Milk cream

Milk is usually used to make custards. But it is not always at home, and besides, some people simply can not stand it. In this case, help come new recipes for creams without milk. Available, simple, but tasty and fragrant.

Custard without milk – general cooking principles

Instead of milk, the basis of the cream is most often water. Coffee, juice, diluted syrup, tea, compote, decoctions of zest can be used. In fact, a huge amount of options. Amazing creams are obtained by adding sour cream or whipped cream, these recipes are slightly lower. Recipes often contain butter, but not always.

Than thicken the mass:

Ideally, for the preparation of custard cream is better to use a water bath. But more often, a saucepan is simply taken in which the mixture does not burn and the delicacy is prepared in it right on the stove. The main thing to miss the moment when the cream begins to thicken. At this stage, and to the very end, they begin to actively stir it. No need to wait until the mass becomes very thick. As soon as the consistency becomes, like in condensed milk and begins to "flop", the saucepan must be removed from the stove. In the process of cooling the dessert will be even thicker.

Milk cream

Lemon custard without milk with eggs

The recipe for lemon cream without milk, for which you need a good butter. It will greatly affect the taste, as simple water is used instead of base. If there is no fresh peel, then you can take dried.


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