Sour cream with thickener

Cream made from sour cream with sugar is one of the simplest and most inexpensive types of cake layer. It goes well with airy biscuit, brittle smetan and fragrant honey shortcakes.

It happens that sour cream comes across quite liquid and then you have to think about how to thicken sour cream so that it is evenly distributed between the cake layers, not flowing down the walls of the cake.

There are several methods to achieve the required thickness, but the simplest, which does not require additional products, is to buy fat cream, in which there is no excess liquid. You can buy a homemade, which itself thickens to a dense texture, such sour cream most often has a fat content of more than 30%. In this case, you naturally get a thick layer for the cake, which is suitable for thick biscuit cakes.

If you have already purchased the main product of lower fat content, then you need to resort to one of the culinary secrets – thicken sour cream.

Basic recipe sour cream

It takes a few ingredients:

All mix with a mixer until smooth.

This is the classic version in which sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar, if the fat content of the key product is above 25% or you are going to thicken the cream with sour cream.

Sour cream with thickenerIt is logical to assume that thickening occurs from the addition of additional ingredients with special properties, for example, gelatin, starch, food thickener or exotic agar-agar. You can also make a combined version: with cottage cheese, butter, heavy cream, boiled condensed milk.

If it is important to you that the taste is pure, classical, then you need to use gelatin, starch or a soluble confectionary analogue of the bag.

How to make sour cream cake thick with gelatin?

  1. For 200 g of sour cream, it is necessary to take 10-15 g of gelatin, which must be soaked before swelling in warm water and gradually added to the mixture during whipping.
  2. Put the mass in the fridge for half an hour and then use for decorating the cake.

If you use agar-agar, then you need to act approximately the same way, remembering that the activity of this substance appears faster than that of gelatin, and you need to take it 5 times less.

How to thicken cream with starch?

At 200g of the key ingredient you need to take 20 g of starch (corn or potato is not important).

Sour cream with thickener

  1. Dissolve the starch in 50 ml of water and pour into the mass while beating.
  2. Send the cream in the fridge and after half an hour or an hour you can start assembling the cake. In the same way, you need to deal with the already prepared thickener from the store.

Proceed according to the instructions, and very soon the interlayer will become thick and dense.

If you are wondering how to thicken sour cream cake without adding gelling agents, then try adding 100 grams of butter, 200 grams of rich curd or a glass of thick cream to the standard proportion of the product. In this case, you have to pour half a cup of sugar to keep the desired sweetness.

Simple and inexpensive ways to thicken a liquid sour cream will help you when making heavy, multi-tiered cakes, where it is important that the cream does not spread, but maintains its density, beautifully filling the space between the cake layers.

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