How to make square nails

Gardeners and gardeners, who are accustomed to growing their own seedlings for their garden beds, know how important cups, pots and boxes are for sowing seeds. Therefore, the master’s eye will take everything that can be suitable in order to become a container for seedlings. Now, of course, there are many shops that can help growers to offer a choice of containers for sowing. And it is not necessary to invent anything – he went, bought cups, pots or boxes for seedlings and the whole question was resolved.

But there are people who live in remote areas, and can not always spend their time on a trip to the "Shop for the gardener." Or it may so happen that the “seats” purchased and prepared were not enough. Nobody will be upset on this occasion. Today there are so many packages on store shelves that can serve as a glass or as a box for seedlings that it is not possible to list everything. Yes, and you can think of something yourself and do, for example, such

Boxes for seedlings with their own hands

For this purpose, literally everything that can become a landing package will fit. We will give examples of only a few homemade products for growing seedlings. And you will decide for yourself what your hands are capable of and what material for making you will not have to look for a long time.

Plastic bottles

This is generally a unique packaging that is not just invented from it. Make a cup of seedlings from it is very simple. A plastic bottle is cut below the middle. The upper part is turned upside down, the cork can be thrown away, and inserted with the neck down into the cut bottom of the bottle.

How to make square nailsSoil is poured into the top of the tank and grain can be sown. Excess moisture can flow through the open neck. The only drawback of such a cup is difficult then to get a sprout with the ground before planting in open ground.


For example, take an empty can of condensed milk. Scissors for metal cut off the top and bottom of the can. On the walls, with the same tool, we make several cuts. Then we fill the container with earth, slightly compact the contents and plant the seeds. Such a glass is very convenient in greenhouses, it will not be able to damage rodents. In the spring, when it is time to plant the seedlings in the ground, you just need to push away the cut “petals” of the can and calmly take out the seedling from there.

Polyethylene film

A very simple way to make a plastic cup. Small cuts are cut from the film. Next we need an ordinary glass bottle. Wrap the bottle with film and fix the ends of the cuts with a clip. Pulling the glass from the bottle, fill it with earth (do not remove the clips!). All the cup is ready, you can sow seedlings.

In the spring of such a cup to get the seedlings is very simple and no damage to the roots will not be.

Tara with removable bottom

It is possible to use sliding "compartments" of old bedside tables. The bottom of them, as a rule, made of plywood and tightly inserted into the grooves. If one side removes the fasteners, the plywood can be extended. This is a great option how to make a seedling box out of wood. In the spring, plywood is pulled out, and a layer of earth with plants will fall out without problems. You can simply cut it up like a pie with a knife and calmly transplant the plants.

How to make square nails

Paper and cardboard

Everyone on the farm remains after using toilet paper internal rolls of cardboard. They are often thrown away, and this is not surprising, because not all people grow seedlings.

And this is also a kind of excellent material for making cups for seeds. They can be collected during the winter, autumn and summer. It is better to slightly squeeze them so that these rolls are flattened. They are easier to store in a simple shoe box.

In early spring, when it comes time to think about sowing seeds for seedlings, we get rolls. You can use them in a cylindrical form as they are, or you can make small square cups from them. To do this, you just need to bend them again, or rather, flatten in the middle. There should be four bends. If you trim them a bit, you can fold the ends trimmed, as in a regular cardboard box. By the way, square cups are more compact than cylindrical ones.

In addition, these cups can be neatly placed in a plastic transparent box of cake or cake. And now we have a mini-greenhouse for seeds. You can plant seedlings in the soil with the roll. In the ground, it will dissolve and fertilizer will not be bad.

By the way, how to make a box for seedlings from cardboard? As for the cardboard boxes under the seeds, any packaging boxes from under the noodles, cereals and other things may well be suitable for them.


Even an egg-shell can be an excellent glass for planting seeds or diving plants. In order to make eggshell cells, you will need:

  • The eggs themselves.
  • Awl.
  • Tray for eggs.
  • Plant with earth.

Fry for yourself scrambled eggs, but don’t break an egg in the middle, but from the side where the egg is in the testicle. Slightly remove the shell from the top just enough for the egg to drain. In this way, prepare a few landing tanks. Then just boil this shell for a while in boiled water. This is done in order to get rid of bacteria, which, quite possibly, are inside the shell.

After boiling is completed, you need to take an awl and make a small puncture on the reverse side, in a circular motion, only carefully so as not to disturb the integrity of the egg packaging. This puncture is necessary so that excess moisture can come out through the hole made by the awl.

Then fill each such cell with earth and plant the seed. And in order for the containers from the shell to stand exactly and not roll, put them in the tray from under the eggs. When the time comes to plant the plant, the shells need to be slightly pressed down, and it will burst without damaging the root system of the young sprout.

Of course, you can buy already grown and strong seedlings and not fool yourself over these cups and drawers. But more and more gardeners are of the opinion that it is better to grow it myself, and the yield will be higher and the seedlings healthier. Therefore, home-made planting containers will always be in demand, and we have already told you how to build boxes for seedlings with your own hands! You just need to “turn on” your own fantasy and turn any material at hand into the “residence” you need for planting and growing seedlings!

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