Milk cream

Probably not a single adult today who did not like wafer rolls or Napoleon cake as a child. Sometimes, when mom turned away, the child quickly began to try the most delicious and delicate cream of milk for the cake. And this is not surprising, since such a delicacy is not only very tasty, but also nutritious. The recipe of cooking has not changed. Custard and today is used for various desserts, the history of which dates back many years ago. He knows almost everyone, but it turns out there are plenty of options for how to cook it. Consider this question in more detail.

Custard: a classic recipe

  • fifty grams of warm milk;
  • two hundred grams of sugar;
  • four cooled yolks;
  • fifty grams of flour;
  • one gram of vanilla.

This recipe for custard with milk is very simple, it is used to make various cakes and wafer rolls. So, first heat the milk to a boil over low heat. Beat yolks with vanilla, sugar and flour in a bowl. Milk is gently injected into this mass, and then put on the stove and brought to a boil over medium heat. If you want to create a thick cream, boil it for another ten minutes, then cool. The finished product is used at its discretion, and stored in a cold place.

Chocolate Custard

  • two hundred and fifty grams of warm milk;
  • two cooled yolks;
  • one spoonful of flour;
  • one spoon of potato starch;
  • fifty grams of dark chocolate;
  • three spoons of cocoa;
  • one hundred and fifty grams of sugar;
  • One hundred grams of soft butter.

This recipe for custard with milk and chocolate is used most often when there are sweets in the house. To cook it, heat a saucepan with milk and chocolate on the stove. Meanwhile, beat the yolks with sugar in a strong foam, gently add flour, starch and mix everything well. Chocolate-milk mass is gradually introduced into this mixture, stirring constantly. All this is put on a small fire, bring the cream to the required thickness, not forgetting to stir it periodically. Then the cream of milk for the cake is cooled, cream oil is added to it and stirred until a uniform consistency. Now you can spread cake crust with such a cream or make a dessert out of it by adding nuts, berries and grated chocolate.

Custard with poppy seeds

  • four hundred grams of milk;
  • six tablespoons of sugar;
  • two spoons of flour;
  • twenty grams of butter;
  • two eggs;
  • three spoons of poppy;
  • ten grams of vanilla sugar.

Before you make a cream of milk according to this recipe, you need to break eggs into dishes, add sugar and vanilla, beat everything well. Add flour to this mass, and then cold milk. All is well stirred, put on the fire and heated to boiling. After that, poppy is added to the liquid and boiled for one minute over low heat. Over time, butter is added to the mixture. The finished cream is cooled and applied at its discretion. Store it in a cold place.

Condensed Milk Cream

  • two hundred grams of butter;
  • two hundred grams of condensed milk;
  • one bag of vanilla sugar;
  • three spoons of liqueur.

The oil is pre-cut into pieces so that it softens faster for easy beating. It will need to be whipped until smooth, then add condensed milk, vanilla and liqueur. Cocoa powder can be added to this cream if desired. This recipe of condensed milk cream allows you to get a thick product that keeps its shape well, so it’s great for decorating cakes. Store such a product in the refrigerator.

Scalded caramel cream

  • two hundred grams of warm milk;
  • three spoons of flour;
  • one spoon of sugar;
  • one can of boiled condensed milk;
  • two hundred grams of heavy cream;
  • one gram of vanilla.

Milk cream

The milk is mixed with sugar, flour is added and whipped with a fork or whisk. This mixture is heated to boiling and boiled until it thickens. When the mass is cooked, condensed milk is put into it and mixed well to a uniform consistency, and then cooled. Meanwhile, whip cream and soft butter, add cream of milk in small portions, do not forget to mix. The finished product is used at its discretion.

Butter custard: a classic recipe

  • two glasses of warm milk;
  • three hundred grams of sugar;
  • four yolks;
  • three spoons of flour;
  • two packs of butter;
  • one gram of vanilla;
  • twenty grams of liqueur.

This cream of milk for the cake turns out more delicate and lush due to the content of butter in it. Moreover, it perfectly holds the shape and is suitable not only as a filling for baking, but also for its design. To make it, you need to fry the flour in the pan, stirring until golden brown. Beat yolks and sugar, add vanilla and cooled flour. Stir the mixture until it becomes homogeneous.

The milk is heated to a boil, add the egg mass and boil, mix well. Then the cream is cooled and whipped with a blender quite a bit so that the mass becomes more magnificent. Separately whisk soft butter, to which a cream is gradually added, stirring constantly, and liqueur. The result is a cream of custard milk, which can be stored in the refrigerator.

Custard: recipe without eggs

  • six hundred and sixty grams of warm milk;
  • two glasses of sugar;
  • six spoons of flour;
  • one pack of soft butter;
  • one gram of vanilla.

Half a liter of milk is stirred with sugar and heated to boiling. The rest of the milk is mixed with flour and whipped with a blender until all the lumps are broken. Both of these mixtures are then gently mixed, put on the fire and boiled until the cream thickens, not forgetting to stir. Further add vanilla. When the cream for biscuit milk becomes thick, it is removed from the heat and cooled, then mixed with butter, which is also whipped. The finished cream can be used on your own.

Milk cream

  • half a cup of milk;
  • twenty-five grams of cold water;
  • twenty-five grams of powdered sugar;
  • one spoon of gelatin;
  • one spoon of vanilla extract.

Water is poured into a bowl, gelatin is added and allowed to melt completely. Then pour the milk into the dishes, put on the fire and heat to a boil, stirring constantly. Then put water with gelatin into it and beat the mixture with a blender. Then add sugar and vanilla and continue to beat. The resulting mass is cooled, cream is added at will and put in a cold place for ninety minutes.

Over time, put the dishes with cream in a bowl with ice and leave for another thirty minutes. After half an hour, beat the mass with a blender until it becomes fluffy. Optionally, you can add spices for flavor, lemon zest or a spoonful of cocoa (cinnamon). Store the cream in a cold place or use at their discretion.

Some useful tips

To prepare a delicious and nutritious cream of milk for the cake, it is recommended to choose only fresh products. This delicacy is well suited for biscuits. But for wafer and sand cakes, it is better not to use it, since the product will not be sufficiently fat and dry. But if, after all, it was decided to make a sand or waffle cake, then the cakes must first be soaked with some syrup, then the cream will lie down well, and the dessert itself will not be dry.

If the cream, for example, chocolate, is used for the preparation of desserts, it is immediately laid out on ice-cream bowls and put in a cold place. Then it turns out very tasty crust, which also has a pleasant and unusual taste. If you use a pudding cream, you must first cool it down well, and then add nuts, grated chocolate, whipped cream and berries. Such a dessert will not leave anyone indifferent.


Now you know how to make a cream out of milk. If the milk is also condensed, then this dessert will not be equal. In addition, for the preparation of delicious delicacy requires very few products. All children love him, especially as part of waffles or cakes. The cream today is the product without which almost no dessert can do. Recipes for its preparation very much. Milk-based cream – one of the most common, which is used to create confectionery.

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