Tonal brush

The perfect tone is the basis of any make-up, and without a suitable brush, creating it is quite problematic. We have compiled a guide to the best brushes for applying foundation – now you will do it like a real professional!

DuoFibra brush from

Classics of the genre – we told about this brush more than once, but we will remind you again. Professional make-up artists most often put a tone with duofiber, because this is an invention of the brand.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

This “spatula” brush has already become legendary, and practically every makeup artist has it. She really is very comfortable! Brush pile is artificial, thick and dense, and the cut is perfectly even. With this brush, you can shade any cream and liquid product so that the coating looks perfect. A brush is also suitable for dense and viscous textures, which are sometimes difficult to work with. In short, it does not matter how you use the product, it is important what brush you have.

Sponge BeautyBlender – Pink

BeautyBlender’s egg-shaped sponges have already become a legend – if you don’t have one, then you haven’t bought it yet! This mastkhev is very easy to use, especially if you are not a professional and are not used to brushes yet. There are two options: dry application and wet. Dry gives a more dense tone. You just put a little cream on the palette, and then with the help of the sponge you distribute the product on the skin with pulsating movements – here you can simply “stick”, the tone will still fall exactly due to the texture of the tool. If you want to achieve the thinnest layer and the nude effect, then the sponge needs to be slightly wetted with water – the wet application is ideal for a natural make-up.

Sponge BeautyBlender – Purple

This sponge is the same as pink but differs in smaller size and is suitable for spot application of foundation or, for example, a corrector for eyes. The sponge has such a small tip that you can easily smooth out the pimple with its help or apply the concealer to the area of ​​the inner corner of the eye, where working with your finger is not very convenient.

Curved Brush 150 Degree Application from Japonesque

Yes, at first this brush may seem very strange because of its bend, but the professional brand Japonesque and some makeup artists believe that it is really more convenient to apply foundation. The brush consists entirely of artificial fibers, the cut is even and narrow, ideal for liquid textures. It remains only to try and adjust – then the other brush will not want to use. What are these Japanese entertainers after all?

Japonesque Beveled Edge Brush

Another brush of the Japanese brand, which is very similar to the painter tool. The bevel edge allows for maximum accuracy and smooth feathering. The brush consists of synthetic lint, suitable for any cream, helps to “paint over” all the irregularities and fine wrinkles.

Master Class brush from

Another great tool from

Tonal brush

PR Professional Sponge Brush

This tool is something between a brush and a sponge, resembling the famous BeautyBlender. Sponge in the form of eggs, as we have said, well shading the foundation, and the long handle just makes the tool more convenient. True, the brush is more suitable for applying a tone to the entire surface of the face than for a point correction.

Mary Kay Pointed Brush

If we are talking about your first brush for foundation and you used to put it just with your fingers, then you should start with this classic model. The brush for liquid textures has a pointed end; it is rather soft and plastic, which allows you to smooth out the tool without any extra effort.

Tonal brush

Givenchy Kabuki Brush

A small brush that resembles a fluffy ball, well, very cute! It is called kabuki in honor of the eponymous Japanese theater. This brush is 100% made of natural lint and is suitable for working with dense and crumbly textures. Kabuki is ideal for giving the final touches to your makeup – for example, apply a very thin layer of powder.

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