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Thanks to angelic numerology, people can get the necessary decoding of the numbers that angels send them. Usually, angels seek to help something to a person who needs it – they send signs in the form of numbers. And to decipher the meaning of numbers correctly is very important! Numeric signals can act in a completely different way, for example, a person in a dream sees a certain designation in the form of numbers: it can be a clock with time

What does number 11 mean in numerology

This number can rightly be called cosmic. This number is special because it is under the control of the planet Proserpine, and it is very strong and effective. In ancient Rome, Proserpina was considered to be a very powerful and powerful goddess, she was associated with fertility, success and prosperity. The Romans, this goddess ruled the underground kingdom.

In Egypt, they thought differently: the number 11 was in the grip of the goddess of the night sky, Nut. Goddess Nuth was the mother of Osiris and the wife of Hebe. And if you believe Christianity, then the number 11 is not so good, it means allowing liberties in everyday life, a craving for freedom.

The universe regularly sends various signs to man to help solve any problems, alleviate suffering, make a decision, do not stumble or live happily. Thanks to numerological signs, many people have already learned how to design and change their lives.

The signs are simple to see – sometimes it is enough to look at the watch face or the number of the car driving alongside. If your eyes constantly fall on the same combination of numbers in different places, then this sign should not be underestimated. There are no accidents, you always have to remember this!

Feng Shui manicure

Based on the angelic numerology, you can find out that the combination of the numbers 11 11 is a very positive sign. By sending this sign, the higher forces say that they are completely on your side, they approve of what you are doing (you are going to commit), they make it clear that you are on the right track.

If the combination 11 11 is found in a negative way, then this should be taken as a warning about the danger, possible complications in solving various issues, the emergence of dependence, and so on. You have to be vigilant and recognize in time what the angels are sending you.

As the number 11 has an impact on the nature of the person (its owner)

This number gives a person different talents and abilities, helps him achieve a lot in life, reach those heights that he dreams of. This person becomes very active, smart and even fearless. But, on the other hand, this combination of numbers can "throw into the abyss," deprive the mind, depress, "lower to the bottom of life." Such a person begins to degrade over time, hallucinations often attack him.

The number 11 is mystical, unpredictable, because it is close to such combinations as 1 9 and 22. All these figures belong to the same sacred row.

People living under the influence of the number 11, do not accept second roles, they always want to stand out and be the center of attention. Usually these individuals are very ambitious, energetic, initiative, active. They strive for complete independence and sometimes reject the influence of society. With the latter, by the way, you have to be careful.

After all, it is impossible to live in society and be free from people! No matter how active a person is, the influence of other people is important and necessary. Also, people living under the vibrations of the number 11, characterized by independence and objectivity. These qualities for life are good, even very necessary. Sometimes these people are afraid to offend the interests of others, which goes against their own positions. Such delicacy and malleability can prevent unrealistic heights from reaching.

People with the number 11 sometimes fall into mild depression, begin to blame themselves for their insecurity and softness.

In this case, life can go quite differently, as you would like. Sometimes the behavior of the "eleven" is difficult to predict: a person can be very open, friendly, sociable and positive at this moment, and in a few minutes can become a sociopath and a recluse. To predict such a change of mood is almost impossible. If you add the number 11, then the total will be two (1 + 1). Then the character of a person may be completely different.

Very serious potential

In people who have the number 11 in their matrix, there is a very big potential. That is why they achieve great success in life, clearly know what they want and how it can be obtained. These "characters" are constantly under the influence of nerve vibrations, which gives them strength and activity.

Usually these people are bright, positive, achieve unreal heights in the field of philosophy, religion, psychology, teaching, and even religion. They have their own view of the world and their point of view, which they will not exchange for anything. Often carriers of the number 11 begin to engage in witchcraft and psychic, and successfully. They make good healers, psychics, hypnologists.

People around them respect such people, constantly listen to them, appreciate their opinions. The word of a person living under the number 11 is valued and “expensive”. The environment respects them, always turns for advice, help.

Feng Shui manicure

If we talk about the so-called spiritual level, then for people with the number 11, it is high, significantly different from all “ordinary citizens”. For the sake of some kind of ideal, these people can sacrifice much. Material benefits for them will not be in the first place, and in some situations and the interests of loved ones will become secondary.

If the carriers of the number 11 could not get settled in life as they wanted, then they easily fall into despondency, depression, apathy. Then these individuals live according to the laws of the "two" (1 + 1).

A prominent representative of the number 11 was the well-known "Iron Duke" Wellington, who became famous and received the title of the hero of England during his lifetime. This man became famous and remained in history a great commander who won the victory at Waterloo and saved his Motherland from Napoleon.

What can be said about the emotional background and sexuality of people living under the number 11

The sensitivity of the owners of the number 11 is very high, it can be said about the sexual strength of such people. In general, this number (in terms of emotionality and sexuality) can be called controversial. After all, these people can be loyal, lively and sincere, but at the same time shy and very vulnerable.

Usually, in love, “fortune smiles” to them, but if unlucky love happened, they can suffer the rest of their lives. And this can be explained by the opposition of two units and two (if you add them up). A person can be "thrown" from side to side all his life.

It would seem that there is everything in the matrix for success and achievement of goals, but there is no internal core or strong life position as such. When ambitions constantly “argue” with real possibilities, then often a person is in inner tragedy with himself.

It is possible to determine the exact nature of a person by calculating his psychological matrix. The number 11 itself will show that the person is rather soft and docile, but from the point of view of numerology the number 11 11 indicates a clear position in life and a strong will.

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