Nail shape for short fingers

Comprehensive and thematic work plan for children in 5 educational areas: educational activities with objectives and goals


Sergach district

MBDOU kindergarten number 8 "Fairy Tale"

Complex and thematic planning in the preparatory group

Complex and thematic plan of educational work

in kindergarten preparatory group

Theme: “Knowledge Day!” (Kindergarten, friendship)

Nail shape for short fingers

Dates: August 24 to September 6 (

The final event: the photo exhibition "I am in kindergarten", participation in the festival "Day of Knowledge"

Objectives: to develop cognitive interest, interest in school, books. Strengthen children’s knowledge about school, about why you need to learn, who teaches what at school, about school supplies. To form positive ideas about the profession of a teacher and the activity of a student.

D / and “What a first grader needs”.

Reinforce children’s knowledge about

what a first grader needs

to study at school; to bring composure, accuracy, desire to go to school.

Nail shape for short fingers

D \ and “Journey to the past of the book.” (Purpose: To acquaint children with the history of the creation of the book; to show how the book was transformed under the influence of human creativity; to acquaint and arouse interest in the creative activity of people creating books; to foster respect for books, love for books and

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