Ideas summer manicure

In the female image there are no trifles, even a manicure on the handles can tell a lot about its owner. Beautifully chosen manicure says that a woman cares for herself and takes care to always look perfect.

Today, an ideal manicure is selected on the basis of fashion trends, preferences, and of course, the season. In each season, the relevance of certain techniques increases, fashionable patterns and shades stand out.

Since autumn is ahead, today’s theme for a photo review of nail design ideas will be the most fashionable autumn manicure 2019-2020.

The most popular trends and novelties of manicure for autumn 2019-2020 we will sort in turn, showing photos of fashionable autumn manicure examples of different types.

Manicure for autumn is a more relaxed and laconic design, bright multi-colored drawings are replaced by discreet pastel patterns, light neon shades turn into dark cold shades. But this does not mean that the autumn manicure 2019-2020 will be boring and inconspicuous.

In the fashionable autumn manicure, the use of different types of nail art, a bold combination of contrasting colors and patterns in different styles is welcomed. Bright orange and yellow shades acquire new ways to use in autumn manicure.

The most stylish and fashionable manicure ideas for autumn 2019-2020 exclude a purely monotonous design. Monophonic autumn manicure should be diluted with any effect (ombra, marble, cat’s eye), supplemented with a pattern, rhinestones or just a shine.

The most beautiful manicure options for autumn are amazing designs that combine several techniques and types of nail art in one masterpiece canvas.

How fashionable autumn manicure to please their nails in the season 2019-2020 look below.

Autumn manicure with cute birds

Images of birds on the nails can be completely different. From the motives of departing flocks to lonely silhouettes sitting on a branch. Very popular in the autumn manicure 2019-2020 will be drawings of funny owls.

Such cute and sleepy owls very accurately convey the autumn mood, so they are so often chosen for a fashionable manicure for autumn. More often, these are autumn design options with an emphasis on one nail.

Fashionable manicure of the fall with a female face pattern

Recently, the drawings of the female face on the nails have become very popular. And the autumn season is doubly conducive to the relevance of such a manicure.

Ideas summer manicure

A young girl Autumn, depicted on the nails, playing in autumn colors looks great and delights with a similar autumn manicure 2019-2020.

Amazing autumn manicure with a cityscape

Nail art masters tirelessly surprise with new manicure paintings, offering unusual and original solutions to clients. Therefore, the fashionable autumn manicure 2019-2020 boasts ideas with urban drawings.

To do this autumn manicure, you should find a good specialist who can depict any urban landscape on your nails. An alternative will always be ready-made stickers sliders, which sometimes can be easily confused with the work with a brush.

Traditional autumn manicure with leaves

The first autumn associations are associated with falling leaves, so autumn manicure with foliage becomes very fashionable.

Green shades will be the basis for such a manicure in the fall, and the leaves themselves paint in an orange-yellow palette. Depicting the leaves on all nails or on several depends on the wishes and the overall picture of the autumn manicure.

Beautiful autumn manicure with a chanterelle on the nails

Of all the animals, which can be depicted in the autumn manicure 2019-2020, chanterelles occupy a special place. The bright orange color of this animal gives the autumn manicure playfulness and charm.

The image of one chanterelle on the nails will be enough to make your autumn manicure expressive and bright. Especially since the picture itself can be stretched to two or three marigolds.

Stylish autumn manicure with geometry

If this is an autumn manicure and geometric patterns, then this season only matte shades are chosen for them. Monochrome matte manicure for fall 2019-2020 is ideal for the image on it of stripes and curves in any interpretations.

Ideas summer manicure

Variants of the trend autumn manicure can be as simple points and stripes, as well as complex geometric patterns.

Fashionable autumn manicure with gold

Beautiful golden autumn manicure 2019-2020 is the design options with glitter, with gold stripes, with foil and rub.

It can be as an evening manicure for the fall, and casual design. Affiliation will depend on the style, patterns, shades and additional decor for the autumn manicure.

Rich autumn manicure with the universe on the nails

One of the most fashionable ideas of manicure for fall 2019-2020 will be the design of nails in the style of the universe with the image of the night starry sky.

The relevance of cosmic manicure more falls on the autumn period, when the priority is dark cold shades of blue and purple. Such an autumn manicure looks amazing, attracting the views of others.

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