – 350 g;
  • powdered sugar – 175 g;
  • vanilla extract – 3-5 drops;
  • lemon juice – 1

This amount of food will be needed to prepare 700 g of finished marzipan.

Beat the eggs well and add icing sugar to them.

Place the mixture in a water bath and cook until it acquires the consistency of thick cream. At the same time constantly stir.

Then remove from heat, add the remaining components and mix.

Put the resulting paste on the table, sprinkle with powder and knead until smooth.

It is necessary to use paste for decoration, while it is still hot. After cooling, it retains the shape that was given to it.

Useful tips

To make delicious marzipan by yourself and save it, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Use only fresh almonds, so that it does not have a rancid taste.
  2. The use of bitter almonds is optional. But it is he who helps to reveal the rich, unique taste.
  3. Sometimes the almonds during cleaning pour boiling water to speed up the process. This will actually turn out faster, but the nuts lose their rich taste, and the oil is partially washed away, on which the plasticity of the mass depends.
  4. Store marzipan recommended in the film, in the refrigerator.
  5. If there are too many sweets, then a part can be frozen. Defrost at room temperature.
  6. To achieve mass uniformity, you can place the mixture in a water bath.
  7. If the almonds are dry and emit an insufficient amount of oil, you can add a little water to the mixture. So it will become more plastic.
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