How to make a manicure gel varnish

The company EL Corazon® produces a wide range of products on the nail service for nail design. Thanks to what you have the opportunity to make a fashionable and original manicure easily and simply not only in the salon, but also at home. This web page presents many interesting ideas of a beautiful, stylish and relevant manicure. Beginners will be helped in mastering new techniques of nail design with step-by-step photos, as well as video. All materials for manicure you can buy from us.

How to make a thematic manicure Winter 2016/2017 at home Photos and idea from YaGala

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How to make a manicure gel varnish

The photo shows themed winter manicure Rukavichki. If you have in your arsenal a thin brush, then you can try to draw a simple ornament Mittens at home. You will need 3 varnishes: blue, beige and white. Winter nail design Mittens-view video

Summer manicure Photos and ideas from YaGala

This photo presents an interesting idea of ​​a summer manicure with pink neon nail polish and graphic roses. If you want to do the exact same manicure at home, then you will need vinyl stencils for nails, which turned out to ornament with smooth clear contours. Graphic roses can be drawn if you are skilled. If you do not know how to draw on the nails, then you can use ready-made stickers on the nails, which are presented in black, white and pink design. View the video.

How to make a thematic manicure at home Photos and ideas from YaGala

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How to make a manicure gel varnish

Surely each of you wondered How to make a thematic manicure? For Valentine’s Day, hearts are drawn on the nails, snowflakes in the winter, sea and palm trees in the summer, but there is an easier way to do a thematic manicure at home. Just purchase a suitable plate for stamping with a full ornament. The larger the tile, the more opportunity you have to make an original manicure. Our company offers customers a huge selection of plates (discs) for stemping for different tastes and budgets, it is worth getting acquainted with the catalog. On this photo you see a manicure that was made for the Chinese New Year – 2016.

Among the large assortment of stickers, nail sliders are the most popular among wholesale and retail customers. EL Corazon® company produces more than two hundred kinds of nail slider. Looking through the catalog, pay attention to the sliders for a pedicure. Large bright ornaments with foil elements will be clearly visible even at a great distance. You are ready? In the summer of 2017, your legs will attract the eye.

French manicure or as it is called french manicure was invented by American Jeff Pink. Jeff Pink – a famous person in the world of nail service, the creator of the brand ORLY. By order of a Hollywood producer, he invented a coating that gives the nails a neat, well-groomed and healthy look and at the same time fits any wardrobe. This style of manicure immediately found recognition among Hollywood models and soon spread to the masses. The idea of ​​a beautiful, exquisite manicure, suitable for any outfit and image is so brilliant that it ensures the continued popularity of the French manicure from the time of its invention to the present day. In the classic view, French manicure (French manicure) is performed in layers: pink, beige or transparent coating in combination with a white tip of the nail (smile line). EL Corazon® company produces a whole series of nail polishes to create a classic French manicure, which is called French Manicure №201- №219, as well as stencils for French and designer manicure, with which you can do professional-level manicure right at home. In the photo below you will see an alternative version of the French manicure (French manicure).

French manicure, French manicure, French manikyur

For this version of the french-manicure, Anna picked up f-10 violet-red and f-01 silver mirror varnishes and stencils for nails No. 120/2. Both varnishes are applied in one layer.

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French manicure with stickers EL Corazon®

At the beginning of 2014, two new types of nail stickers were on sale. French manicure is very popular, but it will take time and skill to make it at home. The company El Corazon offers you a simple and fast solution to create a french – manicure at home. Stylish stickers have an optimal size and are suitable for any length of nails. One package is designed for one time, subject to the application of stickers on all nails. Certainly – this is not the most economical version of a manicure, but as a result you will get a stylish, unusual and expensive manicure. 100% – everyone will notice such a manicure!

Winter manicure 2015-2016 by Yagala

Fans-manicure fans will be interested in the idea presented in the photo below. This manicure will actually look in the winter. EL Corazon®

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