Simple makeup for Halloween

Every year on the last day of October, the nightclubs of America, Great Britain, Canada and Western Europe are filled with young people who decide to try on the images of the dead, evil spirits, vampires, witches and other representatives of evil. In the post-Soviet countries, the tradition of celebrating Halloween is not so common, but every year the number of those who are not averse to celebrating the day of mythical magic, magic and evil, is increasing. Why not join the holiday, plunged into a string of horrific carnival images? And for this you need to take care not only about the dress, but also about the corresponding makeup. Of course, you can use the services of professional makeup artists, but the easiest Halloween makeup can be done at home. All that is required for this is sure to be found in the female cosmetics bag.

Simple makeup for HalloweenCharacters in which it is customary to reincarnate on Halloween cannot boast with vivacity and cheerfulness, since this is not characteristic of the dead. This means that a simple and terrible Halloween makeup necessarily includes a pale complexion. To achieve the effect of dead skin, you can use three cosmetics. The easiest option is a professional white make-up. It is enough to apply it on the skin with a uniform layer – and the foundation for makeup is ready. However, not every girl has such a tool in her arsenal. In this case, the find will be the usual foundation of a very bright shade. Apply it in two ways. To create an image of a zombie, a dead man or an old witch woman, it is applied with fingers, spreading it evenly on the skin. If you need to achieve the effect of perfect porcelain skin, you should use a moisturized sponge. It is simple and easy to do make-up on Halloween using a tonal foundation in the form of a spray. You can, of course, put on the face the usual bright powder, but the result will not be so impressive.

After aligning the tone should be expressive eyes. The most simple Halloween eye makeup ideas are to use the smoky-eyes technique. To do this, you need the shadow of dark shades, black pencil or eyeliner, mascara. To make the orbits look more frightening, they need to be highlighted in gray, dark plum or purple, highlighting the growth line of the eyelashes with a charcoal black pencil. Well, if there are false doll eyelashes, colored lenses. Thanks to these elements, it is easy to create a popular image of a killer doll or a dead bride. Lips in this case are discolored by concealer or modeled "bow" with a pencil and bright lipstick.

Simple makeup for Halloween

Pale skin and sunken, empty eyes are not enough to create an awesome Halloween makeup. To look truly dreadful, you can draw a spider web or spider, a lacerated wound, carcass marks or a bloody zipper on your face. The latter looks impressive not only on the face, but also on the neck, the neckline. By the way, gluing a real clasp is easier than realistically drawing it. To do this, you need glue, which is easily removed from the skin, paper napkin and red watercolor. Putting a napkin soaked and reddened under a zipper, it is easy to imitate a torn bloodied wound. The sight, of course, terrifying, but incredibly spectacular!

And remember that on the eve of Halloween you should practice your makeup, so that you look awful beautiful during a festive party!

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