The best face cream

From the proper selection of cosmetics is largely determined by its effectiveness! You can not take creams that are not created for your age group. This article will help analyze the various brands in order to accurately determine the best face cream. Since the skin there is always very sensitive, not all products represented in the assortment will suit us.

Use better creams made on a natural basis.

You should pay attention to the most natural and organic creams, where the number of chemical additives is minimized.

Initially, it should be understood by what criteria the selection is made. The modern range of creams is so huge that a lady without significant experience in this matter will simply start to get lost. In any store, stalls are literally inundated with such means. It is necessary to determine exactly what type of skin you have in order not to make mistakes in the future. An individual approach is needed for different types, therefore it is difficult to find universal recipes and specific recommendations.

Before buying a cream you need to determine your skin type.

If you have dry skin, it is recommended to look for a cream that contains vitamins A and C, as well as jojoba. This essential oil is an ideal nutrient medium that moisturizes and nourishes the skin with beneficial enzymes. Dry skin tends to age somewhat faster than healthy, so premature aging and age-related changes can be successfully contained, using only high-quality and proven cosmetics.

If your skin is oily, then you should pay attention to the presence of plant extracts in the composition.

Natural ingredients perfectly eliminate the subcutaneous layer of fat, smooth out folds and wrinkles. Calendula and sage, like yarrow, perform the function of an antiseptic. Antibacterial effects will not allow harmful substances to penetrate. Therefore, to use this cream is recommended for prevention.

In case of hypersensitivity, absolutely anti-allergenic products should be chosen.

Age features of the skin

Age creams have a slightly different composition.

The best face cream

  • Young girls are advised to choose a cream that contains a significant amount of vitamins of groups B and C. The moisturizing and toning effect perfectly prevents further aging, allowing you to keep young and natural.
  • At middle age, as well as after forty years, it is recommended to pay attention to creams not containing water, but containing vegetable oils. You need vitamins E and PP, special fruit acids.

The difference between day and night cream

Young girls do not need to constantly apply night cream

Many girls begin to think about how much different compositions of such cosmetics. Yes, the difference is quite significant, so confusing them is not recommended. And the differences are:

  • Day cream contains a lower concentration of substances, because it is designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of external factors. Dirt, dust, ultraviolet radiation, unpleasant weather conditions, etc. This cream is considered an excellent basis for the further application of makeup.
  • Night cream is designed to nourish the skin during rest and relaxation. Saturation with beneficial microelements occurs at night. After application, it is best to sleep on your back, so that the substance is absorbed reliably and evenly into your skin. There is an enrichment of vitamins, mineral salts, phytoestrogens. Tired skin is restored. At a young age, the use of night cream is often not required, but in the middle years, all women need it.

Homemade cream is better than the store?

With a small budget, you can improve the cream at home

To answer this question is not so simple. If you can afford to buy a high-quality natural product, released a well-known brand, then this cream is ideal for skin. It accurately dispenses the content of the necessary components, and the probability of allergy is reduced to a minimum.

For most of the ladies, the budget is always limited, so you have to save. In this case, you can make the cream yourself, adding essential oils to it.

The best face cream


And I buy Black Pearls, self-claims, somehow I ended up with money and it was not very good, I bought black pearls for 200 rubles for a while. And I liked it so that now I always buy it. Great cream, pleasant and effective, and even the price pleases of course.


I use daytime creams very rarely, because many of them leave a feeling of heaviness on the face. But I always use night creams. However, she did not know that after applying the night cream, you need to sleep on your back, so that the substance is absorbed better. This article revealed to me this little secret, which I had never known before and had never read anywhere. In turn, I will reveal my little secret: in order to absorb it better, I put it on moist skin. I hope my advice is also useful to someone!


The selection of cosmetics is as individual as, for example, the prescription of treatment. An experienced physician should fully evaluate information about the patient’s condition so that the treatment is correct. And the selection of cosmetics. A cosmetologist is a beauty doctor, he needs to take into account a lot of factors, ranging from the type and condition of the skin, possible allergic reactions and ending with a careful study of the composition of the product in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as hormones. But I, for example, do not use the services of such specialists often, so my way is a trial and error method. Now, after years of searching, I use the most inexpensive cosmetics. But there is one secret. In all face care products I add vitamins that are sold in pharmacies. For example, vitamin E or A must be added to a night or day cream. And as a tonic using ice cubes from frozen chamomile or linden infusion.


In favor of homemade cream. Pay attention to the composition! After using the cream, my skin became dry, and since it is my combination, acne appeared in the T-zone. At first I changed the cream, hoping to find a suitable one, but then I will tell you what explanation I found for this. I’m 24, I started using creams literally a year ago for moisturizing. She used to always make different homemade masks, and for the last year and a half she hasn’t allowed herself such a pleasure. I learned an interesting fact that mineral oil, which is part of the moisturizing cream, is a product of oil refining, which retains moisture in our skin. Also, this oil creates the effect of a waterproof film, this film, like oilcloth, on our face! As a result, the skin does not breathe, the necessary metabolic processes do not occur. As a result, acne, acne. The second element is glycerin, when air humidity is less than 60%, it draws moisture from the skin, so the skin becomes dry. Since I have a combination skin, in the T-zone, the pores do not breathe – acne appears, and other parts of the face give up their moisture to glycerin and my skin is dry. I was convinced that the best home cosmetics, nothing will help me.


Correctly written in the article that before you buy any cream, it is necessary to determine the type of your skin. Up to the age of 30, I constantly made a mistake in choosing the means of care for the elementary ignorance of my skin type. It stubbornly seemed to me that she was dry just because of the fact that I was skinned after washing, and as a result I had a lot of skin problems in the form of acne. Then, at the reception of the beautician, I was revealed the “great secret” that my skin was combined! and I began to choose the right means and about a miracle – the skin returned to normal. Now I am not chasing expensive brands, I just buy creams for combination skin and add essential oils to them (apricot seed oil, for example).

The best face cream


I couldn’t find the cream for a long time, then there was an allergy or it simply didn’t fit my skin. As I decided to order natural baby shampoo, when the package came along with the shampoo it was a cream gift. Well, to understand its composition is difficult, I began to use it, I had no such effect from a single cream, my face became soft and smooth. I have been using it for half a year already and I am satisfied with AUBREY cream (NATURAL Beby Kids). Yes, this is a children’s cream, but the result is not childish.

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