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We select best free zombie games from the best developers of the world. The minimum score for the games in this section is three. There are complex games, there are games hung with ads, but we don’t keep trash!

All about manicure

How it all began – the story of the section Zombie Games

Story zombie games begins a long time ago. More on the first consoles Atari, functionally little different from tele-tennis, there were first adaptations of famous movie hits about the walking dead. But for many years the genre languished in prison, until they came – the proud 2000s!

In our era, thanks to the graphics, ultra-realistic 3D shooters appeared in which zombies really looked like living dead, and not like Pinocchio, painted with green. When Valve released the Left4Dead network shooter, the developers simply broke through and the games in which they had to fight against the zombies fell like a bag full of holes.

Zombies also launched an offensive in the world of arcades and simple games. The most famous hit, for some – perhaps even more famous than Left4Dead, was the excellent Zombie vs. Plant game from Pop Cap Games. Funny and even touching zombies attacked even more touching sunflowers and zucchini, and this story just blew up hearts, brains and wallets. And despite the fact that many have played Zombies vs Plants for free, Pop Cap Games has managed to earn millions of dollars in confronting the dead and garden crops.

But all these were games for money. Among them, expectedly appeared hits – locomotives pulling the theme of the dead forward. But you ask – what about free zombie games? Is it all deaf here ?!

All about manicure

We hurry to please you – not at all! Thanks to viral marketing and Flash, free games have almost become the most powerful means of promoting gaming sites. And as soon as people began to be interested in zombies, high-quality free zombie games, available online.

On our portal in this section we collect all the games about zombies, which are published free of charge on the world’s leading portals for the purpose of legal distribution. We choose everything that is ranked on the top three and higher on a five-point scale.

Our experience has shown that below the top three rated NewGrounds should not be taken, and among troechnikakh there are already a lot of interesting and high-quality free games, including about zombies. Interestingly, a number of games for the four and the five look often less interesting – partly because they are more complex (especially for strategies and tactical shooters), and partly because of the powerful advertising that hangs any beginning.

If you want to play free quality games about zombies for free, put likes, forward this link to your friends, leave comments to the games you like the most. If you do not like something – well, it happens. But we repeat – the selection in the category Games about zombies is conducted only among high-quality flash games. And that someone did not like something … well, you will not please everyone. But we are trying!

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