Sunscreen for face

As soon as the sun comes into its own, women immediately begin to be bothered with the question of how to protect their face. Of course, a variety of options for face care products are on sale. Women who have very sensitive skin or increased pigmentation cannot simply go without a day cream.

Now the choice of means is huge, but it is important to choose the one that truly suits only you. After all, few people want to spend money just like that, want to achieve the desired effect.

So what is it for?

Many ladies do not know exactly what it is for with a UV filter, what functions it performs. In addition to the main task of protection from the sun, such creams also perform the following functions:

  • skin does not burn when exposed to rays;
  • skin ages much slower, because under the action of the rays of the sun, the aging process only accelerates;
  • help prevent cancer;
  • help get rid of age spots;
  • skin surface becomes more moist;
  • prevent peeling;
  • tan evenly falls on the skin;
  • allergic reactions are manifested incompletely or not at all.

All these functions are able to perform a good cream, suitable for this type of skin. It is important to be able to correctly select the required level of protection. This level indicates that it is somewhat capable of filtering the sun’s rays. Also cream with the designation is usually designed for a certain skin type and in some cases for the time of year.

The video tells what is better sunscreen for the face:

SPF with a level of protection from 5 to 15 has a low limit of protection, most often used for a dark face. Able to prevent photo aging, used in winter, as the sun at this time is a little active.

SPF from 20 to 25 represents the average level of filtration of sunlight. It is able to reflect much more sunlight. If the radiation is not very strong, then it will be an excellent barrier. It can be used if you are in the sun for a very short time.

If the level of protection is from 30 to 50, then it exhibits a high degree of protection. Most often, this cream is used to relax on the beach. The cream is able to effectively reflect the rays of the ultraviolet. The tool perfectly saves the face from sunburn.

The protection level SPF 50 is the strongest level of protection. Almost all the sun’s rays are reflected from the surface of the face. About 98% of the rays are reflected. If the skin is very sensitive, then only it will save from burns.

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Apply on the face only if the woman does not take hormones, antibiotics, anti-allergic drugs.

When choosing a face cream, many girls often read numerous reviews on the Internet or listen to the opinions of their girlfriends. Also on the Internet you can find ratings of creams, so you can look at them. There is a rating that contains 10 creams.

Nuxe Délicieuse Visage SPF 30 Sun – For face, used for sun protection. It has a very delicate texture and structure. Perfectly protects skin from ultraviolet rays. The pores do not clog after application, the skin is moistened. As a result, the tan evenly falls on the skin. Very well wilts deep into the skin. It is resistant to water.

The price of this cream is not the lowest – 1900 rubles.

Bariésun Crème SPF50 + by URIAGE – having a very high level of UV protection. It can be used for very sensitive skin types. Can also be used for skin that is prone to irritation. This tool takes care of maintaining the normal amount of water, prevents dehydration. Free radicals are not formed after application.

The price of the funds is 1200 rubles.

Sunscreen for faceSPF-25 Sun Wellbeing by NATURE’S – a tool that is good for normal skin. Judging by the information on the package, it has an average level of protection. The structure includes micellar water made from sweet orange, apricot milk. Also includes natural melanin. It will delay the appearance of irritation, the tan will be even.

The price is 1100 rubles.

SPF-25 from CHRISTINA – contains vitamin E in composition. It perfectly preserves skin and prevents the appearance of pigment spots, inflammation and redness. Especially well copes with the declared functions even in the conditions of the big polluted city. Ingredients have shea butter.

The price of the product is 1900 rubles.

SPF-50 for face from ALGOLOGIE – perfectly copes with protective functions, the face even in the most extreme conditions will feel great. Cell regeneration begins to intensify, the skin becomes quite elastic and elastic. Well moisturizes face. It can be noted that the composition contains components such as vitamin A, algae extract. With the help of an optical wrinkle reducer, you can slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

The price of this tool is quite high – 2900 rubles.

AVENE. It has not only a sunscreen effect, but is also able to show a tonic effect. An even layer is laid on the face, as a result the surface has a matte color, it becomes smooth. Removes toxins from the surface of the face. This cream is versatile, as is perfect for all skin types. In the composition there is no alcohol and parabens. Thermal water becomes a source of freshness, vitamin E nourishes the skin.

The price is 1100 rubles.

From the domestic manufacturer Cora. The skin is well nourished with the necessary vitamins, moisturized. No peeling occurs and is able to eliminate it. Redness disappears, aging processes slow down. The active ingredients are based on sage, hawthorn, mountain ash.

The price is the most acceptable of all presented – 500 rubles.

Genosys SPF40 – perfectly warns the skin from ultraviolet rays. When applied lays down evenly, and the tan becomes monotonous. This tool copes well with newly appeared wrinkles. Even the slightest signs of aging quickly clears up. Able to give impetus to the stimulation of collagen production. The active ingredients are rose extract, stem cells of grapes.

The price is 1300 rubles.

City Block Sheer SPF 25 from CLINIQUE – this cream is a modern tool that appeared on the market recently. Cosmetics of this line provides excellent care to the entire face. The skin is moistened, the tissues are regenerated. It is 100% protected from extraneous environmental influences. No oils are included. This makes it possible to use the cream as a foundation for makeup.

Price 2000 rubles.

Bio-cream Lavera for sensitive skin types. This cream, originally from Germany, will create a specially sensitive skin type. Any irritation and itching are eliminated. Observed water balance of the face, excess moisture goes away. The skin does not fade in advance. Sunflower oil acts as an active ingredient, like shea butter.

Best for problem skin type

Not all ladies have beautiful skin, many women have a lot of problems. Therefore, they want to choose a cream for problem skin. There are still sunscreens. Here are some of them that are considered the best, according to women.

  1. Uriage Hyseac Fluide SPF 30 – able to protect against two types of ultraviolet rays. The tool well gives the skin a matte color and is often used as a base for makeup. The skin after applying the cream becomes moisturized, does not overdry. It is used for problem skin. The price is 750 rubles.
  2. ALBATROS SPF 60 – as the name implies, the level of protection is quite high. You can use only girls with dark skin color. The water-fat balance of the skin is restored under its influence. Jojoba oil nourishes the skin, including Dead Sea minerals. The skin becomes velvety and smooth. Can be used as a water resistant. Price 900 rubles.
  3. LA ROCHE-POSAY Antgelios SPF 50 – used for oily skin. Due to the absence of parabens and fragrances in its composition, it is able to moisturize the skin, remove problem acne and rashes. After using creams, you can often feel sticking, but not with this tool. In the aquatic environment is a sustainable means. Price 900 rubles.

If you know at least something about the cream to protect your face from the sun, you can choose the right one for yourself. Usually on hot days or on holiday by the sea, it is the face that can be burned. Cheeks, nose and forehead are affected. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent burning. It is worth remembering that the level of protection in face creams will be higher than for the whole body.

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  • Anastasia: “Summer has come, and a new problem has come. I need to find a face cream that will protect me from the sun’s rays. In the pharmacy, I saw Avene Mineral Cream SPF 50+. When I bought the cream, I thought that it would be useful for my daily facial. As soon as I opened the package, I immediately felt a pleasant smell, which pleased me. The texture of the cream I also really liked. It is distributed over the entire surface of the skin, it is even, despite its thickness. After several tricks, I realized that I couldn’t use it every day. And for use for the beach, he went just perfect. The effect of the cream is maintained even after the ingress of water or after bathing. "
  • Marina: “For summer time, I was looking for a cream that would protect my face. And so I found Comodex Mattifying SunScreen SPF-15. And he really helped me. For my sensitive skin, it fits just fine. The skin after applying the cream remains to breathe, all the pores remain open and not clogged. The smell remains pleasant, dust does not stick to skin. Of course, the protection function works fine in this cream. I was very pleased with the result after applying the cream. I recommend everyone who has problems with the skin to try this cream. ”

When choosing a cream, be sure to pay attention to the consistency of the product, its composition. The more natural ingredients in the composition, the better. In the process of use, you should see that the cream does not leave greasy marks. Knowing the general recommendations, you can choose the right cream.

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