Manicure for beginners

Every year beadwork is becoming increasingly popular. After all, this is not only an interesting and fascinating hobby, but also the opportunity to create beautiful and unique jewelry for yourself, your friends and loved ones. Moreover, this does not require large financial costs, and absolutely every girl can understand the weaving techniques.

A pop art print bracelet is a great idea for fashion weaving.

Interesting, but at the same time, a simple design of the bracelet in the form of strawberries, perfect for hot summer days.

Tips for beginners

Those who are just starting their journey in beadwork, it is better to try to create simple bracelets. Volumetric and complex technology will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, beginners quite often stop trying to weave.

Manicure for beginners

It is very important to purchase beads such as specified in one scheme or another. Otherwise, the result may differ significantly from the original. Also do not try to save on materials. Quality items will last much longer.

Before you start weaving, carefully study the scheme. It should be clear and simple. If in the process there are difficulties, study additional workshops or watch video tutorials. All this should bring clarity and understanding of how to weave the product.

Required materials and rules for their selection

To create the most simple products from beads, you will need certain materials. On how to choose them and what to look for, you will learn more.

The first thing you need to create beautiful bracelets is beads. Choose shades that are well combined with each other, and also consider the colors of the clothes with which you plan to wear a bracelet.

As for the quality and size of the beads, then experienced craftsmen recommend beginners to choose a large diameter. After the technique is mastered, you can purchase standard size beads.

The manufacturer can also be different, which largely determines the cost of the beads. The lowest price and quality is Chinese beads. Often it needs to be sorted, since the beads have a different diameter. Significant disadvantages include the tendency to fading and splitting. Therefore, it is necessary to choose it only for training and working out equipment. But to create more complex things, we recommend acquiring quality material.

Czech-made beads are recognized as one of the best and highest quality in the world. Each bead is identical to the previous one, therefore it is a pleasure to work with such material. The result also can not but rejoice, because the products are uniform and smooth.

Beads from Japan is considered the most expensive and high quality. That is why it is almost impossible to find it on store shelves. Masters with years of experience order it from other states, but for beginners it is useless.

Thread, elastic and fishing line

To create a bracelet fit any of the presented types of accessories. When choosing, we recommend to bear in mind that each of them has its own characteristics. For example, the threads allow you to make the product soft, but at the same time, they have low wear resistance. With frequent contact with water, they begin to rot.

In turn, the fishing line has greater durability, but it is not obedient. In this regard, many have some difficulties. Choose the thickness of the line based on the size of the beads. This will help make the process somewhat easier and faster.

Eraser is not the most popular type of accessories, however, many beginning masters choose it. Most often, it is used for bracelets that do not have a clasp.

Needle for weaving

Many beginners do not attach importance to this subject, however, we recommend not to repeat such an error. Choose the thinnest needle, as you can easily pass it through all the holes. It will be especially useful in braiding, as the beads are located very close to each other.

For weaving bracelets will need additional materials:

  • small scissors
  • locks and protectors for the thread, if you want to weave a bracelet on a clasp
  • small pliers
  • bracelet scheme that you want to do.

The last point is especially relevant not only for beginners, but also for experienced needlewomen. For those who are just trying themselves in this business, the scheme will help to create something interesting. And those who weave beads are not the first time, can use it as an idea and complement their details.

Master classes in weaving bead bracelets

As mentioned above, it is worth starting with simple weaving options. Therefore, below we will talk more about the simplest bead bracelets, as well as show more complicated options.

Delicate Beaded Bracelet for Beginners

To weave such a bracelet you will need:

  • beads of any color
  • thick thread
  • button

First you need to prepare the thread, for which we make a loop and tie a neat knot.

Next we weave a braid from a thread 3 cm long, after which we add the first bead.

Gradually weave one bead for each thread.

The next thing to do is measure the length of the bracelet on your wrist. If the desired size is ready, then we weave a pigtail further, but without the beads.

At the end we tie the knot by adding a button.

Bright bracelet for hot summer

Simple bracelet for beginners

Volume beaded bracelet

To create such a gorgeous bracelet you will need:

Volume bracelet with large beads

Star Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

As you can see, interesting and stylish bracelets can be created from beads, which will be especially relevant in 2017. Simple workshops will help to create truly worthwhile accessories, even for a beginner. Therefore, if you have not done beadwork yet, we recommend starting right now. Share your ideas and creations in the comments.

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