Makeup Books

Beauty bloggers, glossy magazines and review sites are nice. But what could be better than an interesting book on your favorite topic? “Nothing” – we thought and made a list of iconic makeup books for you. Girls, this is a must read!

If you do not just want to learn how to make up your eyes or pluck out your eyebrows, but to understand the essence of various techniques, the composition of products and the principles of visage, then superficial knowledge is not enough. Of course, we master the maximum of skills through regular practice, but nobody has abolished the theory either.

These legendary books about beauty once again prove that make-up is an art, and makeup artists are real artists!

Makeup Books

How to Become More Attractive, Сonfident and Sensual Woman (How to become a more attractive, self-confident and sensual woman) Diane von Furstenberg, 1976

Diane von Furstenberg is a legendary French and American fashion designer. She opened her first line of designer clothes for women in 1970 and two years later started producing cosmetics. Diana was one of the first make-up artists who began experimenting with textures. She knew in what proportions to mix tonal and moisturizing creams (does not resemble modern BB cream?) And how to make face contouring a bronzer. This book is difficult to find on sale, but excerpts from it are available on the Internet. Do not be lazy to find it worth it.

Makeup Books

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself Francois Nars, 2001

Who can know more about cosmetics and makeup than the founder of the world-famous brand Nars? In his book, Francois talks about the work in the beauty industry for leading magazines and fashion shows, the whole book is built on photos "before" and "after." Each image is accompanied by a commentary and step-by-step instructions on make-up. Francois Nars himself speaks about his life interest in make-up as follows: I even work in a dream and write down ideas in my notebook in the morning.

Makeup for beginners and professionals Bobby Brown, 2010

The founder of the professional cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown is a star makeup artist and stylist. In the twelve chapters of his book, Bobby covers not only the makeup for every day, but also other subtleties: the selection of cosmetics for girls of different races, the creation of an image for photo and video, stories from the lives of stars, editors and fashion designers. A special place is given to day makeup and selection of tonal framework. After reading it, the legs themselves will carry you to the corner of Bobbi Brown for a new lipstick and rouge.

Hollywood Makeup Scott Barnes 2012

By profession, Barnes is an artist-designer, but is best known as a make-up artist. He was involved in the reorganization of the Atelier Made line from Shu Uemura, the author of his own line of cosmetics, worked with the most famous photographers and stars of the first magnitude. In his book, Barnes reveals cosmetic techniques tested over the years, teaches how to properly apply cosmetics, and warns against the most common mistakes. The book is released in the format of illustrations and workshops, Scott describes in detail how to perform makeup for different types of appearance. In addition to technical advice, the famous makeup artist shares his psychological ones: how to love yourself and find the strengths of your appearance.

Allure: Confessions of a Beauty Editor Linda Wells, 2006

The legendary editor-in-chief of Allure, Linda Wells, on the fifteenth anniversary of her publication, published a book in which she collected many beauty tips that had been gathered over the years in the magazine. 10 chapters of the book are devoted to all aspects of care – from combating acne and acne to choosing the perfect hairdresser and spa-salon. Linda recalls interesting cases from the life of the magazine and the advice of the best masters of the beauty industry, with whom she was lucky to work.

Do you remember that the best gift is a book? These publications are not just black lines on white paper, they are made in the format of colorful photo albums and even women who are not particularly keen on make-up like it. Here you have ideas for presents on the 8th of March!

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