Makeup that is young

What effect does anti-aging makeup? Thanks to him, you can look natural and young without plastic surgery. Of course, in severely neglected cases, you will have to contact a plastic surgeon, but it is better to wait a little with this.

The purpose of anti-aging makeup – only in visual effect. If you choose the right colors of cosmetics and correctly disguise flaws, you can change any woman almost beyond recognition. But in most cases, women do the opposite, incorrectly applied cosmetics, adding to themselves an extra five to six years. That is why every woman after 35 is desirable to know what and how to apply makeup that hides age-related changes.

What rejuvenates and what, on the contrary, ages

Before you apply cosmetics on your face, you need to figure out what will have a rejuvenating effect, and what to use is extremely undesirable. In any case, you need to start with skin care, regardless of your age. If you do not do it systematically, after a while she will have a tired look, and then no makeup will change this state.

Makeup that is young

In this regard, face care after 35 years should be daily, which should include peeling, application to the skin of a cream enriched with vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Usually the age of a woman can be determined by her eyes. Age-related changes give swollen eyelids, small swelling, dark circles, wrinkles. All these undesirable manifestations of age can be hidden under cosmetics, but it is also important to organize proper sleep and nutrition. Often, puffiness of the eyes appears during an incorrectly adopted posture during a night rest, which must be changed. The rest can be hidden from others under the rejuvenating makeup.

Makeup that is young

They are also able to issue a woman’s age. With age, the lips lose their former elasticity and splendor, gradually turning into a thin strip with pubescent corners. For many women, this process is uneven: one lip retracts inward, and against its background the second one seems too large. In this situation, only injections and fillers can correct the situation, but anti-aging makeup will also help to hide some signs of the times.

Forbidden Cosmetics

Before you apply anti-aging cosmetics, you need to learn what to do is undesirable:

  • use black eyeliner;
  • apply black mascara with a volumetric effect;
  • make eyebrows too thin;
  • use a wide eyebrow tattoo;
  • eliminate bright lipstick and matte dark shadows;
  • apply bright blush;
  • apply concealer and concealer unnatural dark or light tone;
  • use a bright contour pencil;
  • draw arrows on the lower eyelid;
  • apply youth makeup.

Step-by-step instructions to perform rejuvenating makeup

  1. First of all, you need to cleanse your face with peeling, moisturize and apply a nourishing cream.
  2. Apply base under makeup with reflective particles, thanks to which you can hide wrinkles and even out the complexion.
  3. Next you need to choose a tonal basis. It should be natural and match the tone of the face. It should be evenly applied to the skin using a sponge or a wide brush. The tone of the base on the central part of the face should be slightly darker than on the cheekbones. To shade it should be carefully, not forgetting to capture the skin in the neck and near the ears.
  4. In order to remove the folds near the nose and lips, you need to use the brightest corrector. After you walk through all the folds, the creases will be practically invisible.
  5. Scrubbed eyebrows will not be able to correct even anti-aging makeup. They must be neat and have a certain shape. To emphasize the line of the eyebrows, it is better to use the shadows than a pencil. To face did not get gloomy shadows need to be applied from the central part of the eyebrows.
  6. Blush should be applied very carefully. It is advisable to give preference to calm tones. They should not be pearlescent or matte. For a rejuvenating make-up, peach and light pink shades are best suited. Apply rouge to the apple of the cheeks, then shade well.
  7. Black eyeliner should be replaced with a pencil or shades of brown or green. It is necessary to draw strictly along the line of growth of eyelashes, and it is desirable to twist the outer edge of the arrow upwards. This technique will allow you to visually lift the eyelids.
  8. Shadows for rejuvenating makeup should be calm tones and match the color of the eyes. After applying the shadows, they must be shaded to the outer edge of the eyes.
  9. Dark brown mascara to lengthen eyelashes will help to rejuvenate the look. It will create the effect of an open and radiant look. Do not use voluminous mascara or false eyelashes, they visually add years.
  10. For underlining of lips it is better to use a pencil of a suitable tone. The darker color of the pencil will surely reveal all the flaws on your lips. The contour of the lips must be cut around with a pencil and then covered with gloss or lipstick. It is desirable to avoid bright colors and dense textures, it is better to use natural shades or shine with a moisturizing effect.

The basic rule to follow when applying a rejuvenating make-up is to avoid clear lines and unnatural shades of shadows, blush and lipstick.

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