Makeup for teenagers

Teen makeup: the secrets of professionals

Young skin and innocent facial expression require a very special approach. purpose makeup for girls – subtly emphasize the charm of youth and in any case not to harden facial features with too intense methods or means. Therefore, standard adult products are not suitable for teenagers: it is unlikely that a teenager will be able to make a good make-up for himself by digging in her mother’s or older sister’s cosmetics bag. If a girl started painting, she needs her own, individual products and tools.

Makeup for teenagers

First, it is hygienic, and young skin, as you know, requires a specific mode of care. Secondly, makeup for girls teen requires a special palette – gentle, soft, unobtrusive. An exception may be, perhaps, the evening and festive makeup for teenagers, but it is quite possible to do with one more dark shade of shadows!

Makeup artists who make up such young stars as Selena Gomez, Taylor Momsen, Vanessa Hudgens, admit that they have their own secrets related to the peculiarity of tender age. Women’s magazine JustLady summarized the recommendations of professionals in an impromptu teenage makeup lesson.

Makeup for teenagers

So, alpha and omega beautiful teen makeup – well-groomed skin. Of course, the absolute majority of teenagers are dissatisfied with the state of their face, which reflects all hormonal battles. It is also true that adolescents tend to exaggerate everything – hygiene, regular care with the help of specially developed for young skin means and individual cosmetologist’s advice, together with the refusal of self-treatment, will improve both appearance and self-esteem. From the general recommendations – constantly moisturize the skin! Moisture needs not only dry skin, but also combination and oily skin. In this case, use oil-free light creams and gels with tea tree oil extract or salicylic acid. With them, the skin will look radiant and fresh, but not oily.

Choosing and purchasing cosmetics, do not forget that it is very difficult to apply makeup without the right tools. A teenage girl needs at least one good big round powder brush, a smaller brush for blush and two eye makeup brushes – a flat, hard and more voluminous soft (for shading shadows). It is better to refuse to buy extra cosmetics (especially if it is really superfluous), but investing in brushes is an important part. makeup lessons for teens.

In order to mask the imperfections of the skin, use concealer (point) and loose powder non-comedogenic powder (on top). This combination will make the skin smooth and matte, without overloading it with cosmetic products, which is important for teenage makeup.

To create fluffy, attractive eyelashes, it is not necessary to abuse mascara: try eyelash curlers. For a light day makeup teens with dark cilia, the curling is enough – it will make the look expressive, and the masker can be reserved until a solemn occasion or a trip to the disco. A girl who has begun to use cosmetics needs to remember that daily application of mascara, especially waterproof, requires thorough removal of paint every night, which means it causes permanent stress to her eyelashes, and their number can thin out prematurely.

Eye makeup lesson for teenage girls: do not rush to enter into your arsenal dark eyeliners and eyeliner. A clear pronounced pencil line around the eyes will make the teenager look older, harden his tender face. If necessary, draw eyes carefully shade a pencil or use a smoky-brown (option for celebrations – anthracite) shadows. A trick from professionals: a thin line drawn in white pencil along the lower eyelid directly below the lash line will visually enlarge the eyes and distract attention from redness and light edema. A good solution for the morning that followed the night of intense preparation for the test!

Choosing colors for makeup, a teenage girl is better to dwell on soft shades of brown (including terracotta), plum, peach. They optimally emphasize the freshness of the young face, the glitter of the eyes. Green, blue and purple teens are best avoided.

Oily skin is one of the main problems for teenagers. Loose powder, about which we spoke above, mattes well, but its actions, alas, are usually not enough for the whole day. Do not rush to grab a compact powder – applied in a hurry over the existing makeup, it can not fix, but exacerbate the situation, mixing with skin secretion and forming flakes. Carry the packaging of matting wipes – they are excellent and gently absorb the excess product of the sebaceous glands and are designed specifically for teen makeup.

Lip makeup for teenage girls also has a couple of secrets. In order for the lips to look attractive and well-groomed, but at the same time natural, use a transparent gloss, and apply it not on the entire surface of the mouth, but only – in a thin layer – on the middle of both lips (on the lower one a little wider). And do not forget to always use hygienic lipstick with an ultraviolet filter as a base for shine – taking care to prevent harm from the harmful rays of the solar spectrum is worth your youth!

A teenage girl in make-up is better to avoid shades that are lighter than her own lip color – such lipstick makes the mouth disappear from the face, which looks comical or even scary. Light natural colors – coral, pink, coffee – what you need! And do not overdo it with nacre.

Most teenagers who have begun to constantly use cosmetics often face the temptation to change the shape of their eyebrows. Do not rush to do it – tastes and fashion change, and plucked hairs may not grow again! If you still can not wait or eyebrows really wide, do not try to correct the situation yourself, contact the salon. Professional eyebrow correction is inexpensive, but the result is very different from homemade. Adolescents do not need to tint eyebrows, but you can completely use the modeling gel for their styling.

Makeup for teenagers

Makeup for teenagers: what to do WORTH:

– experiment! Start with bright, floral shades, try the classic combination of black and pink for a festive and evening make-up – it is the one that most advantageously emphasizes the advantages of a young face. Find the concentration of cosmetics and those techniques that do not look ridiculous or vulgar and suit your face type – prefer nude palette shades in decorative cosmetics that are close to natural skin tone, but not lighter than it – use lip gloss instead of lipstick – change from time to time hairstyle or styling: different-looking hair makes the makeup play in a new way – do not forget to constantly care for your skin, timely cleaning and moisturizing it. Never sleep in makeup!

Makeup for teenagers: what to do is NOT WORTH:

– prefer cosmetics, creating a glossy effect that contains glitter (except for lip gloss, but moderation is preferable – vinyl lips look ridiculous on teenage girls’ faces) – gloss over skin imperfections that tightly cover masking agents, especially if they are constantly used, they have comedogenic effect and only worsen the overall picture. The skin must be properly treated and, if necessary, treated with the help of a specialist, abused with rich dramatic shades of gray and brown in clothes and make-up; copy style teen makeup popular girlfriends, acquaintances and school queens. There is nothing wrong with borrowing the image, this is the usual part of searching for your own self, but it is better to choose worthy objects: for example, young stars of music and cinema, with whom expensive stylists and image-makers work. However, in this case, you should not give up a healthy critical approach.

Olga Chern Women’s magazine JustLady

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