Udder Cream

The milking machine or the hands of the hostess in the process of milking dairy cows have intense actions on their udder. This part of the body of animals is most tender and requires careful care, in which the cream for the udder of the cows helps. The ointment becomes a preventative, protective and therapeutic agent, thanks to which the udder will be in a healthy state.

Types of creams

In addition to the light but frequent mechanical effect on the cow udder during milking, it is adversely affected by natural factors. The cow spends a lot of time in the pasture. On the udder constantly blowing wind, insects sit down, they often bite the cow. Udder can scratch the grass, especially the acute sedge, which does not contribute to the healthy state of the delicate part of the body of the cow.

Sensitive udder skin can deteriorate due to bad weather conditions, and if the cow is poorly cared for, it can cause mastitis or a similar disease. Infection can enter the body of an animal. To avoid this, you will need a special cream, choose the best one that best suits the reason, why it was specifically needed, for softening, treatment or for protection against bacteria, combined action. For example, with the help of Salicylic Ointment, they combat papillomas and warts on the udder of the animal.

Vaseline component is the main ingredient of any creams for lubricating the udder. There are no contraindications to the use of Vaseline, and there is a lot of benefit from it.

Tip: Before using the ointment, the udder is washed and dried. Apply the product easily, at the same time a small udder massage is done.

The cream based on natural ingredients softens and moisturizes not only the udder of the cow, but also the tense hands of the milkmaids. It is intended to care for the udder of the animal and facilitate daily milking. Cream, in a small amount of milk, is safe for human health. There is nothing harmful in it.

The composition of the udder for the most part vitamin, complex A, D and E restores the skin thanks to him, the epithelium is reliably protected, and the cells are saturated with oxygen. The healing properties of Beta Glucan, which also protects against the penetration of microbes, will be useful for any cow. The ingredient is also valuable for rejuvenating, firming and soothing skin effects, and relieves inflammation on the chest. The cream does not require full rubbing.

With the help of antioxidants and polyenic acids, udder skin is quickly regenerated. Thanks to them, the cows are not afraid of solar radiation. When the skin is peeling off and may require constant scratching, the skin calms down by means of sulfur-containing substances in the udder ointment, epithelial exfoliation stops. Caratinoids are doing preventive work so that there are no malignant cancers of the udder.

Oxidative processes and synthesis in a single organismic system of cows are helped by a substance called co-fermen. Proteins in the body at the right level are maintained nucleic acids, blood clotting increases.

The immune and circulatory systems develop due to folic acid. Pigmentation is prevented by biotin. Chamomile extract in the cream acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The cream looks like a homogeneous mass, the color is white or yellow. Packed it on polymer white cans, on top of the yellow cap. This is not only veterinary products, the ointment is effective in caring for people’s hands.

Natural and safe "Lyubavu" is not difficult to buy, the cream is budget. Its smell is neutral. "Lyubava" helps milkmaids hands, face and nails. Under her influence, the udder becomes more elastic. After smearing the inflamed area with the product, the cow is relieved of all irritations.


Pre-hygienically processed cow’s breast, taking one or one and a half grams of cream, gently spread it on the nipples of the cow. The movements of the hands and fingers while being smooth, slightly rubbing. The milking process with a spread udder is accelerated, the efficiency of the work of the milkmaid is increased. When milk is obtained, the udder is wiped with a clean rag and lubricated again.

Tip: Daily prophylactic use is possible. Regular exposure can prevent infections.

Ointments help with diseases of the udder, for example, cure it for mastitis. The tool helps get rid of cracks and scratches.

Udder Cream

“Dawn” with chamomile extract is added to cosmetic masks for the body and face, as a result of which human skin is filled with moisture and becomes smoother. It is good to use in the fight with corns, as well as women who are breastfeeding, then such unpleasant phenomena as stagnation, compaction, nipple cracks and mastitis will not manifest themselves. For pregnant women can be used as a cream against stretch marks. Also, the cream copes with calluses, roughness and peeling on the elbows.

Means for cow udder treat scars, pits and spots from chickenpox in humans. In the cold, escaping from weathering of the lips and hands.

Udder Cream

Any cream that smears cow’s bosom makes the skin soft. At the same time, without affecting the quality of milk. Cow nipples become more tender, microdamages heal. Moistening the udder, ointment covering the nipples with a protective film, at the same time does not allow bacteria to enter the body of a cow.

When the skin is too hard, it can burst, bleeding is also possible, the ointment that is timely applied will soften the udder and nipples, exfoliate the horny epidermis, and at the same time prevent the suffering of the cows.

Tip: If a cow has been bitten by an insect, the affected areas should be lubricated with an udder care product, then there will be no itching, no irritation and redness.

The massage of the cow’s breast, made with cream, will be most effective than the action on the dry one, improving the milk-flow rates, contributing to the maximum milk yield of the cow.


Any of the special creams, which lubricate the udder, antiallergenic for both cows and humans. The amounts of the remedies taken are different when they are used, the specific dosage is not indicated, the cream can be used several times a day. Contraindications, restrictions in the use of drugs no one has established.

Tip: The drugs will not be absorbed or irritated by the udder, they do not adversely affect milk and meat. For cows use the entire lactation period.

Advantages and disadvantages

Creams have antiseptic properties, prevent the occurrence of furunculosis, possible with poor content, especially in unsanitary conditions. Using special cream means achieve good elasticity of the skin. If the mammary gland is covered with scratches and abrasions, under the felting of the drug they are guaranteed to regenerate, the centers of inflammation heal. Removed irritation from an insect bite. Cows become calmer in the process of milking.

Udder CreamThe positive side of ointments is also their low cost, availability for any person. Two hundred gram jar "Dawn", for example, can be purchased for about 200 rubles.

There are few drawbacks to cream. The main can be considered an unpleasant smell of some oil. Also, ointments have a short lifespan, after 2 months after opening the packaging, they may deteriorate.

Tip: If you remove the cream in the refrigerator, the shelf life will increase to 4 months or six months.

Care should be taken when a person uses the cream for himself. It is impossible, without consulting with the therapist, to thoughtlessly smear the ointment for the cows on your problem areas on the skin, otherwise you can aggravate the situation. The fatty consistency has a long absorbency, from 10 to 15 minutes.

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