Manicure March 8

Our dear ladies, Congratulations on your day! You are goddesses, ladies, mothers, you are excellent in everything!

We wish you today Peace, joys and blessings. Let the adversity bypass you – Turn into a trifle.

Be happy, beautiful, charming, pure AND full of special power. Be brighter than flowers!

In the morning there is no desire to go to work, But you have to. We go through the blizzard and nap. And there – the smell of coffee, smiles and laughter. It’s no sin to work with such a team!

Thank you, our lovely stars, During the week that you become more beautiful, For your positive, kindness, beauty, We wish to fulfill any dream!

We wish you miracles, moods, Success, prosperity, fun, luck, Health, all the joys and magic, Delight and happiness, love without end!

Let the Women’s Day be long and bright, Filled with surprises and chocolate, Smiles, laughter, aroma of flowers. So that all this day were fabulously excited!

Manicure March 8

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on March 8! I wish you a wonderful mood and lots of smiles. Let the work give the desired results, everything is easy and without obstacles. Huge female happiness, incredibly strong love and tenderness, attention and caring participation. Get ready for the best, it will happen! Happy holiday!

On March 8, congratulationsVas, dear colleagues, All of you are a pro in your field And world girls.

I wish you happiness, brilliance, Our team to decorate, Beauty and charm To drive away shadow and boredom.

Our dear girls, How difficult it is for the peasants without you! We are celebrating the 8th of March for Women, Today we congratulate you.

Among the workers gloomy everyday life, Your smiles are so necessary! So be you are always beautiful! Always loved and gentle!

Congratulations to the sweetest, most gentle, mischievous, The best part of the team – Our dear women!

Happy Women’s Day, Eighth of March! I wish you all: Joy, love, excitement, Sea of ​​happiness and flowers.

Dear colleagues, Happy March 8th, With a wonderful holiday of spring! You are so kind and so beautiful, And so important for work!

You are the decoration of the collective, you are the life of bright flowers. You inspire to awaken and awaken dreams.

Let this day be special, feminine Give you its warmth. Let it be clear and light outside and in your heart.

The male half of the team congratulates you on the holiday of spring. Colleagues, you are charming and beautiful, How delicate, beautiful flowers!

You should always remain the same. Year-round in summer and winter. Live brightly, smile more often, and decorate this world with yourself!

With the holiday of spring, kind Congratulations to our ladies! A bouquet of wishes is assembled: To sail in life, as if on waves.

A little romantic storm, Warmth in the soul, love in the hearts, Yes traveling abroad. Thinking in attention, flowers.

Let it inevitably be near. A happy case and success. Satisfied with every outfit, To manicure – not like everyone else.

But the main thing is not at all! How important is just a positive. With your smile we are warmed, Our dear, female team.

With a delicate holiday of spring, you, like roses, bloom, Smell the scent, Conquer the beauty of all!

Manicure March 8

Let the spring inspire happiness, Let everything be fine, Mood and income Just let them go ahead.

Life is always fabulous, Let only happy fate, With the royal live you chic And shine a beautiful face!

Congratulations on the day of spring And we wish you happiness to all, May God save luck From worries and problems!

Let everything always work out: Dinner, make-up and life, Let the day be a new smile, Having prepared a surprise for you!

We wish you wealth, And health in store, In order to laugh more often, Beauty having slayed all of us!

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