Makeup hacking

What to do if red lipstick is constantly smeared on the face, clothing and utensils, mascara glues eyelashes, and the shadows crumble? The editors of Woman’s Day know 15 life hacks for daily makeup.

Vasilisa Naumenko · July 8, 2015

If you are not an artist by nature, probably, even and graceful shooters can be difficult for you, but you shouldn’t give up on fashionable makeup.

Cut two small pieces of scotch and evenly glue on the eyes. Apply eyeliner and wait a minute for it to dry. Carefully take off the tape and voila! Perfect cat eyes are ready!

Some of the fair sex are faced with the fact that after a long and wonderful sleep, the hairs of the eyebrows look in different directions.

If you are not yet "hooked" on the trend of natural eyebrows and your shelf with cosmetics does not break from the means to model them, take a brush for eyelashes, apply usual hairspray on it and brush it with eyebrows.

The trend of the season is natural, so nude lipstick is a must-have in your cosmetic bag. But so often when choosing a beige shade lipstick in the store, we are faced with the fact that the colors on the lips look unsuccessful!

Indeed, each girl has her own pigment, but we know how to solve the problem. Put on the moistened sponge a little concealer and spread it with a patting movements on the lips. Wait a few minutes until the concealer is absorbed, and proceed with the application of lipstick or gloss natural shade.

If one layer of mascara is not enough for the desired volume, and the next one glues the eyelashes, try to “powder” eyelashes with loose powder after the first application, and then apply a second layer.

The effect of a cat’s eye with the help of mascara can be achieved by applying a tool not from the inner corner to the far corner, but vice versa.

Makeup hacking

If the shadows crumble, take a blush brush and remove the remnants with gentle movements. If dark spots under the eyes can not be avoided, wipe it with a cotton swab and correct the tone.

Apply light pearl shadows in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow. So the look will become wide open.

Makeup hacking

Red lipstick is a problem that causes inconvenience, despite the fact that it looks great on any woman with the right shade. Apply lipstick on your lips and give it a couple of seconds to dry.

Take a dry napkin and separate the layers so that you have a transparent part on your lips. Take dry powder and brush. Applying a transparent part of the napkin, powder your lips with powder. Take off the napkin and enjoy the result! Now you can kiss and drink wine, without leaving bright traces.

For many girls, it is impossible to paint the tick with bright fudge on top of the lips. Makeup artists are advised to draw a cross on the upper lip with a pencil in such a shade that he would outline a “daw”.

If there is no time to scrub the lips at all, while brushing your teeth, gently massage it with a mint lip brush. As a result, soft and well-groomed, as well as slightly swollen lips are ready for makeup.

If the shade of the face is too dull, but you only have a berry or pink shade in your purse, do not despair! Make a few strokes on the cheeks and carefully blend them with your fingers.

Instead of carrying a tonal tool with you and updating your makeup several times a day, which can lead to clogging of your pores, stock up on matting wipes that will relieve shine during the day without spoiling your makeup.

Highlight apply according to the rules: under the eyes to get rid of dark circles; in the area of ​​the wings of the nose, if the nose is small, and in the middle of the back of the nose, if it is large; under and above the eyebrow to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows; above the lip in the center to visually give the lips volume; on the side portions of the forehead to make it taller; along the cheekbones, replacing the rouge.

Even if the best makeup base does not help to “pacify” your favorite shadows, which creep terribly, try to buy a pencil of a similar shade and apply it on the base, but under the shadows.

Makeup hacking

If you don’t have enough time for make-up, apply mascara on your eyelashes and a highlighter on your cheekbones to make your face look fresh and rested.

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