Manicure for the new year 2019 photo

The New Year is approaching, and with it the most burning female problem comes to the throat – absolutely nothing to wear. It would be desirable not just to create a festive image, but also to please the future symbol from the Chinese horoscope. This time the Pig of an interesting breed comes to us – Yellow Earthen. She can wag her tail as well as show her teeth in an angry grin. Properly chosen clothes will help to cajole the heavenly patroness. So, we will understand what to wear for the New Year 2019 in the office, in the restaurant, at a friendly party and at a family home celebration. In the field of view fall actual colors, fabrics, styles, as well as important additions – accessories, makeup, hair.

Manicure for the new year 2019 photo

Yellow Earth Pig recommends – colors, styles, fabrics

It is logical to assume that the main colors of the coming 2019 will be yellow and brown. So it is in general, given the mass of shades – ecru, sand, gold, terracotta. Feel free to add gray tones, from pearl to graphite, and remember that the land is not only soil, but also vegetation, water bodies, natural and man-made landscape.

All this is the habitat of the totem animal. The guest of honor will like any variations on the topic:

Actual a variety of prints.

Pigs in the Year of the Pig is better to choose neutral. She is repulsed with both excessive pretentiousness and inconspicuous modesty. Elegant or original cut, semi-fit or flying silhouette, if the open part of the body, then only one – an outfit in which you can light up until the morning.

What it will be – a dress, jumpsuit, suit, pants or skirt with a top – does not matter. The only requirement is to wear something that does not hinder movement. Respectively choose fabrics – soft, well draped, flowing. Silk, chiffon, thin gabardine, velvet, lace, and knitwear will do. Undesirable brocade, atlas, taffeta.

What to wear to the office?

Consider two scenarios: working day in a normal rhythm without continuing or with departure to a banquet in another place; New Year’s corporate party in the home office after the completion of urgent matters.

In the first case, a violation of the dress code is not supposed, and more spectacular, but within acceptable limits, accessories, make-up, hairstyle will help to create a festive atmosphere. It is enough to put on stilettos, a bright blouse under a suit, flirty jewelery, put your hair back in a new way, make your lips or eyes look a little bolder – the New Year’s image is ready.

The working day smoothly flows into the collective holiday – it is worthwhile to put on an outfit that is not too defiant, but is in keeping with the spirit of celebration. Evening dresses in the office – moveton, and the Earth Pig will not understand you. But a cocktail in a simple style, an elegant suit of bright color, a spectacular top with flowing pants, a skirt in the floor or a mini will be completely in place.

A good New Year’s choice is a sheath dress with large jewelery or a set of jewelry. Just exclude too tight styles and thick fabrics. Having fun in them is quite problematic, and meeting 2019 should be in a good mood.

Manicure for the new year 2019 photo

Do not forget that you have to spend all day on your feet, which means that the shoes should be stylish, but comfortable. Pay attention to the hair and makeup. Braid your hair in an original braid, leave it loose, ruffle your short hair carelessly. Make an inconspicuous make up in sandy or transparent cold colors. Yellow Pig to taste natural beauty.

New Year’s outfit for the restaurant

A noisy celebration is planned and I want to put on all the best at once. Not forbidden, but keep in mind a few important points. The current mistress of the year has a good appetite, mobility, with caution refers to excessive brightness and outrageous.

You have to eat, have fun dancing, take part in competitions and radiate a positive New Year’s Eve. Let the shoe correspond to the moment, the outfit will be sufficiently free, it allows you to avoid piquant situations with an unexpected demonstration of some parts of the body.

The Earth Pig will favorably treat evening dresses in the Greek style, with an asymmetrical cut, a simple silhouette with some spectacular accent:

  • deep cut;
  • large bow;
  • wide belt;
  • high incision;
  • bright print.

Expressive detail should be only one. For example, a fully closed neckline and open back. A simple dress complement the original clutch, large jewelry, a little defiant make-up. Catchy – soften with neutral accessories and cosmetics. Keep a reasonable balance and the location of the virtual guest you provided.

If the evening dress is not your option, no problem. Practical Earth Pig will appreciate the democratic New Year’s outfit, which after the holiday will take its rightful place in the everyday wardrobe. Choose a dress with a smell of medium length, a harmonious set of blouses with a skirt, pantsuit or overalls, not chilling movement.

Friendly party image

What to wear to the New Year’s party with close friends – depends on the idea of ​​the holiday. If you plan a standard program with a feast or buffet, dancing, cute conversations and harmless sweepstakes, then the best choice would be a cocktail dress.

By graceful along attached significant bonus. You can wear the most spectacular shoes with heels of any height. And let you hold out for about an hour in them, and then throw it off – it will only demonstrate Pig’s readiness for joyful changes and creative thinking.

Thematic party obliges to appear in the image. Usually the color or style of clothing is agreed in advance. This time there is a reason to arrange a small New Year’s carnival. Fancy dress, from the point of view of the Earth Pig, should not be too frank or extravagant. Support the general theme and try to take into account the wishes of the hostess of the year.

If you leave to celebrate New Year out of town or after the battle of the Chiming Clock, you intend to go outside – dress so that in half an hour you do not want to drop everything and hide in a warm corner. Choose a dress-tunic, comfortable pants with a soft pullover, comfortable shoes. Think of a waterproof make-up or get along with a minimum of makeup and a simple hairstyle.

What to wear for a family celebration?

New Year in the family circle is a well-established tradition. The Earth Pig will approve such a choice, but on one condition: the holiday should be a full-fledged, not a pajama-sofa party. What to wear is something that is not devoid of charm, comfortable and functional.

The main credo of the Year of the Pig is one team. Invite close people to pick up outfits according to the signs of the Zodiac for each family member, in the same color scheme or style. Take the lead. Everything is allowed at home: both an evening dress and a comfortable tunic. The main thing – not a tracksuit and not what you go to work.

Do you already know what you want to wear for the New Year 2019? If not, go shopping immediately or conduct a thorough audit in the closet. Perhaps the outfit, which was considered too simple, will be the new year.

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