Sour cream with sugar

Sour cream cream cake is considered to be one of the easiest to prepare. And I totally agree with that. The first thing he bribes is the minimum of ingredients. There are only two of them: sour cream and sugar or icing sugar. There are no thickeners, stabilizers and other chemicals. The second is a thick cream of sour cream with sugar for the cake is prepared without heat treatment. It’s very simple: beaten with a mixer, missed cakes and left to soak. Well, how delicious it is, I think everyone knows: gentle, airy with a pleasant barely perceptible sourness. For sweet honey cakes the perfect combination.

To get really thick, tasty sour cream, you need a good fat sour cream. Recently, the store product leaves much to be desired, so I buy only homemade, with a high percentage of fat.


To make cream for cake made from sour cream and sugar, you will need:

  • homemade sour cream – 800-900 ml;
  • fine granulated sugar – 1-1,5 glasses (to taste).

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Sour cream with sugar

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How to make a thick cream cream. Recipe

Sour cream buy in the market. I choose not sour and not very thick (not so that the spoon was). In the photo, I pour homemade sour cream just brought from the market to the beater. As you can see, it is quite thick in consistency – something like this you will need. Cream will also work out of liquid homemade sour cream, but it will have to be whipped longer, and the longer you beat, the higher the risk of smashing (it may split into butter and whey). If you can not buy on the market, then take the store the highest fat content. Cover the colander with gauze, lay out the sour cream and leave for 5-6 hours to leave the serum. Then everything according to the recipe. Another option is to mix sour cream and heavy cream in equal proportions. But this is only a theory, I have not tried it myself. If someone decides to cook, I will be grateful for the report and comments.

Capacity with sour cream in the refrigerator for half an hour. Cooled it better and faster whipped. Then pour a glass of sugar.

Since my sour cream is very fat, you do not need to immediately beat it up. I stir with a spoon and leave for ten minutes to sell the sugar. In principle, it already looks like a cream, but when you try it, there is no feeling of lightness, lightness. That is, you still need to beat.

Sour cream with sugarBegan to beat at the lowest speed by moving the rims up and down and from the walls to the middle. To my taste, sugar was not enough, gradually added from a half cup.

After two or three minutes turned off the mixer. The cream became thick, splendor appeared. But felt grains of sugar. Let stand for another ten minutes.

Sour cream with sugar

Beat again, about a minute, not longer. And then stirred with a spoon.

Whip the cream, taste it and carefully monitor the consistency. It should be homogeneous. If there is a sour taste or grains are felt – stop beating, sour cream begins to stratify into butter and whey. Such a cream can no longer be saved, it only remains to eat.

At the last stage of cooking sour cream cream cake can be flavored. For example, add a little vanilla sugar or a couple of drops of essence, grate lemon zest, pour in a spoonful of good brandy (provided that it is prepared for an adult company).

Now we have what we need: a lush, thick cream of sour cream with sugar, for a cake such consistency is perfect! The taste is very pleasant, sweet, with a barely perceptible sour cream. I already had the cakes ready, it was left to miss them and put the cake in the fridge to soak in. It should stand at least five to six hours, but the longer you endure, the better the cakes are soaked and the tastier the cake will be. Bon Appetit everyone! Your Plyushkin.

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