What makes cc cream different from cc cream

Every year, the modern market of cosmetics cosmetics offers its customers a huge amount of new products, sometimes called foreign words. This trend has not bypassed the cream, which is responsible for a smooth covering of the skin of the face. Once we figured out with such a novelty as BB cream, CC, DD, FF, GG and even HH products appeared in stores. What is it, and what is best for you? Today we will try to tell you how the BB differs from the CC cream and from all the other letters of the Latin alphabet.

BBC funds

The first sign of creams on the Russian market was BB. We described in detail about its features in the article “What is BB cream, and how does it differ from other creams,” and here we only repeat its unique properties.

So, the effects of Blemish Balm on the skin of the face:

  • full moisturizing;
  • masking the imperfections of tone (pimples, pigment spots and other multi-colored manifestations) and whitening;
  • natural make-up, without the feeling of a “mask”;
  • SPF-factor, protection from the sun and aggressive environmental influences;
  • healing, regenerating and rejuvenating functions;
  • wrinkle prevention.

Despite all the advantages, the tool has a disadvantage – a poor assortment of colors, only 2 shades. And on the sunburnt face, BB does not always look harmonious.

However, as you can see, one Blemish Balm is able to replace several tubes of narrowly targeted means.

So why the rest of the cream? We understand further.

Cc funds

Let’s start with the abbreviation. Usually it means “Color Control Cream” (color control) or “Complete Correction Cream” (complete correction). And although all CC-tools have the maintenance functionality and protection of SPF, their main property is the visual alignment of skin tone, masking the pores, smoothing the relief, due to the content of the reflective capsules.

CC creams usually have a rich palette, which makes them a favorite with girls with tan or dark skin color: by applying a remedy to the dermis, you will not look like a geisha with a bleached face.

Just like BB, CC can adapt to skin color. One has only to put a white cream on the face and wait a few minutes – the changes occur literally “before the eyes”: the tone is equalized, and the skin begins to “glow” from the inside.

Differences between BB and SS

  • BBs include more care functions to prevent epithelium problems, but CC, however, perfectly aligns the facial tone;
  • BB has the best covering ability, whereas, when using SS, girls with spots on the skin will have to use concealer or corrector;
  • often hyaluronic acid or its derivatives are included in the CC, while explosives usually contain cosmetic oils;
  • The color palette of the SS is richer than that of the BB, so the SS is more in demand among owners of tanned skin;
  • SS keeps on the skin for a longer period of time than the means of the BB group, without spreading at all even in hot weather;
  • The CC is lighter than the consistency of the BB, therefore it is better to apply them with sponges. After application to the skin, these agents take on the texture of fine loose powder;
  • BB copes well with dry, combination or normal skin, and the SS is able to improve the appearance of oily skin too.

And if you want complete care and perfect tone, mix both of these creams in the palm and distribute over the face.

Di-di means

DD stands for “Daily Defense” (daily defense) or “Dynamic Do-all” (dynamically do everything). Creams of this series are designed to combat age-related skin changes – they have a lifting effect and smooth out wrinkles. They also provide high-quality lipid barrier on the surface of the epithelium and protect the epidermis from aggressive environmental influences: solar radiation, smog, toxic substances, exhaust gases.

They even out the tone and care for the face, but their main function, according to the manufacturers, is to resist aging.

BB, CC, DD: differences between means

Unlike other means, these act only as a cumulative effect. Therefore, they must be applied constantly.

Other letters of the alphabet

As already mentioned, new wonder-tools appeared on the market: FF, GG, HH and even AA.

Let us run briefly according to their purpose:

  • EE– “Extra Exfoliating” (extra peeling, deep exfoliation). Not intended for daily care. They contain algal extracts, mineral granules and herbal ingredients that deeply clean the epithelium, remove dead skin cells of the epidermis, lighten and improve the microcirculation on all layers;
  • FF – “Fusion Foundation” (dense tone foundation). More like an ordinary foundation. There are summer and winter options;
  • GG – “Glow Giver” (filling the glow). The usual day cream, which has a slight tinting effect and allows the skin to "glow";
  • HH – Healing Hybrid (healing hybrid);
  • AA – "Anti Age" (anti-aging).

Recommendations for selection and use

All products mentioned in the review are adjusted individually for each skin. And what suits your girlfriend or relative may not suit you. Therefore, before buying a large tube, purchase different small probes and test them on your face, noting all the pros and cons of each specimen. Only in this way, through trial and error, you will find your cream.

What makes cc cream different from cc cream

Also, do not forget that all these wonderful new products are not washed off with ordinary makeup remover, but with hydrophilic oil. Otherwise, you risk significantly worsening the condition of your skin.

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What makes cc cream different from cc cream

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