New Year’s makeup for green eyes

The holidays are coming and the New Year 2019, which means that it’s time to get ready to hit loved ones and friends with a beautiful make-up! That is why today we will show you how to make a simple and beautiful makeup for the New Year 2019 for green eyes! Do not worry, this makeup does not take much time, because it is done quite quickly and with slight hand movements!

Fashion trends New Year’s makeup 2019

The current fashion trends of New Year’s makeup are quite diverse. In 2019, minimalism and simplicity will become more popular. As you can see in the following photos, more natural shadows dominate in the winter season, and more often just the use of white shades.

As for the eyebrows, then be calm, because now you do not have to draw unusually complex curves or use some clever eyebrow pencils.

Fashion trends New Year’s makeup 2019

Fashion has pleased the desire for naturalness, so eyebrows should be made natural, uncomplicated. And therefore you can not worry about the time spent on approaching them to the perfect lines.

But as for the make-up of lips and rouge – here is a moot point, because fashion dictates us unusual colors of lipsticks and peach shades of blush, as we see in the photo. Here everyone can choose for himself whether such a makeup is suitable for him, because, let’s say, the orange color of lipstick does not go to everyone’s face.

Makeup lips and blush

Do not forget the same about the arrows and eyelashes. Strangely enough, they are still in fashion and every year it becomes more and more canonical to make arrows and eyelashes more noticeable and effective. Let’s face it, in 2019 it will be fashionable to wear arrows longer and wider, and eyelashes are longer and more noticeable.

New Year’s lip makeup

And now we will show you the perfect and at the same time simple New Year lip makeup, because it is an integral part of any image.

What you need:

  • lip balm;
  • liquid lipstick red or burgundy shades;
  • liquid shades in golden color or glitter.
  • As you can see, for this lip makeup you need only a couple of things from cosmetics. And in the application it is simple, but it looks gorgeous.

New Year's makeup for green eyes

  1. To begin with, apply a balm as a base, thereby moisturizing the lips. A little later, not really pressing, wipe off the remnants of a paper napkin.
  2. Apply the lipstick in the center and spread it over the lips with a special brush for lipstick made of synthetic pile. This will allow not to apply the contour with a separate pencil.
  3. With the help of liquid shadows or glitter lightly arrange the shiny highlights scattered on the lips.

Step by step lip makeup

And now your lips have become much more interesting and more festive than with ordinary make-up! Rest assured that most guests will not be able to look away from them. And another advantage of this makeup is that it looks great in the photo, because your lips literally shine.

5 Makeup Ideas for New Year’s 2019 Green Eyes

In order for green eyes to become even more beautiful, delicate and shiny, it is important to know which colors are suitable for using them in makeup. We will start with the basics – the shadows.

Therefore, we advise the owners of green eyes to use these shades in the shadows:

  • gray-brown;
  • matte gold;
  • pink;
  • peach;
  • purple;
  • muted shades of green;
  • dark yellow;
  • peach.

Pin-up makeup

Here is what you need for the first version of makeup:

  • black soft eye liner;
  • any bright shadows;
  • shades of light brown;
  • black mascara;
  • highlighter;
  • eyebrow pencil, under your shade.

New Year's makeup for green eyes

Pin-up makeup

The main thing in this makeup is to avoid sharp or distinct lines, because it will visually make your eyes much smaller and coarser makeup itself.

Here it is important to stick with a light and uncomplicated technique, shading everything with free touches. Clear need only make arrows. This will help you step by step photos that we show.

Pin-up photo makeup

So let’s proceed to step by step instructions:

  1. Apply a base for the shadows, thereby preparing the skin.
  2. Draw arrows of medium length.
  3. Paint the moving part of the century with shadows, after which the arrow should be painted a second time;
  4. Make a little feathering at the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrow highlighter, for greater expressiveness;
  5. Apply mascara.

Makeup is very bright

Indian makeup

This type of makeup has become very popular lately, and all because it looks pretty soft and festive. During an important day you want to look extraordinarily beautiful and this makeup is exactly what you need.

Makeup will need:

  • black eyeliner;
  • dark green and yellow shimmer shadows;
  • ink.
  1. We draw with a pencil for the eyes the silhouette of the arrow, drawing a small line from the corner of the eye to its base along the crease of the eyelid.
  2. The resulting triangle is shaded with a soft brush, so that the effect of Smokey-Ice appears. Do not forget about the lower corner of the eye.
  3. We take green shadows and we put on the center, mixing with our arrow that transition was softer. We extend the strip of the lower eyelid.
  4. We paint the rest of the corners of the eyes with yellow shadows, completing our transition, and then feather it again. We finish the strip of the lower eyelid with the shadows of this color.
  5. Apply mascara on the eyelashes.

Indian makeup photo

It would seem that you can really make a gorgeous makeup with just three components? Of course!

Bright Indian makeup

Makeup for dark green eyes

Often, owners of dark green eyes have difficulties in order to emphasize their depth and cold shade. This makeup will help you with exactly this! Believe me, you yourself will not believe how beautiful and brilliant your eyes are with this makeup.

Makeup for dark green eyes

What to use:

  • peach and golden shadows;
  • black eyeliner;
  • mascara:
  • eyeliner.
  1. Lightly blend the peach shadows on the top of the century.
  2. Add golden shadows to the center and distribute them over the lower area of ​​the eyelid.
  3. Make the outline of the eye black pencil.
  4. Gently draw small arrows with black liner.
  5. Apply mascara.

Makeup for dark green eyes photo

With this makeup you conquer all with just one look. It is very easy to do, but it looks very impressive.

Evening makeup "haze"

Stylish and mysterious look of makeup, which always attracts to your eyes, because it is very unusual, albeit simple.

Evening makeup "haze"

Cosmetics that you will need:

  • black and brown eyeliner;
  • golden shadows;
  • ink.

New Year's makeup for green eyes

  1. Bring the lower eyelid with a brown pencil, blend a little.
  2. Apply a black pencil with light movements on the lower and upper eyelids, blend so that the gentle transition to brown comes out.
  3. Spend a strip on the mucous of the lower eyelid.
  4. Black pencil blend in the corner of the upper eyelid.
  5. Spread the golden shadows in the center and make a gentle transition to black.
  6. Apply mascara.

Evening makeup "haze" photo

Makeup is pretty simple and beautiful. If you do not want to load your eyes but look gorgeous at the same time – this makeup is for you!

Smokey Ice for green eyes

All you need is black eyeliner, mascara and golden glitter glitter shadows.

Smokey Ice for green eyes

Here we offer you to see not only a step-by-step photo, but also a video on how to make this unusual makeup. Try to repeat it, you definitely will not regret.

Top 7 Tips for Christmas Eyes Makeup

  • You can draw an arrow with a credit card if you are afraid that you will make uneven lines.
  • Golden shades and brilliant shades will help you to “stretch” the cold shade and depth.
  • Do not use gray dull shades if you have light brown hair, it only gives the feeling of bruises under the eyes.
  • Be sure to apply the base under the day’s makeup, because then he will stay with you until the end of the working day.
  • Green shades that are lighter or darker than your eye color will be optimal.
  • Technique Oriental makeup is ideal as a makeup for the evening. And as well hides the flaws of the sagging century.
  • Be careful when using pink eye shadows, because they can make your eyes look tired.

Makeup for green eyes

As you can see, owners of green eyes can surprise everyone with many types of makeup! And now you also know how to make a simple and beautiful makeup for the New Year 2019 for green eyes!

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