Manicure stars the most fashionable trends of the season

Looking at the new fashion collections, we can conclude that in 2018 a pantsuit will be at the peak of popularity. Therefore, it will be possible to meet him not only at the office or at a business meeting, but also at a festive event, including the bride on the wedding day. In the new season, women of fashion are invited to experiment with colors, style, styles and texture, creating an individual fashionable image.

Trendy colors

Each new season, designers offer us different styles, atypical fabrics, colors and bright decor. In 2018, metal fittings, decorative seams, bows, fringe, embroidery, appliqués and other elements were used to decorate trouser suits.

Among the prints is especially popular strip will be seen in the collections of many designers. In addition to the strip, the peas, the cell, the rhombus and other geometric elements will be relevant. The floral patterns have not lost their relevance.

The color range that could be observed on the catwalks is quite diverse. Especially popular with designers have become blue and all its shades. You could also see a lot of trouser suits in orange and red colors.

Manicure stars the most fashionable trends of the season

If such colors seem to you too bright, then for you trouser suits of pastel shades. More often than the rest, pale pink, beige, purple and peach shades were used.

Black suit

Women’s black trouser suit is considered conservative, therefore, various variations or style deviations are not allowed here. The advantages of this outfit include practicality and comfort. However, he has his drawbacks – any pantsuits do not allow women to demonstrate the dignity of their legs.

Pants in combination with a jacket or jacket are a comfortable and conservative outfit. Such an image may seem too strict to some. However, combining it with other items of clothing, you can get quite relaxed image.

Today, black trouser suit can be found in the office, as well as at a party or a festive event. The only difference is in the fabric and prints used.

Most often, these costumes are combined with classic shirts. But now designers suggest experimenting and complementing their image with knitwear or silk blouses of various colors with additional details. Especially popular in the new season will be a blouse with huge bows. Choosing accessories for such a suit, give preference to classic pumps, boats and bag-briefcase.

White suit

Of course, white outfit can not be called practical, but it has always been a symbol of elegance, luxury and purity. But you need to wear it properly. To look perfect in white, you need to feel free and relaxed.

Designers offer fashionable women a huge number of white trouser suit variations that differ in style. Choosing such an outfit, it is important to focus not only on the taste, but also on the features of the figure. Flared trousers from the hips are suitable for tall girls with good data.

Bright trouser suits

The new trend has become a pantsuit of bright and bold colors. Today, it is often possible to meet stars of world size, flaunting at various events in costumes of red, yellow and other bright colors.

Many celebrities offer to wear it on a naked body, which looks quite bold and sexy. Regardless of the size of the bust of the girl, this option is able to emphasize fragility. At the same time, the decollete area may remain clean or decorated with a modest necklace.

Popular in the new season will be costumes with a print. To create a business look, a suit with a geometric print should be combined with laconic accessories. And for informal events suitable for flower and futuristic colors. Choosing a print, pay attention to the optical illusions that he is able to create, because they can not always be winning.

Business suit

If you work in an office, then choose a suit with trousers with straight cut arrows, the edge of which does not reach the ground by 1 cm.

Today, cropped trousers are very popular. However, they are not suitable for everyone. Feel free to wear them can a tall girl. If your height is below average, then it is better to refuse such a model, since it will make you visually even lower.

It is equally important to choose the right jacket. Tall girls better choose models that visually divide the figure into two equal parts, that is, with a long jacket. On low fashionable women it will be better to look the shortened jacket. Hide wide hips will help jackets length to the midline of the thigh.

Manicure stars the most fashionable trends of the season

To always look perfect, choose a costume from non-creasing fabrics. It is also useful to check the quality of seams, shoulder lines, cuffs and other details. All of them must be of high quality.

To complement the pantsuit in a business style can be a blouse of any color. Choosing shoes, give preference to the classic models of black on the heels. Pastel-colored shoes will help to create a fresh look. The belt in this case should be modest without bulky parts. Ideal if it is made of black genuine leather.

Jewelry should not be large from natural materials with inconspicuous stones. Ideal for a business suit fit thin chain with a modest pendant and discreet earrings and rings.

Cropped trousers

Not so long ago, nude ankles returned to fashion. Cropped trousers can be with or without cuffs.

Office workers are better off choosing models with arrows. You can add them with a jacket of any style. Different may be shoes. With such trousers look classic shoes, ankle boots, sandals or sandals.

Summer models

Summer models of trouser suits give girls a sophisticated look. The coloring at the same time can be any. The most important thing is that the outfit should be made of natural fabric. Usually, in addition to the trousers, a cotton shirt or a stylish top is used.

Accents in the form of a wide belt, large bracelets, a stylish clutch bag, etc. will help to make the costume bright and elegant. In this way, you can go both for shopping and for a meeting with friends.

Shorter trousers with an elongated jacket that is worn on a naked body look very impressive. Flared trousers and a loose blouse with short sleeves will suit full girls.

In the new season, combined summer suits will be popular, in which plain-colored trousers are combined with a printed or multi-colored top.

Most often, summer suits are sewn from linen fabric. However, you can find satin, cotton, chiffon and satin models. The chiffon blouse will look perfect with trousers made of opaque beige materials.

Linen costumes are most often made in safari style characterized by khaki, wheat and ivory colors. In such models, pants should be free, and the jacket is often decorated with patch pockets.

In 2018, suits with pants will be at the peak of popularity. Each girl is invited to experiment with styles, colors and textures. To create a unique image, they can be combined with various accessories.

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