Gray manicure photo

When we talk about nail design, we know that this trend, which presents new styles every year, they change just like clothes, depending on the season. Existing now a huge number of shades gel polishes are also only expanding every year. But there are timeless colors that fit into any season, with a trendy design or another alternative – one of these manifestations is a gray manicure.

Gray manicure photo

Gray is a beautiful color for nails, it looks sophisticated, and at the same time classically, it is the perfect solution for every season. You can choose the right tone among the numerous shades of the range: from light gray, cold steel, to warm beige-gray, and ending with more saturated tones of dark gray: graphite, anthracite.

Choosing a specific color, pay attention to your skin tone – for example, gray, pigeon tone, perfect for light skin, and those shades that contain impurities of olive and brown – perfectly emphasize the dark skin, tan.

Gray manicure is usually underestimated. The fact is that this is one of the neutral shades that is rarely paid attention to. Nevertheless, the design of nails in gray tones is much more interesting than you can imagine. Quite an extensive range of nails looks elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, it can be used as a background for various color combinations.

Ideas matte gray manicure

Matte nails are popular for quite some time. The incredible elegance and simplicity of design conquers at first sight. That is why adding it to the manicure, you will add the very flavor that will fill your nails with modernity and elegance.

Matte gray combined with pink, blue – ideal for delicate and romantic natures. Those who are looking for a brighter solution for themselves will be fully satisfied with the matte black and gray combination.

And also interesting is the game of textures in a single-color version, which will be better manifested with pearl rubbing, acrylic powder.

Brilliant decor

The glitter design will add a neutral and modest finish to the zest. Having selected them with several accent nails, gray manicure will change. Brilliant elements will bring a share of the holiday and extravaganza, reviving the restrained gamut.

Glitter can be used in a stretch (ombre) on the tips or at the base of the nail plate, in a french-jacket and a moon manicure or in any other design.

Sparkling rhinestones

Calm and strict gray manicure, complete with inlay, looks elegant and beautiful. You can use the minimum number of stones, putting them in the cuticle in the elegant hole, decorate them with a pattern, and the maximum – with perfect nail inlay using various sizes and colors of the rhinestones.

The spectacular and expensive look of the design looks equally good on short nails as well as on long ones, it is perfectly combined with any form of the nail plate.

Gold and silver accents

There are two main décor options that never go out of the nail art trends – these are gold and silver details. Depending on the subtone of the gel polish, the cold or warm color of the elements is selected.

These can be simple metallic stripes, foil, bouillons, sequins (confetti, kamifibuki) or even nail polish – they all add chic and style to the design. For example, a gray manicure in combination with silver holes looks extremely refined and there is no such case to which it will not work.

Fashionable combinations in the jacket

When it comes to French manicure, we all know, it means classic style. Nevertheless, the jacket can be different. Combining different colors, you get creative and unusual options, for example, a contrasting red-gray combination will add brightness to your nails.

Or you can turn to a more traditional solution of a french in a pastel gray and white color scheme, which also looks very original and delicate.

With an image

Gray manicure is a neutral, elegant and calm look of coverage. By adding a picture made by hand painting, slider stickers or stamping, he can impress with his transformation. Strict graphic black and white lines of geometry will give a manicure in gray shades of brevity. Softened lace patterns, ornate monograms, floristry – will bring freshness and femininity to the nails.

And also the marble design looks harmonious.

Fashionable, stylish and incredible gray manicure is the perfect choice for women who prefer calm and concise coverage. Depending on your mood, you can combine it with almost any color, and the decor will never look like a “gray mouse”. Fashion trends can only add novelty to this chic, rich and self-sufficient color.

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