Light cream for cakes

The cake is the main guest on our table during any holiday. Cooking an appetizing and beautiful cake is an exciting experience that even an overly experienced housewife can handle.

Cakes for this dessert can be baked on their own, and you can buy ready-made. The main thing is to learn how to make a cake cream.

Creams are so diverse that you can choose a recipe that is most loved by home and guests at home.

The most important thing in the preparation of a cream for the cake is fresh products and the exact observance of proportions.

Most often used for cakes, butter, sour cream, custard or jelly-curd creams. For decoration, you can prepare protein, chocolate or butter cream.

For the cake "Napoleon" or other cakes using custard. To make it tasty and homogeneous, you need to know some tricks. First, boil such a cream should be on low heat in a water bath. Flour and yolks are best mixed with a small amount of cold milk. If the lumps could not be avoided – do not worry. Ready cream wipe through a sieve, cool and proceed to the design of the cake.

Oil cream during prolonged beating may exfoliate. To prevent this, the butter should be whipped at a very slow speed, gradually adding the rest of the ingredients to it.

Preparation of sour cream and cottage cheese creams is a simple task. All ingredients need to be whipped, and then enter into the mass (if the recipe requires) prepared gelatin.

Having learned how to prepare different types of creams, you can create new culinary masterpieces each time, delighting and surprising your loved ones.

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Light cream for cakes

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Light cream for cakes

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