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The opportunity to feel like a real princess appears in the life of every girl, as a rule, twice in her life. A wedding celebration is, of course, the main reason for creating your own charming image. However, it is always preceded by another important event – the day of the prom. Realizing that he was destined to happen only once, young ladies do not miss the opportunity to turn the prom into a truly fabulous extravaganza of girlish beauty. The desire to be the most attractive at the prom pushes the girls to search for exclusive clothes, shoes, accessories and interesting hairstyles. At the same time, a makeup component is considered to be an equally important component of a graduate’s appearance. It is thanks to the correctly executed, beautiful make-up that the image becomes as complete and complete as possible.

This article will tell you how to create a spectacular makeup for prom. In it we will talk about the basic rules and recommendations for the implementation of such a make-up, and also consider its various options.

Prom makeup

The basic rules of makeup for prom

  • Of course, the makeup on the final must be perfect and harmonious framing the appearance of the girl, emphasizing exclusively her dignity. Relying on your own strength in creating a make-up, start experimenting with its implementation at least a few weeks before the solemn event. So you are guaranteed to choose the most suitable tones and combinations, as well as learn how to apply makeup correctly and accurately.
  • Make-up graduate should not look defiant. His main task is to emphasize the youth, freshness and charm of a young girl. The main accent is perfectly smooth, delicate skin and a deep, expressive look. Natural, warm tones in the makeup for the prom are the most preferred. As for bright, catchy shades, it is better to leave them for another occasion or to use it very sparingly, in order to avoid completely unacceptable for such a look of vulgarity.
  • The golden rule of any makeup, including the final one, is that the emphasis on the eyes excludes the possibility of bright lip design and vice versa. Thus, their simultaneous saturated selection is unacceptable.
  • The make-up color palette should ideally be combined with the chosen outfit and should not go against such individual features as hair color, eyes and skin type. The unity of style in clothes, jewelry, hairstyle and make-up is an immutable requirement to the image of a graduate.
  • You should not start the execution of visage at the last moment. Haste can be the cause of its imperfection and carelessness.
  • Before you begin applying makeup, do not forget to carefully prepare your face – thoroughly wash with a special tool and clean the pores with a scrub. Not be redundant and a face mask. Depending on the needs of the skin with a mask, you can refresh it, eliminate shine, tighten pores or dry existing inflammatory lesions.
  • In most cases, pre-applied makeup does not retain its perfect appearance until the end of the evening. For this reason, make sure that there are wet wipes, mascaras, powder and lipstick in your purse. Having the necessary set of cosmetics on hand, you can correct the make-up if necessary.
  • Do not neglect to get acquainted with the current trends in the field of makeup. Glossy magazines showing celebrity evening looks can be a good starting point for developing your own unique style.
  • If you doubt that you will be able to master the proper makeup technique for graduation, use the services of a professional makeup artist.

Recommendations for applying makeup on the final

After reviewing the basic rules of make-up at the prom, we offer to figure out how to properly select and apply cosmetics designed for its implementation.

Prom makeupBefore you give the face a basic tone, apply a moisturizing cream on the skin and make a five-minute pause, during which it is completely absorbed. Take into account that in a make-up for graduation you cannot do without a tonal framework. In this case, a prerequisite – the ease of its texture. Ideally, it should be almost imperceptible and imperceptible on the skin. The main purpose of the tonal framework is the alignment of complexion, the elimination of oily shine, making the skin smooth, velvety and hiding its imperfections. With a problem skin that suffers from acne, the lightweight, translucent powder and a corrective pencil for masking flaws can be the best alternative to the foundation. If your skin is almost perfect, it can be quite limited to just one powder.

The technique of applying the tonal base is as follows: with your fingertips, put a drop of the base on the bridge of the nose, chin, both cheeks and frontal area, and then distribute it evenly over the entire face using a special cosmetic sponge. Shade the tone with gentle movements, lightly pressing on the surface of the skin. Pay particular attention to the lines of the nose and the border of hair growth – with improperly shading in these areas often remain noticeable contours. To avoid a sharp transition between the base and the natural complexion, be sure to cover the skin in the upper and lower eyelids, neck and lines under the chin. If your dress is provided with an open neckline, the body part in its zone will also need to be equalized with the overall complexion. According to the rules, the tone of the tonal tool should not be in the tone of the skin, but a little lighter than it. After completing the application of the base, wait a couple of minutes until it is absorbed. Next, blot your face with a dry cloth and make a couple of strokes with a powder with loose powder to consolidate the result.

The next step in the work on face tinting is applying blush. For prom evening blush with a reflective effect will be a win-win option. With regard to their hue, it should be noted that rich, tan-like tones will be perfectly combined with dark skin, but for light skin it is better to use pale pink and peach. Applying blush is carried out using a wide, fluffy brush, moving from the nose to the temples. In the end, you should get a gently shaded cheek line.

Eye makeup

The eyes are deservedly called the "mirror of the soul." Because of this, the approach to their design in the final make-up should be well thought out and balanced. When developing a composition and color solution for eye makeup, consider their hue and depth. Thus, dark brown, coal, silver and violet tones should remain in the priority of brown-eyed graduates. Blue-eyed better fit cold turquoise and blue. Girls with gray eyes, it is desirable to get the shadows of silver and gold hues, but the beige, cream, deep green and light lilac will show the best compatibility with green eyes. When preferring a particular shade of shadow, remember that it should be in harmony with the color of the graduation attire and not overshadow the natural shade of your eyes. The correct technique is the application of shadows, in which three colors are used: the lightest make up the area under the eyebrow line, the darker part of the eyelid and the outermost corner of the eye the darkest and most intense. If you need to refresh your eyes, you can highlight the light accent and the inner corner. Liquid shadows – not the most suitable option for prom. Unlike friable, they roll and spread, which is quite an obvious indicator of the mediocre durability of such cosmetics.

Bright eyes decorated with pastel shades can be lost if you do not outline their contour with a liner or pencil of dark brown, gray or dark purple flowers. A thin line should run along the lash line and be very clear and neat. The use of black pencil is allowed only for brunettes with dark eyes. Brown and dark-haired young ladies better to prefer brown or gray contour.

The final step in the implementation of eye makeup is covering the eyelashes with mascara. It is important that it is not lighter than a pencil or eyeliner. If you want to give your eyes a special expressiveness, use mascara slightly darker than their natural color. Apply it in two layers – so the eyelashes will seem much thicker and longer than they actually are. In a festive final make-up it is appropriate to color mascara. When choosing its shade again takes into account the color of hair and eyes. Black and blue should be held in high esteem for blue-eyed graduates, brown – for blondes with light eyes, but green and gray – for brown-eyed beauties.

Do not miss the eyebrows: comb them well and if they are bright enough, slightly emphasize the natural curve with a brown or gray pencil.

Lip makeup

Gathering at the prom, lips can be made up like lipstick and gloss. It is desirable that the shade of this makeup was close to the natural color of the lips – beige or pink. Beautiful contour of their shape will help a special contour pencil, which among other things will prevent the spreading of lipstick or gloss. If your mouth does not have enough fluffiness, apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the center of the lower lip, or use another simple method – cosmetics for the visual increase of the lips.

So, we have a general picture of the correct makeup for the prom. It’s time to summarize the above with concrete examples.

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