How to treat nails after gel polish

Today we will begin to consider how effectively varnishes are fighting with nail fungus. The first antifungal lacquer that caught my eye was a loser, so I started with it.

From the article you will learn:

How does loceril?

The drug loseril fights with onychomycosis locally,

According to the manufacturer, the pilot band is well absorbed into the nail tissue and the substrate of the nail. In addition, the antifungal agent acts inside the tissues 7-10 days after application. At the same time, the concentration of the main component in the body after prolonged use is negligible. This suggests that the drug does not poison the body being treated.

Who is the medicine for?

Before using the loceril, go to the doctor and do the analysis, because you need to know exactly what kind of fungus you have infected. The active component of the lacquer overlooked is able to cope with the disease, if it concerns such fungi: Trichophyton, Candida, Pityrosporum, Cryptococcus, Mycrosporum, Alternaria, Epidermophyton, Scopulariopsis, Sporothrix, Cladosporium, Wangiella, Hendersonula, Fonseceeheera, Coc Coc las las las Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc a a a X X X X, X H ο osp, Cladosporium, Wangiella, Hendersonula, Fonse cе, Coc las las, Coc las Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc Coc a che 2014 4 Look carefully if any of the above types of fungus are in your diagnosis. If not – the loseril is unlikely to suit you. If you still find a match, read on to decide whether to buy this varnish or not.

Loceryl is recommended to use only when the nail is affected no more than.

This drug is perfect as a prophylactic. If you are going to visit a swimming pool, sauna or another “risk zone”, do not be too lazy to use varnish – this can save you from long-term treatment in the future.

Warning: children and pregnant loceril is not recommended

How to apply loseril? Instruction

Let me remind you that horsefish is a topical medication; it should be applied to the damaged finger or toenails.

Included with this tool is not just varnish, but also a whole complementary kit. This is not surprising, because the price for a bottleneck bites, but we’ll talk about this later. So, the kit contains: healing varnish, wet wipes with the smell of alcohol, disposable shovels and disposable files.

Before using the medicine, the affected nails must be prepared. Take a disposable nail file from the kit and remove the damaged areas of the plate. If the nails are long, cut them, trying to cut off as much as possible the area with the fungus. Now clean the dirt, and then degrease the nails with a swab. Only then can the agent be applied. This is done with the help of a spatula from the kit. Varnish should completely cover the entire affected plate. The dosage of the solution is minimal: a thin layer will be enough. After applying the product, wait 3 minutes for the varnish to dry. Everything.

This procedure should be repeated 1-2 times a week. The next time you remove the varnish with a tampon, regurgitate all the excess and apply the varnish again. Every week you will see progress, because the fungus will no longer spread, and you will remove past effects using a nail file.

The duration of the course is determined by the doctor. Usually it is 6 months for hands and 9-12 months for legs. It all depends on the growth rate of the nails. Most often, the course lasts exactly as long as necessary for the regrowth of a new nail.

Remember that the tool with which you treat damaged nails should not be in contact with healthy nails, otherwise you can infect them.

During the procedure it is better to avoid applying cosmetic varnishes and nails.

Side effects

The pilot has practically no contraindications. Only some people feel burning in the areas where the solution was applied. But these are isolated cases.

Now how much is the pilot cost. This is one of the important criteria, so you can not leave it without attention.

The price for a lotteryl is quite high – from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles per tube. It is very expensive, and not everyone will allow themselves such a medicine. Perhaps the price can be attributed to the minuses.

The effectiveness of lotteryl: reviews

Like other drugs, this antifungal agent has both positive and negative reviews. There are those who say that there is no result at all (most often it is, but insignificant), but there are also people whom the pilot got rid of the fungus completely.

How to treat nails after gel polish

If we discard promotional reviews, it can be argued that the effectiveness of the pilot against the fungus is extremely low.

Most people, as in the case of exoderil, found salvation in a complex of medicines. One helps the body, the other fights the fungus in the affected area. If we consider loceril as a medicine that can cope with onychomycosis in combination with another agent, it is quite good. But here the main obstacle is the price! It is really very high, considering that the tube needs more than one, and it lasts less than what the manufacturer promises, judging by the reviews.

Now, perhaps, I will give you a few different opinions about the effectiveness of the drug:

Applied a lotseril for two years! 2 times a week, the result is zero, I have a fungus of the big toe of the right foot, appeared after the injury, dropped a greater weight on the leg, the nail came down, instead of it began to grow affected, she passed the scraping for analysis, fungus.

Mom suffers from a fungus, and he struck all 10 toenails. It is not only ugly, but also unaesthetic, besides it is very shy, you will not go to the beach, in summer in open shoes. I decided to buy this drug in the form of varnish. It is about 2 thousand rubles. The instructions say to use once a week after the bath. She did. Unfortunately, no effect, perhaps due to the fact that the fungus struck the nail at the very root. Although this varnish was used for two months, no changes occurred. Then they decided to "cut the disease at the root," applied acetic essence. It really helped. Now the nails have become as healthy and beautiful as before. And is it necessary to purchase expensive drugs? My husband also got fungi after the army, decided to use liquid celandine, which also helped. Perhaps such advice will help when everything is hopeless. I wish you health

The problem of fungus faced a long time. Mom had this stuff on the nail. She was treated with different medications, but without success. The pharmacy advised to purchase Lotseril. In this medicine, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Medicinal varnish, single nail files, disposable spatulas and wet wipes that smell of alcohol are included in the set of medicines. Very convenient, but the price is high. Mom for one standard Lotserila paid about one thousand rubles. … I do not know if Loceril may be a good medicine, but one standard is enough for a very short time. We had enough of it for two weeks, and the course of treatment with Lotseril is at least 6 months, and it is not known whether it will help or not.

And here’s a positive review. In fact, there are plenty of positive opinions on the Internet, but they shouldn’t be especially trusted, since such reviews are often ordered by manufacturers of antifungal agents. This response contains photos before and after the application of the pilot lot, so I think he should believe:

Has managed to get me a fungus on the nails of the hands. When I remember, I tremble. I bought this tool on my own (without the advice of a doctor). I think once is expensive – it means effectively. Hands are not legs. It should be rather put in order. It cost about 2 years ago a little above 1000 rubles.

Definitely recommend, though not cheap.

Fungus before treatment

Fungus after treatment with moderill

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Summarize my research.

Loceryl can not be called a medicine that I would recommend for the treatment of fungus on the nails of the hands and feet, but if your opinion does not agree with mine, you can try how effective it is in your experience.

How to treat nails after gel polish

  • expensive
  • ineffective
  • can not be used during pregnancy, and young children
  • aesthetically acceptable
  • does not require frequent use

How to treat nails after gel polish

Of course, if the effectiveness of the remedy against onychomycosis tends to zero, the pluses automatically disappear.

If you have a photo before and after applying the lozeril, share them in the comments. Also, I would be very interested in your story. And in general, I really like the comments of my readers, please me # 128578;

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