Pale pink manicure

Nails are the personification of the social status of the sleeper. Therefore, if you had a chance to see a broken or cracked nail in a dream, this could mean getting closer to the social bottom, and, conversely, the last steps to the top of authority. Want to know what dreams nails for you? Remember as many details as possible from a dream, and only after that glance in the dream book.

Interpretation of Gustav Miller

According to this dream book, if the nail that you saw in a dream was even and healthy, it means that your work is simple enough, but, unfortunately, it is very low valued. But if you dreamed of broken nails, be ready for hard work – it will not be easy both physically and morally.

Trying to understand why dreaming to clean the dirt from under the nails? Such a dream suggests that soon you will perform a very noble and highly moral act. By the way, the reward for him will not be long in coming.

Dreamed of scruffy, fungus-affected nails? Soon you will not avoid shame, warns the dream book.

Hard work

Quite a negative dream in which he had a chance to see his nails, interprets the dream book Lofa. In his opinion, the opportunity to rest in the near future will not be presented – so much will fall on you work.

But, before you get upset, try to remember how the darlings looked. If they were beautiful, with a neat manicure, your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. But the reverse vision suggests that in the near future you can not count on a solid payment.

Nails on the leg

The interpretation of what can dream about toenails, gives the dream book Evgeny Tsvetkov. Did you see a dream in which a fingernail came off the thumb? Relations that have long become a side to both sides will soon disappear.

But be careful in communicating with friends and family, if you lose your little finger from your little finger while you sleep – a big quarrel is likely.

The nail that was cut off from a finger in a dream promises disappointment to a sleeping person to a sleeping person – he will not justify the hopes placed on him.

Affected by the disease

Dreamed that the nail is affected by a fungus or replete with cracks? According to the Nostradamus dream book, a serious illness awaits the sleeper soon. It may also be the case that someone from his relatives will face the disease.

The nail on the leg peeled off, and you decided to cut it? On the advice of the dream book in the near future, refrain from active ways of rest – the probability of an accident is high.

And if you see a dream in which the detached nail fell off without anyone’s intervention, you should not worry about the disease that has engulfed it – it will soon recede.

Have you had a dream in which you get rid of a damaged nail? In reality, you will be able to get rid of someone’s obsessive attention.

Trouble with the nail

What can dream if in a dream not lucky to pluck a nail? The answer will give the moon dream book. You will soon get rid of the evil influence of a person, almost without putting an effort into it.

In a dream tore off the nail, which is bent up? Such a plot is a kind of warning – you shouldn’t take your nose too much, such good behavior will not end with anything good.

Broke a nail up to the speaking blood? Should prepare for problems of a family nature.

The dream, in which the nail, broken at the root, fell away, suggests that in difficult times you should not count on the help of friends and relatives. This opinion is shared by the dream Vanga.

Such a different manicure

What can dream if the artificial nail broke? Such a dream suggests that luck will soon turn its back on you.

Pale pink manicure

If during a dream it was possible to trim such a nail, it means that you will not devote one hour to reflection and self-deprecation. But if the nail was uneven, and you strive to give it the correct form, in reality you are waiting for new hobbies and interests.

The dream dream book explains what dreams of a broken artificial nail. Try to remember on which hand the trouble occurred. If you are on the right, in reality you have to prove your opinion to someone for a long time, and on the left you will find yourself thrown into error.

Caring for your nails

What dreams of trimming "native" nails, can explain the Wanderer dream book. You should not start large projects and new cases – they will be unsuccessful.

Did you see a dream in which a piece of varnish came off your nail? Look at yourself from the new side, and not from the most pleasant one. Broken nail just varnished? It is quite possible that gossip is already spreading behind your back. And if the nail breaks with a stale manicure, you yourself will act as a gossip, the dream book warns.

Did a manicure and not be too neat? Broken from such actions nail says that you put too much useless effort. But if you dreamed that you were deliberately breaking a manicure, which is not to your liking, you are trying with all your strength to resist what is being imposed on you by force.

Pale pink manicure

Different shades

To interpret a dream, try to remember what shade the broken nail carried. Dream interpretation gives the following interpretation.

  • Damaged nail red? Quarrel with your loved one.
  • Unlucky purple marigold? Very soon, pink glasses will fall from your eyes.
  • Snatched the nail blue shade? Dreams will remain dreams.
  • Broken nail gently – pink? Be careful in communicating with strangers.
  • Was he green? Perhaps soon the disease will strike you.
  • Have you seen the bitten black nails? Nayavu will be something saddened.
  • In your dream, white nails are cracked? Think a few times before making a decision.

Dreamed how a nail polish exfoliates? Your secrets will soon cease to be so.

Do you take color cover without any help? Errors will have to fix yourself.

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