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Make-up removal is the first stage of the evening cleansing of the skin, consisting of three steps: removal of cosmetics, washing and toning. Performed in exactly this sequence, the cleansing procedure prepares the skin for further application of the cream or gel, helps them penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

On the modern pharmaceutical and cosmetological market there is a large amount of products for cleansing the skin and preparing it for further care. They are distinguished by softness, penetration depth, texture, foam intensity and other characteristics.

To help our readers with a choice, we provide a list of products and their brief description.

Makeup removal – the first and main stage in cleansing the skin. It is carried out by means that do not contain soap components, and therefore do not require rinsing.

  • Micellar water

This cosmetic product has a complex effect and is designed to remove makeup and at the same time cleanse the skin of waste products. Micellar – the discovery of the last decade, its effect is based on the action of micelles – active particles, which are formed by the combination of surface-active substances (surfactants).

The mild effect is due to the absence of foaming with good cleansing characteristics. Because of this, the product is suitable for removing makeup and dirt, even from the eyes and lips. In addition, it is an excellent hypoallergenic agent for all skin types.

Makeup remover

Creams, fluids and balms are also effectively used to remove make-up. They act due to the fatty component, which combines with the skin, under the massage movements of the hands is converted into a light texture that binds and neutralizes dirt and makeup. The products have excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties, but require subsequent removal of a cotton pad moistened with lotion or tonic.

  • Milk, cream

Cream or make-up remover milk is a creamy cosmetic product that does not contain surfactants and works by delicate cleansing. As well as micellar water, the milk helps to gently and efficiently remove make-up and dirt from the entire face, including the areas around the eyes and mouth. Unlike the micelle, it has excellent care indicators, which allows you to replace three stages at once: removing makeup, cleansing and applying cream.

The use of cream is not recommended for owners of oily, combination, problem skin, as this product contributes to the enhancement of sebum production.

The main component of the lotion is prepared water enriched with cosmetic components (oils, extracts, vitamins, amino acids). Depending on the composition, it can tone, cleanse, exert porosuzhivayuschee or depigmentation effect. Packaging forms – spray, dispenser.

  • Biphasic agents

They are based on water and oil. Without an emulsifier, these components are not able to mix, so the oil is always on the surface of the water, which provides an interesting two-phase effect. A special stabilizer is added to the product, which is triggered by shaking the bottle and mixing the ingredients for a short time.

The oil component helps to quickly remove even the most lasting makeup from the eyes without a strong physical impact. To do this, shake the bottle, moisten cotton pads with the agent, apply them to the eyes for a few minutes, and then gently remove makeup from them.

Wet wipes for removing makeup – an express tool with which you can quickly and effectively remove the make-up in the absence of water. They are impregnated with any of the cleansing products: milk, tonic or lotion, so their use provides high-quality make-up removal without the effect of a panda.

The above tools do not require the use of water and are often versatile, replacing several products. However, the procedure of cleansing from the makeup must necessarily include washing and toning, thanks to which the skin is relieved of the daily dying off cells, normalizes its pH, levels the color.

Additional cleansing and toning

After the main face cleansing, additional treatment is performed, removing the remnants of the cleansing agent and toning the skin.

Gel for washing is a foaming detergent, which consists of surfactants. Surfactants have the ability, during application and soaping, to bind impurities on the surface of the skin (cosmetics, dust, dirt, urea, sebum, sweat) and remove them during the rinsing process. In order to care for the gels, components are added that normalize the sebum secretion, dry the inflammations, deactivate the activity of Propionobacterium acnes – pathogenic microflora that live on the surface of the epidermis and cause excessive production of sebum.

Makeup remover

Sometimes gels may contain abrasive particles that contribute to additional, deeper exfoliation. They should be applied no more than two or three times a week, without affecting the inflamed areas. Gels for problem skin can be used as masks – to foam, apply on the face, and leave to dry. It enhances the therapeutic effect.

Recently, such products as micellar gel, lotion, foam appeared on the market. Possessing improved detergency, they at the same time retain the properties of micelles. The use of these products allows you to simultaneously perform two actions – remove makeup and thoroughly clean the skin.

Facial wash is a cosmetic product similar to gel. It also includes surfactants, but they are less aggressive, have mild detergent characteristics, contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients (bisabolol, panthenol, extracts of chamomile, aloe, and other medicinal plants). Usually, the foam has a neutral pH level and is therefore suitable for all skin types, except oily and problem skin.

Special medicinal foams are used if the skin is prone to dermatitis of various origins. They contain soothing, softening, hypoallergenic ingredients.

  • Hydrophilic oil

This wonderful product came to us from the East and fell in love with women for their washing and caring qualities, as well as naturalness. The main component is an oil in which an emulsifier and surfactant are added. Thanks to them, the tool acquires water solubility and the ability to foam, while maintaining the inherent softness of the oil.

When added to a product, micelles are called micellar oil. Special supplements (moisturizing, nourishing, stimulating, toning) allow you to adapt the product to the needs of almost all skin types.

The tool does not require shaking, just squeeze one portion of the palm, add a little water, lather and apply on face massage movements, then rinse. Numerous reviews indicate that after applying a hydrophilic oil, the skin becomes fresh, soft and moisturized. When used for oily skin hydrophilic oil does not require subsequent application of the cream.

Make-up remover tonic is used at the last, third stage of cleansing. This is one of the varieties of lotion, which included tonic extracts.

Contrary to the common misconception that tonic is a marketing ploy of cosmetic companies, without which you can do well in daily care, their use helps to normalize the pH of the skin, “glue” the cells of the stratum corneum, level the relief, provide a deeper penetration of the cream, provide an additional target leaving

Read more about why you need a tonic for the face and how it can be prepared at home, read the link.

Depending on the purpose tonics are alcoholic and alcohol-free. The first have strong drying properties, so their use is shown to owners of young, problem skin, and only in the summer.

How to choose?

Daily cleansing is a procedure during which makeup residues and impurities are removed. Properly selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of the means for cleansing will provide additional care, will help keep the face young and beautiful.

When choosing factors are taken into account:

The face contains the largest number of sebaceous glands from the entire surface of the human body. The activity with which the glands produce sebum determines the type of skin. On this basis, it is divided into dry, normal, oily and combined.

Depending on this, there are requirements for a cleansing agent – it should regulate sebum secretion, moisturize and nourish. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of skin indicated on the product label.

Our article will help you determine your skin type using three home techniques, about it here.

Skin needs may change as they grow older. After 25 years, the number of fibroblasts that produce hyaluronic acid gradually begins to decrease, which reduces the level of moisture, worsens the tone, the shape of the face begins to "float", puffiness may appear. Make-up removers should take into account this feature – they include components that slow down chrono-aging.

In order to make it easier for consumers to decide, cosmetics are often labeled by age factor (20+, 25+, 35+, 45+). Choose a product for your group to provide the skin with components that prevent its fading.

  1. Individual characteristics

It’s no secret that there are few people with perfect skin. Most of us are faced with problems such as the tendency to inflammation, acne, peeling, dermatitis, rosacea, freckles, pigmentation, and others. It is better to buy professional products in a pharmacy or specialized online stores after consulting with a dermatologist-cosmetologist.

A face is a part of the body that is affected by the environment year-round. In the summer it comes into contact with hot sunshine, in the winter with moist frosty air. The choice of cleansing agent should also be subject to the seasonal factor, since in the cold season the skin needs more nourishment, and in the hot season – moisture and protection from the sun.

So, for any type of skin in the summer, it is better to refuse to use products that contain fat components – cream, creams and oils for removing makeup, and replace them with lighter ones – micellar water or lotion.

Note. Many believe that oily skin prone to rashes and the formation of acne does not require moisturizing. This is an erroneous opinion, since it is the lack of moisture that often causes a decrease in the protective properties of the lipid barrier, activation of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and, as a result, the appearance of pustular eruptions and acne.

Important in the choice have their own feelings. After use on the face should not appear, a feeling of dryness and tightness, shine, redness and the like manifestations of a negative reaction. Any of these symptoms indicate that cosmetics contain ingredients that are not suitable for your skin.

Overview of funds

The huge selection of products designed to remove make-up and subsequent cleansing of the skin, presented both in pharmacies and in stores, often leads potential customers to a standstill.

How do they differ, what action they have, how not to buy something that does not fit and cause an allergic reaction? We hope that the presented rating of makeup removers will help the readers to make a choice.


Micellar water

Available in several versions – for dry, sensitive, oily skin, and also enriched with oils. Recently, the Garnier micellar line has been supplemented with a two-phase lotion for removing eye make-up. Product reviews confirm that the lotion perfectly removes even waterproof mascara, but is not suitable for those who wear contact lenses. The average cost of products – 3-5 $.

Presented in the versions "Absolute tenderness" for dry and sensitive skin and "Innovation" for normal and mixed. The tool copes with its task – removes makeup and impurities, cares, has a slight peeling effect. The average price is $ 3-4.

  • Biotherm Biosource Micellar Water

Belongs to the category of the middle market, so it costs more – about $ 15. For this price, the manufacturer promises a delicate cleansing and moisturizing, a pleasant unobtrusive aroma, as well as the presence of thermal plankton as an enrichment component.

It is presented in two versions – "Iris + White Tea" and "Rose + Aloe". With a very affordable price (an average of $

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