What bb cream to choose

How to choose BB and SS cream? How do they differ from each other? Without a professional is not enough. Therefore, all these burning questions we asked the cosmetologist Diana Ilnitskaya.

What is it needed for BB-cream?

What bb cream to choose

BB Cream or Blemish Balm Cream (“balm for deficiencies”) is a popular cosmetic product on the Asian market, although it was invented in Germany for rehabilitation after plastic surgeries and deep peels. The composition of the balm includes a lot of components. Almost all of them are natural. BB cream differs from ordinary foundation creams by its multifunctionality: it masks skin defects, nourishes and brightens it, has a rejuvenating effect and plays the role of a sunscreen. In narrow circles of specialists, you can hear how this tool is called “photoshop”, and this is quite true: the cream falls on the skin very naturally, without creating a mask effect, adapts to the skin tone and blends with it.

What is it needed for CC-cream?

Cc cream is nothing but an improved version of bb. The abbreviation CC means Color Control or Color Correction, (control or color correction). This means that CC-cream not only tones the skin, but also masks redness, pigment spots and dark circles under the eyes. As planned by the manufacturers, it is a tinting agent, concealer and corrector in one bottle. Like BB, CC-cream has a high broad spectrum sun protection factor. But unlike BB, SS-cream is much easier. The texture of CC-creams has become much easier, they are easier to apply and distribute over the skin. If BB creams gave a rather dense coating, then SS-cream falls on a thin, weightless layer with no noticeable borders. Most often, CC-cream gives the skin a natural glow due to the composition of the reflective particles.

How to choose these creams for your skin type? If you have normal skin, you should choose a moisturizing BB cream. It will make your skin smoother and more uniform. You can also use a whitening agent (to equalize the tone). For dry skin, a cream with a watery consistency is suitable (for example, BlemishBalmCream). If you use a thick cream, it can dry your skin even more. For girls with oily / combination skin, a cream with a matte effect is best suited. See the composition of the tool – it should consist of the maximum amount of natural ingredients. It is preferable to cc cream, as it leaves no shine after application.

What is included bb and cc creams?

The main base of the BB cream consists of: titanium dioxide (sometimes in combination with zinc oxide), a component of mineral origin, acting as a physical sunscreen; silicone base (dimethicone, vinyl / dimethicone crosspolymer, cyclomethicone); plant extracts; natural dyes (iron oxides). As part of the CC creams of Asian production, a large number of primarily moisturizing ingredients (mainly hyaluronic acid and its derivatives). Also, unlike BB creams, they contain ingredients that have a rejuvenating and lightening effect (for example, arbutin, vitamin A). The composition of some CC-creams include antioxidants that enhance the protective properties of the skin (most often vitamins C and E).

How to apply BB and CC cream?

The best effect can be achieved if you use the traditional scheme of morning care: cleansing, moisturizing the skin with a tonic, moisturizing and nourishing the skin with a lotion or cream, primer or base for make-up, and then BB or SS cream. On top of the cream can be applied loose powder or powder-veil. This scheme is recommended by Korean manufacturers. BB and CC creams are best applied and spread by hand. For greater plasticity, the cream can be heated between the fingers, and then applied to the skin of the face. To make the cream go better, distribute it in a thin layer, and then add additional layers in those places where enhanced masking is needed. Owners of normal skin can apply the SS-cream directly on the cleansed face, but for oily and combination skin type, it is good to use the SS-cream as a base for the foundation or mixed with it. For girls with dry skin, it is recommended to mix the product with a moisturizing cream.

What bb cream to choose

How to cleanse your skin from bb and CC creams?

It is widely believed that only Asian hydrophilic oil should be used to remove BB and CC creams, this is only partly true: the cream contains fat-soluble silicones, which are not washed off with water, but are easily removed with fat-based makeup remover. It can be a makeup remover milk, mycelial water or make-up remover oil from any European manufacturer. It is important in this case not to forget about the second stage of washing, and after makeup removal, clean the skin with foam or gel. Recently, many Asian brands offer universal “2 in 1” products for simultaneous removal of make-up and cleansing of the skin, which significantly reduces the washing time.

FOODIKA recommends ERBORIAN BB Ginseng Cream (3850 rubles) in the new format – BB coupon. What does it mean? And this means that you will forget about special brushes or beautyblender, because this BB cream is easily applied to the skin with the help of comfortable pads (like powder). Ideal for carrying around in a bag or for traveling when every extra gram is counted. BB cushion with ginseng helps to even out the tone of the face, hide skin imperfections, visually soften the first wrinkles and moisturize the skin.

Economy option: BB moisturizer 5 in 1 Perfect skin from the German brand NIVEA. There are 2 colors – light beige and natural beige. BB cream from NIVEA helps to instantly hide skin irregularities, redness, signs of fatigue, small facial wrinkles and other imperfections.

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