Gel for nail extension how to use

Among experts related to electricity, conductive varnish, glue and other compounds are now popular. They are used by radio amateurs when mounting microchips, in the computer industry, in the production of high-precision equipment, shipbuilding and in other industries.

Gel for nail extension how to use

Using conductive glue on a microcircuit

The difference between the conductive adhesive from the usual

The main difference lies in the fact that the composition of the conductive adhesive implies the presence of certain components that provide the necessary level of electrical conductivity.

Of the differences can also be identified:

  • lower strength properties than normal;
  • the composition usually contains graphite, metal or both components in the complex;
  • the scope of application has its own specifics;
  • the cost of such compounds is somewhat higher.

Conductive adhesive brands

There are several manufacturers of conductive glue, both abroad and domestic, which guarantee high electrical conductivity.

  1. Kontaktol. Probably the most famous composition among radio amateurs. Conductive adhesive contakat has high elasticity, sufficient strength, is made on the basis of silver and dries quickly, which provides quick and convenient installation. You can buy conductive glue of this brand at any amateur shop, however, the professionals themselves in this field speak rather badly about it. But there are positive reviews. Kontaktol
  2. Elecont. Conductive glue, which is useful to every car owner. This is an epoxy composition. Reviews about him are also not encouraging. Elecont
  3. Done deal. This is a foreign representative of this type of glue. The conductive adhesive of the done deal has increased reliability and durability, which makes it better compared to domestic counterparts. Done deal
  4. Homakoll. Quite a popular brand of conductive adhesive, which has long established itself in the market. Used by large companies as an electrically conductive adhesive for flooring with antistatic effect. Homakoll
  5. Mastix. This company is an electrically conductive adhesive for the repair of heated rear window. conductive mastix adhesive is considered one of the best in this segment. Mastix
  6. TPK-E. The brand is distinguished by its technical characteristics. Such glue will function in a wide range of temperatures. From -190 to +200 ° C. Used in enterprises.

Made by hand

Many novice radio amateurs are wondering how to make a conductive adhesive with their own hands. Here it is necessary to clarify some of the questions that beginners often ask.

  1. Does the current glue the moment? This is an adhesive that was developed and submitted by the German company Henkel. In total, 6 compositions were created for various purposes, but none of them conduct current.
  2. Does super glue conduct electricity? To answer this question, it is necessary to refer to the very concept of an electrically conductive material. Super glue does not contain components that would allow to call it electrically conductive (graphite, metals), so its performance in this regard is almost the same as plastic.
  3. Does epoxy glue conduct electricity? Epoxy does not conduct electrical current for the above reason.
  4. Can high voltage wire be repaired with such glue? Masters do not recommend this, as it goes against the safety rules when working with electricity.
  5. Why doesn’t contactum work? In modern times, a lot of fakes of this glue have appeared, so it is better to purchase this glue with guarantees from the manufacturer.
  6. What glue conducts electric current? Any glue that contains electrically conductive components in sufficient quantity.

Instructions for making

Recently, radio amateurs have been unflattering about modern manufacturers of conductive glue. Perhaps the whole thing is fakes or the manufacturers themselves provide low-quality goods. In addition, conductive glue for chips and other equipment is sometimes urgently needed, and there is no time to purchase or order it. In this case, you can make such a composition yourself, using our instructions.

How to make conductive glue? First you need to stock up on the necessary set of materials. He is rather modest:

  • graphite rod from the construction or a simple pencil, which will be the main conductive element in the resulting composition;
  • stationery knife;
  • a sheet of graphite dust paper;
  • hammer;
  • tank for collecting graphite dust;
  • nail polish.

First you need to get a graphite rod. Using a clerical knife, shake off the wooden part of the pencil to such a condition that the graphite rod can be removed. After that, place the rod on a sheet of paper, close it so that the dust does not spread apart and use a hammer to grind the slate to a state of dust. This dust will become a conductive element. Collect dust in a container (an ordinary plastic bottle cap is perfect for this). Pour nail polish into the container and mix thoroughly with graphite dust using wooden sticks, which could remain after processing the pencil. Now conductive glue is ready! The convenience of this glue is that you have the right to make a mistake. Nail polish is easily removed with a special composition.

It should be noted that graphite is not the only material on the basis of which conductive glue can be made.

Gel for nail extension how to use

The people are also known compounds that are based on metal chips or dust. You can turn on the imagination and remember the school course of chemistry and physics, where it was said about conductive materials. Let’s give an example. Graphite is inherently carbon with a characteristic crystal lattice. Carbon is also found in wood burning products – in soot. For this reason, conductive carbon black glue is also quite popular among radio amateurs.

Features of homemade glue

  1. No one is immune from mistakes. When you do something with your own hands, you risk doing something wrong, which could damage expensive equipment. Therefore, in some cases it is better to entrust the professionals and spend money on the acquisition of corporate identity.
  2. The reliability of nail polish-based glue is not as high as that of a commercially available glue. Remember that this varnish will not serve you forever and early, and its durability will end quite soon.
  3. Nail polish dries for a long time, compared with the purchased counterparts.
  4. Homemade conductive adhesive is much cheaper to manufacture.
  5. The manufacturing process takes less than 3 minutes, which does not slow down the workflow.

All these facts suggest that it is best to buy a brand-name conductive adhesive once and use it for a long time than to make your own composition every time, which will quickly fail.

Conductive glue is an excellent tool for those who need to quickly and efficiently repair electrical equipment. And it is up to you to make the glue yourself or buy a reputable brand.

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