Nail fungus remedy

Usually antifungal drugs for each person have individual efficacy. In one person, some drugs may not produce results, while other drugs produce an instant effect. Dimethyl phthalate is one of the most effective antifungal agents. Therefore, this drug is one of the best antifungal agents.

Nail fungus remedy

general description

Dimethylftalate (dimethyl phthalate)

It is an effective component of repellents, in addition, has antifungal activity. The active ingredient is dimethyl ester of o-phthalic acid, its rational formula is C6H4 (СООСН3) 2. The structural formula is as follows:

Dimethyl phthalate is a colorless liquid sometimes with a yellowish tinge. It has a pleasant smell, Dimethyl phthalate is soluble in alcohols, poorly soluble in oils and water. The substance is a plasticizer and is used for the production of rubber and polymers. In veterinary medicine it is widely used as a repellent (repels insects).

Pharmacy holidays

Dimethyl phthalate can be purchased at the pharmacy, pet stores or household goods. Form release – pastes, ointments or solutions in glass or plastic bottles and tubes of 100-300 ml. The price varies greatly, depending on the form of release and the company in the region of 50-500 rubles per 100 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Means possesses strong insecticidal, antifungal and acaricidal action. It is used for fungal infections of the skin and for repelling mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. When applied to the skin accumulates in it, it does not penetrate into the general circulation, remains in the intercellular space of the epidermis. This has a long and strong effect on the skin, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, without affecting the body as a whole.

Nail fungus remedy


The tool is widely used as a repellent to repel mosquitoes, midges, gadflies and to protect against ticks. Depending on the ambient temperature, the effect of the drug lasts for 3-5 hours. In medicine, it is used more often as an adjunct in the treatment of fungal skin lesions and as a preventive measure for tick bites. Dimethyl phthalate is widely used in veterinary medicine to scare away fleas and other skin parasites.

Terms of use

Apply a thin layer of ointment to clean skin on the affected area and place around it. You can cover with cotton and put on clean socks or wrap the place with an elastic bandage. If the agent is in the form of a solution, it is necessary to moisten it with cotton wool and cotton wool to apply the drug to the skin. After applying, rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water. You can not without washing your hands to eat. If the drug accidentally got on the mucous membranes, then they should be immediately washed with warm running water.

Side effects

The drug rarely provokes an allergic reaction. Its usual manifestations are rash and itching. At the first signs of allergy, dimethyl phthalate should be washed off the skin. It is desirable at the same time to use antiallergic agent in the form of ointment or tablets inside.


In the course of research, it was found that dimethyl phthalate adversely affects human DNA. It is forbidden to use for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. The tool can not be used by men on the genitals and women on the chest. Now developed analogues of dimethyl phthalate, not having these contraindications.

Nail fungus remedy

Recipes and use of the drug

What is dimethyl phthalate is known to many, but few have heard that this drug perfectly complements numerous recipes of traditional medicine. The most common blend consists of sunflower oil, raw chicken eggs, acetic acid, and dimethyl phthalate. All parts are taken in equal shares, for ease of preparation, you can take one tablespoon of each ingredient.

The mixture is well mixed, applied in a thin layer on the skin. Cover with a paper napkin and secure with a medical bandage, it is also desirable to wrap the place in a plastic bag to create the greenhouse effect. Use the mixture once before bedtime, usually a weekly course is enough for a positive result. Stock must be protected in the refrigerator.

Do you know what?

To choose the best medicine for the treatment of nail fungus, we recommend reading the comparison of antifungal drugs and reviews of real people.

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Already there was a problem with fungi, for the first time I was treated for a very long time. 3 weeks ago, a doctor prescribed dimethyl phthalate. I searched for him for a very long time, but the work was worth it. The drug got rid of the symptoms in just a few days, now, as instructed by the doctor, I still accept it. Cool tool if you find it – be sure to use it.

The tool is really beautiful, it is a pity to find difficult. The doctor prescribed it to me too, but I did not find him and used other creams, there was no result. A son once saw him in household goods and bought it for me. From Dimethyl phthalate, the effect appeared already on the 4th day.

I used Dimethyl phthalate before, so that mosquitoes do not pester. Recently picked up a fungus, and someone from friends recommended to use the same tool for treatment. I was pleasantly surprised when the drug helped and within a week the itching and burning were gone. Now I am waiting for a new nail to grow.

Cool tool. My mother once had a fungus on her hands, so he helped very well, the itching and burning sensation disappeared after a few days. Only for complete recovery had to take systemic drugs. Still, Dimethylphthalate is not able to get rid of the fungus. I use it myself to protect against insects. The effect lasts a very long time.

Recently discovered on the body of the fungus. A very unpleasant problem, it is impossible to undress in public and burns a little. The doctor prescribed systemic pills. I do not know how quickly they help, I read somewhere that they play the main role in getting rid of the fungus. In general, I got the real effect only when I began to take systemic drugs, and externally apply Dimethyl phthalate. Spots and itching disappeared in just a couple of days.

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