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Considering the attention that Prince William and Harry are surrounded with today, it is easy to forget that the British Queen has not two grandsons, but eight (read also “Royal blood: all great-grandchildren and great-granddaughters of the Queen”). For all, regardless of the degree of distance from the throne, Elizabeth II remains, first of all, a grandmother.

But Princess Eugenia, who is now in ninth place in the queue for the throne after her sister Beatrice, has a special relationship of trust with the queen.

The relative independence (for example, a personalized Instagram account) and the special place of Eugenia in the ranks of the British monarchy can be explained by the fact that she and her sister Beatrice are not officially working members of the BCS. At one time, rumors were actively exaggerated that Prince Andrew was not too pleased with these circumstances and was trying to defend great privileges for his daughters regarding their status and representation duties. His elder brother Charles, in fact, the future king, on the contrary, is guided by the principle of “small spool and road.” He is more oriented to ensure that the interests of the British monarchy are publicly represented by a narrow circle of people: he and his wife Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and now Prince Harry and Megan Markl. It is unofficially believed that Elizabeth II stood up for granddaughters Beatrice and Eugene in this dispute, although Buckingham Palace did not give any evidence of this, but the range of duties and opportunities of the York princesses remained the same.

At the same time, if the degree of trust and the degree of warmth of Elizabeth in relation to mother Eugenia Sarah Ferguson often changed, she was always very close with her granddaughter. Recently, the Princess of York had a busy schedule: social activities, work in the Hauser Wirth gallery in London, engagement and wedding with Jack Brooksbank. But even in such a difficult time, she found free moments that she spent with her crowned grandparents. Now there are several reasons why Princess Eugenia can realistically claim the status of a “special granddaughter” in the royal family.

Included in the narrow family circle

Both Eugene and Beatrice do not receive state support (and therefore, British taxpayers’ money), but regularly accompany the queen to the most significant events – for example, to the Easter service or the Royal Ascot races. In recent years, Eugene is also among the family members who attend annual summer parties in the Queen’s Garden at Buckingham Palace (and this is a fairly small number of close relatives), and also participated in the Commonwealth Youth Forum with the Dukes of Sussex. According to insiders, the queen would not have given Eugenia such an honor if she had not been strongly attached to her.

Do not hesitate in expressions

The proximity of Eugenia with the queen becomes especially apparent after the granddaughter’s public statements about her grandmother. While princes William and Harry often refer to her as “queen” when referring to Elizabeth, Eugene repeatedly called the monarch simply granny (“granny”). The queen was not at all delighted with the familiar “mommy” whom Prince Charles addressed her at the party in honor of the 92nd birthday of Her Majesty, but it seems that she has nothing against the tenderness of Princess Eugenia.

Not afraid of Elizabeth

Prince Harry on the set of the Queen of the World documentary joked: “I will advise you: if you run into her in the corridors of the palace, just do not panic. And you will, I know! We all panic. ” In every joke there is some truth, but certainly not for Eugene. The Princess of York never hesitates next to the queen, smiles sweetly and is not averse to making faces in front of the cameras, that is, she behaves like the most ordinary granddaughter. Maybe this is what the monarch needs?

Kate Middleton Manicure

Resting with the queen

The Princess of York is also a regular guest of the Queen’s Scottish residence in Balmoral, where she rests every year from July to October. “This is the most beautiful place on earth, ─ Eugene was made delighted on the set of a documentary film dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Elizabeth. ─ I think grandma is very happy here. Walking, picnics, dogs ─ there are always a lot of dogs! ─ and we are all there. Let us add ─ and partridges (read “How a holiday in Scotland changes the eating habits of Elizabeth II”).

First told her about the engagement

Elizabeth II was aware of the proposal that Jack Brooksbank made to the Princess of York, some time before her uncles and aunts, cousins ​​William and Harry, friends and numerous royal relatives learned about it. The bride herself shared this fact in an interview with the BBC television channel. Eugenia said that the first to know about her engagement were her parents and sister, as well as the queen and prince Philip. She added that "grandmother actually knew everything at the very beginning," and was at the same time "one of the few." Under the conditions of absolute control of the words spoken to the public, one can appreciate what this recognition means (as well as the fact that the wedding with Brooksbank was initially approved at the highest level – in detail “Why Princess Eugene deserved a splendid wedding”).

Inspired by grandma style

Eugenia feels much freer in her dressing room than Kate Middleton or, all the more so, Megan Markl. In recent years, the Princess of York is distinguished by quite bold experiments and an original style, saying that her grandmother is the source of inspiration for her. In an interview with Tatler magazine, Eugenia admitted that Elizabeth II’s style for her and many of her friends is exemplary: it’s classic, but elegant and unique (very detailed ─ “How to distinguish a queen: 5 cm heel, Launer bag, bright coat and no trousers”) .

One of the latest examples confirming Eugenia’s sympathy for the grandmother’s style was her outfit at the Royal Ascot-2018 races. For the "women’s day" Eugene chose Erdem dress with a large floral print. But what is said about him and about the SS 18 collection on the designer’s website: “The past of the queen was the source of inspiration for Erdem Moraliлуlu, and he was particularly attracted by the royal style of the 50s”. In style decisions, Princess Eugene often tries to follow her own path, and perhaps this is also very appealing to the queen.

Kate Middleton Manicure

On October 12, 2018, the Queen holds a gala wedding reception at Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the marriage of Princess Eugene, as she did this several months earlier for Prince Harry. There is no doubt that the day will be truly special for both granddaughter and grandmother.

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