Manicure white lacquer

Despite the fact that from early childhood, we are told that modesty is an ornament of a woman, there is not one among us who would not want to beat on the spot with the beauty of everyone around her.

Manicure white lacquer

You must admit that each of us at least occasionally presents himself in front of an admiring public, while in his head there is an image of a stunningly beautiful lady with a gorgeous haircut, immaculate make-up, in a luxurious dress and breathtaking jewelry, and, of course, with a gorgeous manicure.

Agree, one hundred percent will not create such an image at all, but if things are sometimes difficult with jewels, then each of us can have a chic manicure.

What will be the chic manicure 2018, what should I pay attention to? Let’s try to understand this issue.

If we look in the dictionary, we will see that “chic” means “luxurious, exquisite, elegant, very good,” and I must say that 2018 has something to offer to fashionistas. Original solutions, interesting decor, graceful forms and design skills will be popular.

Moon and french manicure

Lunar and French manicures have long been classified as classics, and therefore, many are associated with everyday life. In fact, in the coming year, these traditional species will begin to sound in a new way and delight with fresh ideas.

French manicure will not only be a white color, but also a color one, but the most interesting variants will be obtained as a result of using non-standard textures.

Both the service jacket and the moon manicure will be carried out with the help of metallic varnish, chameleon, matte, usual glossy, as well as their compositions. For example, the matte gray coating of the nail plate with a metallic smile in tone will look very original.

Surely everyone will call chic French and moon manicure, if you decorate it with a small amount of rhinestones, placing a few droplets along the line of a smile or a hole, or laying out a pattern on an accent finger.

The combination of a classic jacket with a moon manicure will look gorgeous, but only if the nail plate has an elongated elongated shape.

Manicure white lacquer

Special charm will give the manicure art paintings or drawings made with the help of stamping or stickers.

One of the fashion trends of 2018 – negative space – will also find its place in the lunar manicure. A “naked” hole or unpainted areas between the main coat and the hole will give the manicure a touching tenderness. You can beat this technique for the French manicure, making a transparent border between the coating of the nail plate and a smile, or leaving the "window" in the center of the nail, giving them any shape to your taste.

Chic gel nail polish

Gel Polish (or shellac) is not only beautiful, but also has amazing strength, which allows you to create a manicure of stunning beauty, complementing it with a variety of decor. The unique properties of gel polish guarantee that the finishing of rhinestones, sparkles, modeling and other elements will not break away at the most inappropriate moment.

In 2018, a luxurious gel polish manicure can be made in natural pastel shades, for example, in pink, peach, blue, cream, milky, or in brighter tones — blue, saturated gray, purple, and burgundy.

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