How to make a manicure gel varnish at home

Manicure and pedicure are in demand among the fair sex at any time of the year. This is a profitable business, however, there are risks. In general, to open a nail salon from scratch with the right approach and a thoughtful business plan is beyond the power of any aspiring entrepreneur.

Business formats

Nail bar (island) in the mall

Express manicure studios in the shopping center are popular. Installed tables or a kind of bar counters in the corridors of the center. Passing visitors see the offer and make an impulsive decision to make a manicure.

This form of business does not require large expenditures on the organization, since the rent is minimal, there are no costs for repairs. Looking for a rack, chairs, which are sometimes rented themselves shopping center. And also need functional equipment to work.

In the shopping center there is a large cross-country capacity, which ensures a constant flow of customers.

Most often install mini-bars for 2-3 jobs. This is a great solution to start. Small rental costs (at least 4 sq. M.), To pay labor for masters. Islands for 6–8 jobs are usually half empty, resulting in unnecessary spending on the maintenance of a point.

Even in Neil Bars, a small rack is set up for selling cosmetics: hand creams, nail care products, etc.

How to make a manicure gel varnish at home

It provides services for nail care: manicure, pedicure, extension, etc. The list depends on the specifics of the wizard, what services it provides, the availability of equipment.

Required equipment in this case: a table for a manicure, a trolley for accessories, chairs and tools for work.

To organize such an office, a room (room) is being rented with repairs, an entrance is made out, and an office signboard. Initial costs and rents are higher than in the case of the Neil Bar.

Manicure at home

Experienced craftsmen who have already worked in the salons, have accumulated a client base, start working at home. The benefit is obvious: saving on the premises, business registration.

Furniture is necessary for the reception of clients: a table for manicure, chairs for the master and the client, stands / drawers for inventory. For waiting chairs or a sofa. Do not neglect the quality of tools and materials for manicure that you acquire. This will increase customer loyalty, word of mouth will work for you.

Even when working from home, you need to follow the rules of sanitation: disinfect tools, follow the shelf life of funds. To succeed, take care of advertising. After all, you work at home, you do not have random visitors. Create your website, pages in social networks. Post as many photos of your work as possible, price list, contact details.

Studio nail design

This is a beauty salon that specializes only in the nail service: manicure, pedicure, extensions, spa treatments, etc.

In many countries of the world, as in Russia, there are manicure studios / pedicure rooms for 6–8 tables. In the competition with full-profile salons, specialized studios win. A manicurist is much better versed in the intricacies and innovations of his business than a generalist. There are also manicure masters in the beauty salon, and they also do their job well. But manicure rooms attract more sophisticated clients.

A nail design studio will be successful if it offers clients a full range of services: manicure, pedicure, extension, modeling, painting, spa treatments, etc. Visitors do not have time to travel to different rooms for each procedure. The client wants to get service in one place, then he will be loyal to your establishment.

Nail salon

As part of a full-fledged beauty salon, where there are hairdressing, beauty treatments, spa treatments, there is always a manicure / pedicure service.

The beauty of a beauty salon is that services are provided in one place. This is convenient for the client: while he is waiting for the line for painting / cutting, you can do a manicure. But for sophisticated customers, this option is not suitable. They are waiting for a special performance, in accordance with the latest trends. Such an audience prefers to turn to a narrow specialist, professional. In this case, nail bars, nail design studios and manicure cabinets satisfy the demand more, as they specialize only in the nail service.

How to succeed in the nail service

Nail salons in different concepts are very popular in Russia. For each type of institution are loyal customers. Particular success is achieved by those masters who perform quality work, follow the trends of the sphere, and are specialists in the nail service. They are recorded in advance, most of the clients are permanent.

A successful service point is always in the passage. It is convenient for customers to use the service while walking / waiting. The decision to do a manicure here is usually impulsive.

Pros and cons of opening a nail salon (table)

The project will be profitable if you make a competent business plan, rationally allocate resources, work hard on implementation. To surpass the competition, you need to provide quality services, as well as offer promotions, discounts for regular customers.

Required documents and their execution

When the format of the future manicure service is determined, the company must be registered. Possible forms of business organization: IP, LLC.

How to make a manicure gel varnish at home

Differences between IP and LLC (table)

For SP, by law, tax incentives are provided. For example, individual entrepreneurs have exemptions in the matter of paying taxes through a patent; they do not attend the tax department for filing reports. The PI can keep records and accounting independently, and in LLC a full-time accountant is required.

IP design

To issue an IP, you need the following documents:

  • Copy of the passport.
  • Application form P21001 registration IP.
  • Application form

How to make a manicure gel varnish at home

These documents are provided to the tax office. An entrepreneur is applying at his place of residence. As a result, the SP receives an extract from the EGRIP and a certificate of registration with the tax authority. In addition, you need to register a cash register, enter into an agreement on its maintenance. Also, the PI enters into a lease / sublease of the premises.

Registration Ltd.

You can register an LLC on your own or contact lawyers. Full maintenance will cost an average of 10 thousand rubles. If you have time and desire to save money, you can register a legal entity in person or send an authorized officer with documents notarized. Notary services will cost 1–

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