Child bites nails

First you need to decide on the venue of the event. In the scenario, the House of Culture is designated, but with reasonable planning and weather conditions, it is possible to give preference to the stadium. So, as always, everything should start with design. You can hang posters, balloons, paper flowers, ribbons, preferably all in the same color scheme. At the entrance you can build a photo zone, or a stand with wishes. The script recorded the moment of a beauty contest among grandmothers. You can cross it out, but if you are going to hold it, then you will need to pick up the future participants in advance and take care of the nominations. In this scenario, there are five nominations: “Queen of Beauty”, “Miss skillful hands”, “Miss charming smile”, “Miss vociferous”, “Miss charisma”. If this competition is held, it is important to take care of the prizes for the winners. It is also possible to install several stands on which photos, questionnaires of participants, their fakes and other will be placed.

Characters:Leading, jury, dance groups, performers, the elderly.

Props:gifts for contests, gifts for a beauty contest, three eye patches, three easels with sheets, three markers, cards – tips, a list of songs, a diploma.

Leading to the music “My years, my wealth” appears on the scene.

Host: Today is an unusual day, Praise and honor for the age, And for the elderly we are together, We have prepared a concert!

Host: Congratulations, you will accept my, I say from the heart, Comfortably sit back, We will have fun!

Host: You have been able to see many things in life. The baggage of experience, wisdom, knowledge, memories. Admire you! Low bow to you and long life.

Host: Good health and optimism. You are the pride of generations, the support of the country, thank you!

Host: We will begin our holiday with congratulations. Or rather, from the youngest generation, which was already waiting for its turn to congratulate the grandfathers and grandmothers gathered here.

(Several children come on stage and read congratulatory verses)

Host: I want to remind you friends, An unusual competition is taking place, Let beauty rule the world, Today is a great day!

Host: I want to remind everyone that today we will choose the “Beauty Queen” among the grandmothers who have applied for participation.

Host: We will also choose “Miss skillful hands”, “Miss charming smile”, “Miss vociferous”, “Miss charisma”.

Host: In this we will be helped by an honorable jury who will appreciate the talents of the contestants.

Host: In the meantime, candidates for the crown are getting ready, I suggest that our grandfathers show their talents.

Host: Sometimes it happens that grandfathers have to do some work for their grandchildren, in particular, to draw. In this ability we will compete with you.

Competition "Draw for me".Three grandfathers are invited to the stage. Three easels with sheets are installed; grandfathers are given markers and blindfolded. The facilitator names the objects that the grandfathers should portray blindfolded. Who better to succeed, he won. It will be needed: three blindfolds, three easels with sheets, three markers.

Host: In the meantime, we drew, our contestants were able to prepare.

The moderator invites the participants to the stage for presentation and asks questions: 1. What year of birth? 2. Who is by profession? 3. How many times was lucky enough to become a grandmother? 4. Your main skill? 5. Your reason for pride? 6. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Questions may be different, depending on the desire and imagination.

Host: And now, while our contestants have gone to prepare for the next competition, a dance group is invited to the stage (name).

Host: I suggest that I dispel the guests a little, And sing a little song, I invite those who wish to come on stage, To the familiar motive, to sing a song!

Host: Who are the vociferous here? Nuka, raise your hand, Show your wonderful talent, Show your voice to the world!Competition "Guess the song" The presenter selects from the hall several participants 5-7. This competition requires some preparation. Namely, in advance you need to make a hint card to the songs. The word is written on the card and the drawing is drawn. For example, to the song “The stream flows N. Kadyshev” you can write the word flowing and draw a stream.

Card options: 1. The reed rustled (the word noise, the picture of the reed); 2. Oh viburnum (the word oh, picture viburnum); 3. My years (word year, picture of treasure); 4. That you stand, rocking, thin mountain ash (the word is thin, the picture is mountain ash); 5. Black raven (black word, raven picture); 6. Curly maple (curly word, picture maple); 7. Kalina red (word red, picture viburnum); 8. Ah, the roads (word ah, the pattern of the road); 9. Shaggy bumblebee (the word shaggy, drawing bumblebee); 10. Dark mounds sleep (the word is dark, drawing mounds).

The selection of songs may be different. You can also instead of drawings to make up clues from words alone. Do not forget that the competition is for the elderly, therefore the tables must be expressive, and the words must be large. Alternatively, you can just turn on the music. The one who guesses more songs will get a prize. It will be necessary: ​​cards – tips, a list of songs.

Host: Participants are ready to perform, I would like to call on the stage, They will amaze me with their talent, And to conquer the hall with a smile.

(This stage of the competition is discussed in advance. Competitors must prepare a small number of amateur performances, lasting 2-3 minutes and present to the audience and the jury)

Host: They say that with age comes the long-awaited wisdom, which is sometimes so lacking. Is it so? Let’s ask the viewers!

Competition "Tips".3-4 participants are selected from the hall (preferably women) and called to the stage. The facilitator sets the situation and receives advice. Who will give more valuable and interesting advice, will receive a symbolic prize – a diploma "The best adviser of the city."

A preliminary list of questions: 1. What is the best headache? 2. If the house has dampness? 3. The baby sucks his thumb? 4. Wife bites nails. What to do? 5. I pulled the lower back, what do you advise? 6. Doesn’t cabbage grow in the garden? 7. Spilled wine on your favorite shirt, the wife can not wash? 8. In the room, centipedes appear periodically? 9. He was preparing a romantic dinner, but he burned his wife’s favorite pot, what to do? 10. Forgot to take the child from the garden?

Questions may be different. You will need: a diploma. The winner of the competition may be announced by the jury.

Host: Our contestants have rested, and are ready for the next task.

Host: So what are we waiting for then? Contestants please on stage.

(Contestants in sports outfits are coming out. A contest “Everybody Dance” is announced. A young girl becomes a participant and shows modern dance moves. Their task is to repeat)

Host: And on the stage, I invite, I am wonderful masters, Who will show us the theater, And will announce congratulations.

Leading, continuing: The older generation is interesting in its own way, ridiculous in its own way, wise in its own way. And it happens that one spouse came to terms with his age, while the other stubbornly protests. So, the case in the family.

(Two high school students (a girl and a boy) come on stage and show a humorous scene “Old age has crept in unnoticed by us”)

Child bites nails

Scene: The girl is standing, preening. A boy comes up to her: “Hey, old, is it you, where are you going to carry your bones, looking at night?” “You grandfather may be old, and Petrovna and I are going to the club.” “Oh, how! And what, a concert of some kind? Probably, "Pesnyary" come. – What are you? We are going to the youth club, we will dance, we will give the master class to the younger generation! ”“ Matveevna, you will not miss face control. ”“ Faith, whom? ”“ Control. By age, do not fit! – Sho you say, I can not hear! (puts a hand to her ear). “I say that you are old, that you will not pass!” “You are old!” We are still wow, go! In the prime of life, at the very juice! I won, I even bought “Lyubuteny” for myself, it is fashionable now. “Who did you buy there?” “Lyubuteny”, such shoes. Oh, Petrovna will die of envy! (Shows a shoe box with a price.) – Petrovna can come from envy, and I’m from a heart attack! Old, did you see how much they cost? – Why didn’t you see it? Saw of course, I issued them a loan. For 5 years, uzyal.- (clutching at the heart) Yes, you’d better take a shower stall to the dacha, a cart, and the new tires for my swallow would be enough! Do you even know how to walk on them? (Considers shoes with a huge heel.) – Not yet walk, but it is very comfortable to sit in them. Well, I will learn! Oh, everyone! (Looks at the clock). It’s time for me! Diverge. The presenter announces that an hour has passed. A high school girl appears on the scene. Shoes in his hand, holding his back, limping: – Sanych, Sanych, dying, water!

(A high school student appears, excitedly runs up to her)

Child bites nails

– Has she really danced? Well, wait, wait, I’ll bring your slippers.

(Seated on a chair)

– I have seen such a thing! But Petrovna ran away in 20 minutes at all! ”“ I didn’t like it at all? ”“ What is it! ” Music rumbles, that already laid ears. Boys look like girls and girls look like boys. All songs in a foreign language. And one all jerk, jerk! And how many people! Mommies! ”“ Okay, shoes, but what about loins? ”“ And I tried to dance with young people. “And how?” I was able to bend over, but not so much to unbend! “And why don’t you feel my grief, do not sit at home?” “Well, how are you sitting there?” So many temptations! – All right, I’ll make you some tea. Now, what to do with your Lubutena now? – Sanych, everything is simple here! I will sell them on the Internet! ”“ Where? Where? ”“ Petrovna told me, they buy a mustache there, so I will sell, and we will change your swallow! ” It remains only to buy online!

(The boy grabs his head)

(At the end of the scene, the guys pronounce congratulatory poems. A girl for grandfathers, and a boy for grandmothers)

Host: And now I will ask our contestants to submit their homework!

(This moment is tentatively discussed with the contestants. You can ask them to cook some kind of fake on a specific topic, you can perplex to compose a song, or bake a cake. If you still decide to stop at baking, then everyone should prepare the same dish, which given to the tasting judges, and everyone from the audience)

Host: While our participants are preparing for the next stage, I propose to play a bit, otherwise, I look, somehow you are bored!

(5-8 participants are invited to the stage. The principle of the game is “The sea is worried once.” The presenter speaks to the participants in their ears the figure they have to portray, and the audience must guess what the participants show. Time is 3 minutes. If you wish, you can choose another fun and interesting contest, the main thing is not to forget about the age features of the participants and musical accompaniment)

Host: Prepare you friends, It’s time to defile, It will surprise us all, The contestants walk here!

Announced competition "Defile".Participants show their beautiful outfits. It is important that after each competitive stage, the jury gives marks. These short breaks can be filled with performances of dance groups, or just musical pauses.

Host: Thank you all friends, It’s time to finish the evening, We chose the Queen, Counted the votes!

(Participants are awarded. Nominations categories can be more or less, depending on the number of participants. The above nominations are presented as an example)

After the concert, you can announce the evening of dancing, but this is optional.

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