Panthenol cream composition

The skin is sensitive to various irritants and it needs special care after environmental influences and other factors. Instructions cream D-Panthenol recommends using it as a healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating agent.

Cream D-Panthenol: instruction

Dexpanthenol is a vitamin B (water soluble) and an active active ingredient of the D-Panthenol cream.

The substance (substance pantothenic acid) plays an important role in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, the synthesis of fatty acids, steroid hormones. The action of the drug is aimed at eliminating the lack of pantothenic acid in the epidermis with skin lesions, increasing the strength of collagen fibers.

The drug, due to hydrophilicity and optimal molecular weight, quickly penetrates into all layers of the skin. It provides nutrition, mitigation and recovery of the dermis.

Enhance the moisturizing and therapeutic effect of auxiliary components: cetanol, propylene glycol, dimethicone, ketomacrogol, cetearyl octanoate, glyceryl monostearate, purified water, flavoring.

Many use D-Panthenol daily as a dry skin care product. The emulsion base and light texture promotes rapid absorption into the surface of the dermis. The cream is ideal for protecting the skin from weathering and relieving the inflammatory process.

D-Panthenol (made in Croatia) is available in the form of a 5% homogeneous ointment and cream. The drug is in tubes of 25 and 50 mg, each package contains instructions for use.

1 g of the product contains 50 mg of the active ingredient dexpanthenol. It is worth noting that the product is well tolerated and practically does not cause side effects. In rare cases, an allergic reaction (itching, contact dermatitis, urticaria) to the substances that make up the product is possible.

The drug in the form of cream D-Panthenol has proven itself as a protective, regenerating and moisturizing agent.

You can get more information about the drug from this video.

D-Panthenol cream: application

The tool is used for damage to the skin of various etiologies, which confirms the instructions of the cream D-Panthenol.

Panthenol cream composition

The drug is prescribed in the following cases:

  • Burns (UV, thermal and chemical damage)
  • Inflammatory processes on the surface of the dermis (boils, acne, trophic ulcers)
  • Abrasions, cuts, scratches, bedsores
  • Non healing wounds
  • Sluggish healing process
  • Weathering of the skin in the cold season
  • Treatment of the skin around the colostum, gastrostomy
  • Prevention and treatment of childhood diaper rash, dermatitis
  • Peeling, dry skin
  • Anal fissures, cervical damage
  • Treatment of nipple cracks during breastfeeding
  • Skin treatment after surgery

Before applying the cream, the surface must be treated with an antiseptic solution (in case of infection) or simply rinsed with clean water.

Means is put with a thin layer and rubbed with the easy movements. You can make compresses with cream on damaged areas, such as nipples. Depending on the evidence, it is used 2–4 times a day. On the recommendation of a doctor, the number of times may be increased. The course of therapy depends on the severity of damage to the epidermis.

Every young mother faces the problem of nipple cracks. D-Panthenol helps to heal and relieve pain. It is used after each feeding on pre-washed nipples.

For effective treatment of diaper dermatitis in infants, the remedy is applied to the clean skin of the buttocks and inguinal folds after water procedures, changing diapers.

Many women have discovered D-Panthenol as an effective anti-wrinkle treatment. With regular use, the skin becomes smooth, hydrated and elastic.

The cream promotes healing and soothing of the dermis. To enhance the effect, you can make masks for the night with the addition of D-Panthenol cream. Before this, the skin should be well cleaned and steamed (open pores).

Cream D-Panthenol is a universal remedy in the treatment of various skin lesions and the prevention of diaper rash, dermatitis, bedsores.

D-Panthenol cream: reviews

D-Panthenol is popular with the population, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews about the miraculous effect of the drug. This is an important component of each kit!

Vitamin B5, which is part of the cream, improves the healing of various injuries of the skin and promotes the regeneration of the epidermis.

The benefit and effectiveness of D-Panthenol was noted by the parents of young children.

The delicate skin of babies is prone to irritation, chafing, redness. Such troubles bring discomfort and pain to the child, as a result of which he often cries and becomes capricious.

Thanks to the safe components of the tool does not cause side effects and brings a quick therapeutic effect. Diaper rash and redness begin to go on the second day of using D-Panthenol cream. As a preventive measure, the remedy can be applied on the baby’s skin under a diaper.

The drug is allowed to use during pregnancy. D-Panthenol is the key to successful and painless lactation. In the first days of feeding, the nipples often crack, bleeding wounds appear, and every attachment of the child becomes painful for the young mother. The tool is applied to damaged areas after feeding, and before the next you can not rinse.

The benefits also include the price of the cream, which is more affordable than other drugs based on dexpanthenol. This allows it to be used as an affordable cosmetic to eliminate dry skin.

It should be noted that a positive result from the use of D-Panthenol is possible only with regular application to damaged skin.

The remedy may not cope with severe wounds, therefore it is better to consult a doctor for advice.

Panthenol cream composition

The successful therapeutic effect of D-Panthenol cream is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews.

D-Panthenol cream: analogues

On pharmacy counters, you can see analogues of D-Panthenol cream, which are based on B vitamins. The proposed products are available in various forms: ointment, cream, spray, gel, foam, aerosol. They have the same therapeutic effect, but may differ in the composition of excipients.

The most famous substitute is cream Bepantin (made in Germany). It is used to treat various skin lesions, eliminate redness, irritation, diaper rash, anal fissures, postoperative sutures. Components in the composition do not cause addiction of the body, so it is allowed to use for a long time.

Panthenol, another analogue of the D-Panthenol cream, will help to cope with various flaws on the skin. It is produced by pharmaceutical plants in different countries – Ukraine, Russia, Germany. The advantage of this tool is a variety of forms of release, which facilitate its use.

The drug is widely used: burns, inflammation of the skin, erosion, wounds, cracks in the nipples during lactation, diaper rash, dermatitis. Often Panthenol is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the condition of the skin after aggressive environmental influences. The cream has moisturizing and nourishing properties.

D-Panthenol – healing cream that promotes the regeneration and healing of the skin after various types of damage. The tool is used to treat adults and children from the first day of life.

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