Pretty girl applying makeup from a to z

Hello, blue-eyed babe! Do you like experiments? – Well done! Love and keep experimenting constantly! Only in this way you will become unique and modern, floating in the aura of recognition of your irresistible merits!

How to choose hair color, if the girl has blue eyes?

Light brown hair color and image of a blonde will suit you!

Such shades and colors make the color of your eyes incredibly expressive. Pay attention to light types.

Pretty girl applying makeup from a to z

Are you a delightful blue-eyed, with delicate skin of bronze color?

You really fit blondie. Carefully read the word "very." If your hair is distinguished by its hardness – buy a “gentle” paint to not spoil them at all. You know how ruthless hair clarifiers and their analogues.

Pretty girl applying makeup from a to z

In your sky – blue eyes "reddish" or yellow "kaimochki"?

Your hair color shade is caramel. There is one too. Only need to search. There is a caramel with a tint and caramel rich.

Is your skin cool in shades or pink?

Then search the store for smoky paint or ashen paint. It will decorate not only your skin, but you as a whole. You will also find shades of "wheat".

If you are dark-haired and beautiful, do not plan

Choose the shade of "black tulip". With him you will be irresistible like a queen.

What shades are suitable for blue eyes for day makeup?

  • Shadows – Silver

Apply from ciliary lines to the underbone.

Apply them to the line of cilia from the folds.

Mascara application (rules and recommendations)

Choose mascara carefully so as not to spoil the "full" makeup. If you prefer light shades, then you shouldn’t touch a very black mascara, because it will “reflect” unnaturalness.

Perfect mascara – gray

If there is no gray – take purple, blue or blue. Well suited mascara color wave. If there are brown shades in the “set” of your shadows, you can use brown mascara.

Waiting for a spectacular makeup? Choose bright blue shadows

They really decorate your eyes.

I was mistaken! The makeup option described above is not the brightest and bold!

The most daring and bright – emerald makeup, very beautiful!

"Divide" the eyes on the left and right side. On the left, fill your eyelids with green shadows, on the right – bright orange. “Priplyusuy” here many, many carcasses and a considerable amount of black liner. Your lipstick is the color of olives. Under this makeup, it fits incredibly.

Rules and tips for applying makeup for blue eyes (evening makeup)

  1. Underline your eyes with gray shadows (their shade is cold).
  2. On the eyelid (upper) to the brow level put blue shadows.
  3. Take the blue shadows. "Decorate" them all moving eyelid (to the middle) and blend them.
  4. Next in line: light gray shades. Their "place" under the eyebrow.
  5. Apply a blue stripe with a thin stripe.
  6. Lower the upper eyelid, and departing from the corner (inner), underline it with a dark gray pencil.
  7. Lower eyelid beauty from the middle of the eye.
  8. Cilia, paint only black, rich mascara.
  9. Cheekbones also desirable to emphasize. For this, take the rouge rosy shades. Do not like the pink color – take a light brown.
  10. Your lipstick is pale pink.

How do you like the options?

If you consider yourself a business woman – choose this makeup

  1. Look in the cosmetic bag for skin-colored shade. Apply them from eyelashes to eyebrows on the upper eyelids.
  2. Take the shade of color "white sand with mother of pearl." Light them the upper corners of the eyes.
  3. A silver-blue pencil is also useful. Circle them eye contour.
  4. For the eyelashes prepare mascara brown.

Reviews of blue-eyed beauties

  • I like silver shadows

And silver mascara. It seems to me that they really suit me. And not only to me, but to all those girls who can boast blue eyes.

  • I don’t like shadows at all

But I think that brunettes, too, are blue eyes. Who was born with what … Eyes do not choose. You can only choose lenses. By the way, girls, if you want to change the color of your eyes – buy lenses. And what is not an option?

  • What about lilac shadows? They are gorgeous – romantic!

I always choose this color. Would advise you to try. And mascara – at your discretion. By the way, think well what color mascara you like. And in the colors of cosmetics there is something to choose. Go shopping.

  • I am red-haired blue-eyed. Green color is great for me!

And the emerald …. Although…. It’s a shade of green. In short, I just really like green things and colors (shades). And gently – pink will do.

  • I work at a hairdresser!

I saw a lot of things. And I’m not surprised at anything already, seriously. Do this: buy a set of cosmetics, choose the necessary colors in it (those that your opinion deems necessary), check them for compatibility, experiment.

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