Photo actresses without makeup

With the help of make-up, you can turn a person with a normal, unremarkable appearance into a bright, alluring and attractive person. There are special requirements for the stars of Hollywood – they are constantly under the “gunpoint” of cameras and therefore should look good in any situation. The appearance on the TV screen and in life are completely different things. Professional make-up artists are working on the appearance of the actresses; a certain lighting is selected for shooting, which makes it possible to look the most advantageous on the screen. What do famous actresses look like without cosmetic or other tricks?

Angelina Jolie

This famous American film actress, born in 1975, is also a model, screenwriter, director, and goodwill ambassador to the United Nations. Angelina Jolie has not once been named the leading publications of the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world. Is it up to you? One thing is certain – she is a great woman.

Kristen james stewart

This young actress, born in 1990, very quickly climbed the steps leading to popularity. She played leading roles in many of the paintings, but the most famous was the Vampire Saga, based on the well-known novel of the same name. In 2013, Forbes magazine named Kristen James Stewart the third highest paid actress in Hollywood after Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence. What is she without makeup?

Photo actresses without makeup

Cameron Michel Diaz

This former model and famous American actress born in 1972 gained popularity in the 1990s after the movie “Mask”, in which she played a major role. Cameron Michel Diaz was nominated for Golden Globe for her roles in the films Vanilla Sky, Everyone’s Mad with Mary, Gangs of New York, and Being John Malkovich. Undoubtedly, she is a wonderful actress, but what is her true face?

Kate Noel "Katie" Holmes

The American actress of television and cinema, born in 1978, played her first major movie role in the movie "Kill Mrs. Tingle" in 1999. The most famous movie in which Kate Noel “Katie” Holmes played one of the main characters is “Batman. Home »Christopher Nolan. But still in the continuation of this storyline – the motion picture "The Dark Knight" Kate Noel did not participate, there she was replaced by Maggie Dzhillenkhol. Press photographers managed to take pictures of this actress without makeup.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis (Milena Markovna Kunis), born in 1983, is an American film actress of Ukrainian origin. She started her career by filming commercials, and her film debut was an episode in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Fame this actress received, starring in the film "In the span." Ukrainian Mila Kunis is also not as perfect as on the TV screen – this is her face without makeup.

Goldie Jinn Hawn

American actress Goldie Jinn Hawn, born in 1945, is also a good director and producer. She is also an Academy Award winner for her participation in the 1969 Cactus Flower film. Goldie Jinn Hawn is a very famous person in Hollywood, and her face without make-up also did not fail to appear on the public eye.

Photo actresses without makeup

Anna-Lynn McCord

Another popular American actress, model, born in 1987 in Atlanta, who gained fame thanks to the role of Naomi Clark in the TV series "90210: The New Generation" and the role of Eden Lord in the show "Body Parts". After that, Anna-Lynn McCord has not once received a good role. Savory beauty on the TV screen – is she in everyday life?

Jennifer Joanna Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston, born in 1969 in California, is an American actress who is better known as the performer of the role of Rachel Green in the popular television series Friends. For this role, she was awarded the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Also, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is the owner of a nominal star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she received it in 2012, the day before the American premiere of “Thirst for Travel” – a comedy with her participation. Jennifer Joanna Aniston is a wonderful actress and charming woman.

Photo actresses without makeup

Alicia Silverstone

American actress, born in 1976, began her career, leading her to fame with the profession of fashion model. She also starred in some music videos for songs by Aerosmith – a famous American rock band. Of course, Alicia Silverstone is not so beautiful as the screen, but this does not detract from her talent.

Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Denise Anderson, born in 1967, is a popular American actress and model who has starred in a variety of movies and TV shows. At one time was a famous sex symbol, but what is it really?

It is an obvious fact that from almost any girl, through some tweaks, you can create an amazing beauty. The most important thing is the presence of valuable inner qualities. And beauty is only in the eye of the beholder.

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