Sun cream for face

Summer is not only sea, vacation and good weather, but also an increased risk of getting burns from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If during this period you do not use sun cream for the face, instead of a beautiful tan you can get inflammation, redness and uneven pigmentation of the skin. It is important to understand that protection should be complete, correct and daily, because the skin of the face is exposed to the sun constantly, and not only during outdoor recreation. Preparations are recommended to select effective, but the most delicate.

The girls with red hair usually have light skin and require special care and durable protection from the sun.

Determination of skin phototype, its influence on the choice of protection

Not everyone knows that there are not only basic types, but also phototypes of the epidermis. They have a great influence on predisposition to sunburn and getting burns.

  • Redheads Paradoxical skin type. With increased sensitivity to ultraviolet light, it is practically not covered with tan. Under the influence of the sun, freckles constantly appear on it, the risk of getting burns is very high. For such a person need a cream with a high level of protection (SPF30 and above).
  • Blonde and blonde. The skin is light, with a small number of freckles, prone to burns, but less than the previous group. The tan on such a face is noticeable badly, coming off pretty quickly. Protection of this skin is necessary, the level of SPF at least 20-30.
  • Brown hair. The skin of the face is most often light, freckles are few or none at all. There is no increased sensitivity to ultraviolet, but protection is still necessary. Burns occur on such a face rarely, tan lays smoothly and keeps well.
  • Brunettes. If the skin is dark, these women do not even know that, in addition to sunburn, there may be burns on the face. Sunburn turns out resistant and intensive, remedies to such skin approach practically any.

There are a number of rules that must be followed by everyone, regardless of the phototype of the skin.

  1. You can not be too long in the sun without the use of protective equipment.
  2. The increased activity of the sun’s rays falls on the period from 11 to 15 hours. At this time it is difficult to come up with reliable means against burns and inflammations, it is better to wait a few hours in the shade.
  3. If you need to spend on the street all day, then the protective cream should be regularly updated, especially if the skin is in contact with water.

In the summer, do not abuse makeup products. Most products can increase the effect of ultraviolet radiation, which often leads to atopic dermatitis in response to sunlight.

Sun cream for face

Sunscreen or body cream is not suitable for the face

Features of sunscreen for the face

Universal tanning products designed for the whole body are not recommended for face protection. For delicate skin developed their own drugs, which take into account all the features of the epidermis.

  1. The base of products is not so fat. This prevents the appearance of gloss on the forehead, cheeks and nose.
  2. Facial care products usually have a greater protection factor than similar formulations for the body. This minimizes the risk of burns and inflammation.
  3. The structure of the products allows you to use them as a basis for makeup. This is especially useful when you need to protect the skin in urban environments.

The degree of sun protection, referred to as SPF, is selected based on the type of skin, its sensitivity to UV light and the presence of inflammatory manifestations.

Rules for reading labels on UV protection

In order to choose the best remedy against the action of ultraviolet, it is not enough to know your photo type, you also need to understand the information that is on the labels of products. As the statistics show, many women have not quite the right idea about the meaning of some symbols and as a result choose the wrong sun cream.

The value of the cipher and characters on the labels:

  • The main indicator of the power of the product – the level of SPF. This is not an indication of time spent in the sun without the risk of burns! This is a sun protection factor that shows how much radiation can be obtained if you use this cream, without the danger of inflammation of the skin. A critical portion of tanning depends on many factors, so cosmetologists have developed summary tables for the correct definition of the product. Only if you take into account all the necessary data, you can choose the best sunscreen for the face.
  • Indicators of protection against UVB-rays (cause burns) and UVA-rays (cause the appearance of sunburn, can cause photo-aging). A good ratio of these filters is 3: 1. This will provide full protection and even tan. Many women refuse such drugs, because they are confident that their action is directed against sunburn. This is not true! They protect against the negative effects of exposure to the sun.
  • If you need a beautiful and lasting tan, you can stop the choice on products only with UVB-protection. If health care comes to the fore, UVA filters should be included in the preparation.
  • Products with SPF50 + marking are used only for special reasons. This may be increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation, skin diseases, recovery period after peeling or surgery.
  • Do not trust products with protection indicators from 60 to 100 – this is a common advertising move. Any cream 50+ gives the highest degree of protection that guarantees almost one hundred percent protection from the sun.

If a huge selection of funds is confusing, it is better to consult a cosmetologist. The specialist will determine the optimal performance for full protection from ultraviolet radiation and get a beautiful tan.

At first glance, sunscreens are similar to each other, but there may be significant differences in the compositions.

Sun cream for face

Types of sunscreen drugs

By type of protection means for the person from the sun are divided into two groups:

  1. Products with filters. Substances of organic origin, which penetrate into the skin and convert solar energy into heat.
  2. Products with screens. Compositions based on inorganic solids (most often minerals) that work on the surface of the skin.

Screens are very easily removed from the surface of the face, so the filters are more reliable. On the other hand, organic components are more likely to be allergic, in which case screens are the only solution.

When choosing drugs with filters, you must ensure that they do not include oxybenzone and retinol palmitate. These substances are recognized as dangerous, capable of causing the development of cancer.

According to experts, no sun cream is 100% safe. It is necessary to apply them, but they should not be abused, it is better sometimes to refuse tan.

In addition to the protective components in the composition of protective cosmetics should include vitamins, emollient oils, plant extracts. High-quality cream is resistant to water, sweat, wind. Under the influence of these factors, the tanning uniformity should not be disturbed.

Beauticians do not recommend the use of sprays and powders to protect the skin of the face. Products sprayed in the air can get into the respiratory tract and cause an allergic attack and even poisoning. To care for areas of delicate skin around the eyes and lips, it is recommended to apply special sticks.

Some manufacturers claim that their cosmetic products contain anti-wrinkle and aging signs of the skin. In fact, the concentration of beneficial components in such preparations is insignificant and does not give a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Recommendations for the selection and use of protective creams

Choosing a face cream that protects the skin from the sun, you must follow a number of simple rules.

  1. The greater the SPF, the higher the degree of protection. The softer the skin, the better the protection should be, and therefore this indicator. Owners of Slavic and Scandinavian appearance will find a tool with a protection rating of at least 30-50. In some cases, even 50+ are used. For women with increased sensitivity of the skin and a tendency of the epidermis to peeling, these products are also suitable. Brown-haired and light-skinned brunettes have enough products with a factor of 15-20 to get an even and healthy tan. Dark-haired girls with dark skin sun cream should be used to prevent premature aging of tissues. In this case, enough drugs SPF8.
  2. To prevent inflammation, components such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and avobenzone are added to the compositions.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to the consistency of the drug. Too liquid product will spread, which will affect the uniform distribution of tanning. Thick mass will be poorly distributed, leaving a greasy luster on the face.

Apply the cream too need to properly.

  • Full sun protection is possible only after the composition is absorbed into the skin. Therefore, it is possible to go out only 15-20 minutes after applying the product.
  • It is necessary to update the protection every two hours. On the face should take at least half a teaspoon of funds.
  • Experts recommend applying products based on filters before the daily cream, and based on the screens – after.
  • It is important to remember that a tube of tanning drug does not last longer than one season.

If you take into account all the recommendations of experts and regularly apply protective equipment, you can not worry about the condition of the skin in the hot season. There are people who are opposed to any protective cosmetics, confident that shade and headgear are sufficient precautions. Given the fact that ultraviolet rays can act absently, such a protection system is insufficient. Modern cosmetic products are the most effective, safe and reliable method of protecting the skin.

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